Whats happening at…NORTH WEALD

In the second of an occasional new series detailing developments at important aviation heritage airfields

Richard Paver visits

North Weald.

North Weald Airfield, which is owned and run by Epping Forest

District Council, is one of the most historically important aerodromes in the country. It was a major operational airfield during the Battle of Britain and remained an RAF station up until its closure in 1964. It also had a long association with the Royal Norwegian Air Force which based its 331 and 332 Squadrons here during World War Two.

Today, the airfield is still very active and with the

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True North Living

Customization is paramount at True North Living — your source for exactly the furnishings you want, crafted by hand in North America from solid wood for impeccable. lasting quality in individually perfect style.

True North gives customers complete control over their furniture: you choose the type of item, the shape, the dimensions. the stain and fabric colors, the hardware and fixtures, from hundreds of options in well over ten thou¬sand possible combinations. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have a showpiece made to your exact specifications.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by possibilities — the staff are experts at

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The Big Dipper.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most easily recognisable patterns of stars in the northern hemisphere.

The Big Dipper goes by several different names, including the ‘Plough’ and the ‘Saucepan’. It is, though, very recognisable with its bowl-shaped pattern of four stars connected to a ‘handle’ of three more. This is a group of stars which has been recognised from time immemorial and by nearly all cultures around the world.

It is not a constellation in its own right, but just an easy-to-spot pattern of stars which form part of the larger constellation of Ursa Major, or

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Strike wing

Coastal Command’s campaign against enemy surface shipping during the early years of the war met with limited success. The Blenheims, Hampdens and Beauforts rarely attacked as a co-ordinated force and, faced by a formidable threat, suffered heavy losses for very modest results.

The availability of the Beaufighter brought about a dramatic change in the anti-shipping campaign and the Command’s Strike Wings changed the course of the war in the waters off German-occupied Europe.

In November 1942 the first of the Strike Wings was formed at North Coates on the Lincolnshire coast. Its task was to attack the important convoys, heavily

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Once upon a dive

Let me start with a warning and a bit of good advice. The warning is: NEVER tell Charles Dills the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a better ground attack airplane than the North American A-36 Apache. The good advice is to go to Charles’ web site at charlies-web.com/WWII_med/index.html and there get an intensive, extensive understanding of what the term “the greatest generation» really means. It is his life story, well written and filled with details of his comrades in arms and of a life in America that we may never see again.

Ground pounders compared

Dills is quick to react to

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In 1986, a friend and I were planning a summer tour of America and we both had a list of ‘must-do’ places to visit. These included the USAF museum, the water-bombers of Wyoming and the

Oshkosh airshow. For many years an Air Pass provided a popular, relatively inexpensive way for enthusiasts to travel extensively around the US. Several airlines offered the passes, which varied from a few flights to unlimited travel within a set timeframe, and you had to fly with the carrier across the Atlantic before being entitled to buy them.

Our travel agent said the best deal was


With CUTE north towards SOUTH

Portrait of Anna Viktorovna the heroine of the film, «I answer for you,» hangs on the name board of honor. Her dear colleagues, superiors appreciate. With remarkable dexterity she controlled with sophisticated equipment and from work receives its joy, pleasure. «I know all about you. Leading member of the Bureau of the District Committee elektrosvarschitsa mentor «- said, referring to Anna Viktorovna, photojournalist, who came to the shop to take a picture for the paper. Add to this, wonderful, thoughtful hostess, mother of two children, finally, just attractive, rare emotional charm a woman. Engaging simplicity, enthusiasm and sincerity with which

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How to Navigate Without a compass




Used to help stop glare and make it possible to position the Sun on the horizon through your telescope.

Index mirror

The purpose of this is to capture the Sun or pole star; the angle at which it is located will then be used to establish your position.


This is the measurement readout, showing the angle of the index mirror when the Sun has been positioned correctly.


The viewing point through which you aim at the horizon, before moving the index bar to align the

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Hall of fame — 10 ICONIC EXPLORERS

Whether by land, sea or air, exploring has aided our understanding of the world. Let’s follow in some adventurers’ intrepid footsteps…

Leif Erikson

ICELANDIC 970-1020

Whether or not Leif Erikson was the first European to land in North America, he got there 500 years before Columbus. When King Olaf I of Norway sent him as a Christian missionary to Greenland, it’s believed Erikson was blown off course and discovered part of North America, which he named Vinland. Whether accidental or a deliberate detour based on another explorer’s tale, Erikson went on to establish a small settlement in Vinland (ie Newfoundland,

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The article by S. and J. Sapetina Priklonsky (1970) is fundamentally correct raised the question of the expediency of spring hunting. This problem has been discussed many times in the press, in favor of spring hunting is given a lot of arguments, which need not be repeated. In this case, we want to focus on the specifics of hunting of the European North, where spring hunting waterfowl and forest game has a special meaning. Under the European North, we understand the territory, including Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, Karelia and Komi.

Until now, these areas are somehow considered «fishing». About

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