Where is the source where untainted water?

In the city of Grodno Bridges settlers complain Chernobyl-quality drinking water. Justice assured the unrest in April test results wells. Sanitary doctors have concluded that in all public water wells more poison and iron nitrates. Discussing the situation in Mostovskoi housing and communal services. Now that reads Master Taisa Negra:Negro: "The last survey was. And if read frank, this setback has not brought forth any forces. Nitrates get into the water from the ground. People drink this water for years. I also drink, because I live in a private house. Drink, because much go? Another water we have. "Taisa Negra

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Around water — Pripyat, and there is no water for the people!

The inhabitants of the village of Wolka Gorodishchenskaya that in Pinsk require voice their complaints specifically on "Freedom." That resident Galina Korczak:"Therefore, that there failure! Abroad no such miracle. Exclusively in Belarus is magic! Well, water everywhere — and the Pripyat River Yaselda and water for the people! Suffer without water. "From the words of my grandmother, Galina, rotted in the village water pipes. In wells — dregs."From my own well we have three times the water was pumped out — says Korczak — cleaned, chose the land. A all the same the water is dirty, dark, fetid. A former

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Nitrogen launched Refurbished two shops

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August 9. Branch "Nitrogen" of "UCC" Uralkhim "in Berezniki completed the second stage of a planned overhaul of production. After re-equipment shop run higher aliphatic amines and nitrite-nitrate salts. Activities carried stabilized technological regimes, prolonged use of the equipment resource departments, as well as possible to reduce the pollution of the environment. "For the first few days after a major overhaul of the equipment shows that air emissions declined by at least 3%," — said the chief engineer of the branch "Nitrogen" Basil Malikov. Under the re-equipment of production for plant loading "Nitrogen" acquired two truck —

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Nitrate buy — save health

Population of the earth, for sure, will have to mutate, or, or, as written in the old epics, go to the arena of life. This stems from such provisions will not global disasters related to geological fickle our planet or drop a huge meteor. Will be guilty of agricultural producers who are in pursuit of profit, grow malosedobnye, and sometimes unsafe for life with vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry. Already at this point are derived varieties that have such a long shelf life, which appears legitimate question about their mummification.

Environmentalists are not so long ago had a fascinating

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Taking care of your health

Most of the civilized people seeking to live a healthy lifestyle, eat a meal in only the highest quality products in sports … This list can go on and varied, but we need to keep in mind and that far not all that surrounds us is not dangerous for health! But modern science and technology is not standing still and is always ready to come to the aid of the common man, and because at the moment, when environmental issues are located on the first place in our country began to appear en masse and sold on the market, household

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