Alps in the power of storms

Residents of Austria and northern Italy witnessed two terrible storms all weekend keep on their toes alpine region. As a result, the element has claimed the lives of two people killed by a landslide descended with a groundsheet. The first victim was overtaken by a landslide on a farm in Afens the Italian part of the border with Austria. The second was a woman who died from a neighboring village Tilfer, her house damaged mud weights, and she was originally on the list of the missing.

In addition to rainfall and landslides triggered massive wind storm power outage in most

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Natural disasters in northern Vietnam have killed 17 people

Floods, hurricanes, and lightning strikes have killed 17 people in northern Vietnam, said on Monday the Associated Press referring to the country's authorities.

Lightning strikes killed 12 people, the rest were killed by falling trees, collapsed homes due to flooding in the six northern provinces.

Six people are reported missing, another 64 were injured.

Element 2.6 destroyed thousands of homes were flooded about 23 thousand hectares of rice crops.

According to the agency, annual floods and storms in Vietnam become a cause of death of hundreds of

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4.3 earthquake in northern Italy

ROME, July 25 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Shmakov. Earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred on Monday afternoon in the northern region of Piedmont in an Italian neighborhood of Turin, local media reported citing civil defense.

Quake was recorded by specialists of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology at 14.32 local time (16.32 MSK). The epicenter was located between the towns of Kumyana (Cumiana), Cantaloupe (Cantalupa) and Pinaska (Pinasca).

According to Italian news agencies, fluctuations in the Earth's crust is clearly felt in one of the largest cities in the Apennines — Turin, where many people felt a strong push, ran

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Mercury: A three-month trial and discovery

Scientists have summed up the first three months of work on the orbit of Mercury interplanetary probe MESSENGER. On the high-resolution structure of the floor made out of astrophysics craters. The probe determined the composition of the soil and built the Mercurian detailed relief map of the northern hemisphere.

The probe entered orbit around the planet closest to the Sun on March 18. During the three months of receiving tens of thousands of detailed pictures of the surface of Mercury, which were previously available only in low resolution. Devices installed on board the vehicle, shed light on the

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Northern lights in the United States. Video

This — the Northern Lights, which was caused by the geomagnetic storm 05.06.2011, happened because of the recent increase in solar aktivnosti.Dannoy magnetic storm has been assigned a classification G2, which corresponds to the geomagnetic storms average sily.Predstavlennoe on video Northern Lights seen over Leech Lake (Lake of leeches ) in Northern Minnesota, USA.

A look over the edge

Tornadoes in northern Sweden. Video. Photo

Tornadoes and high winds on Saturday June 4th brought turmoil in northern Sweden knocked a lot of trees. One man was seriously wounded in the northern province of Västerbotten, and is currently in intensive care."The number of fallen trees probably most of the time is how long I live here, the agency has received hundreds of phone calls with reports of falling trees on the road which caused traffic jams" — tells the dispatcher the Swedish Transport Company (Trafikverket) told news agency TT

Worse still had energy company Vattenfall, almost 15 million subscribers were without power in the provinces

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More than 13,000 Brazilians left the house, flooded by rains


RIO DE JANEIRO, March 17 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Krasnov. More than 13,000 people were displaced from their homes due to heavy rains that hit the northern Brazilian state of Maranhao, reported Friday the local civil defense office.

According to authorities, the state of emergency declared in six cities.

Cause of the disaster became downpours that have caused a significant rise in water level in the rivers — up to 5.5 meters. As a result, located in the coastal strip of houses were completely flooded.

In the neighboring state of Para, where the mouth of the Amazon, the seasonal

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Warming in the northern hemisphere leads to drought in tropical South America

Climate Chronicle, covering the years 2300 and extracted specialist, University of Pittsburgh (USA) at the bottom of Lake Laguna Pumakocha (Peru), showed that warming in the northern hemisphere, leading to severe water shortages in densely populated tropical regions of the world, for the summer monsoons become drier.

Scientists note that the information in their possession two meter core contains the most detailed geochemical data on the oscillations of the tropical climate, ever fall into the hands of specialists. In combination with other information, it indicates that at the turn of the XX century. rainfall during the summer monsoon in

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The first results of the general cleaning of the Arctic

After a long flight back to Arkhangelsk research vessel Northern AHEM "Mikhail Somov". It was the longest hike of diesel-electric ice-class in recent years, which lasted 102 days.


"The crew delivered to the polar stations and the island of more than two thousand tons of fuel, 300 tons of food, 250 tons of construction materials, automatic and semi-automatic equipment, — the deputy governor of the Arkhangelsk region for infrastructure development Anatoly Kojin. — But most importantly, this year began cleaning the Arctic. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tons of debris that remained from the

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The first ship refrigerated passed by the Northern Sea Route in the navigation-2012

The first ship with frozen red fish in the summer season in 2012 passed along the Northern Sea Route. As the press-service of "Atomflot" in the morning on Sept. 9 refrigerator Skyfrost (shipowner Laskaridis ship.LT?) With 8265 tons of frozen fish products reached Cape Desire.

The wiring of the vessel provided icebreaker "Yamal". On the Maglev ship carried 8.5 days.

In addition to nuclear ship "Yamal", on the slopes of the Northern Sea Route is currently working icebreaker "50 Years of Victory". Under his harness track was STI Harmony tanker with 61,401 tons of gas condensate "Novatek" bound for

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