The mighty nimrod

IN THE LATTER HALF of 1942, German U-boats were sinking an average of 750,000 tons of Allied shipping a month — the Battle of the Atlantic was being lost. Not only were the vital cargoes not getting through but ships and merchant seamen were being lost faster than they could be replaced. Within a year the situation had changed and the U-boat ‘happy time’ was over as their losses rose dramatically.

This turnabout was in large part due to the increase in the anti-submarine capability of Coastal Command, air cover of the convoys in previously unguarded areas meant decreased losses

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Nimrod MRA4 Trials Fleet Passes 1,000 Flying Hours

DURING ICING trials in the USA, the three-strong Nimrod MRA4 development fleet passed the milestone 1,000 flying hour mark in February. The icing certification flights are the latest step in the MRA4 trials programme and involved the first prototype, ZJ516 (PA01). The aircraft arrived at Nashville International Airport, Tennessee, on February 1 for the month-long test programme, having flown more than 4,500nm (8,325km) from the UK, via overnight stops in the Azores and Bermuda. A wide range of test conditions were experienced, with up to 2in (5cm) of ice accreted on the wings and ground conditions ranging from snowfalls to

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Nimrod – Replacement or reincarnation?

John Chevedden looks at the options for the RAF’s Nimrod replacement, all of which have a high US content.

THE REQUEST FOR Tender for the Nimrod replacement was issued on January 10, 1995. The final selection is expected in the late summer of 1996 with a 2002 in-service date. The contract could be worth nearly £2 billion (S3.1 billion), including training and logistics support — twice the value of the hotly-contested contract recently awarded to Lockheed Corporation for 25 new C-130J Hercules 2 military transport aircraft.

The Ministry of Defence Staff Requirement Air (SRA) 420 requires a demanding performance for

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25 years of RAF Nimrods

ON OCTOBER 2, 1969, HS Nimrod MR.1 XV230 was delivered to trie Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF St Mawgan to become the first Nimrod to enter operational service with the RAF. The Nimrod grew from Air Staff Target (AST) 357 issued in July 1963 which defined the RAF’s requirements for a maritime reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Shackleton by the year 1972. This date was later brought forward to 1968.

Hawker Siddeley submitted the HS800, based on the Trident airliner, in April 1964, but the AST was again revised calling for an interim aircraft to enter service in 1966!

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ATGM Nimrod (Nimrod)

Department of MBT Weapon Systems Division Israeli Aircraft Industry Group (Israel Aircraft Industries, IAI) has developed a solid-distant day / night anti-tank guided missile, ground-based semi-active laser guidance system. The anti-tank guided missile Nimrod, as well as popular Balista was the first time presented to the public at the Paris Air Show in 1989. Nimr? Dpi (Not? Mrod, no? Mvrod; Hebr.???? — Literally. "Rebel") — in the Pentateuch, haggadic legends and legends of the Near East hero, warrior, hunter and ruler.

Nimrod initially developed as an anti-complex, but in the coming specifically for the deployment of

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