Lebedko: Curiosity to Belarus in Norway is growing very

Lebedko said that Norway is greatly increased interest in the Situation in Belarus"By As the last, Now in the morning I met with people who a year earlier were Kalinouski Square in Minsk. They asked me a lot of a variety of issues. Their eagerness to assist Belarus in this year not only did not decrease, but actually increased. "Oslo Lebedko sent to Strasbourg, where tomorrow will be a meeting of the Subcommittee on Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus Council of Europe.

Avalanche in Norway claimed the lives of five people

Avalanche in Norway claimed the lives of five people Natural Disasters

Rescue team is going to the scene of an avalanche. Kaford, March 19, 2012.

In the Norwegian Arctic as a result of an avalanche killed one French and four Swiss skiers who are going to win one of the local snow-capped peaks. One of daunhilschikov also Swiss, managed to survive. Tourist taken to hospital in stable condition.

Tromsø in northern Norway

Lovers of winter sports came to Mount Sorbmengaysa (1288 m), which is located 120 km east of Tromsø. This area is very popular with snowboarders and fans neukatannogo

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Soviet-Norwegian TYULENEV war

In April 1920, hundreds of Norwegian fishing vessels invaded the inland waters of the Russian Federation — between Murmansk and Arkhangelsk and began an unprecedented, fight predatory seals. Were killed tens of thousands of these animals. Destroyed even pregnant females and newly born detenyshi.Severnogo Navy did not exist, and coastguard boats in those years in the area was not — yet there was a civil war, and a protest note to the Russian Federation Norway simply "did not notice".

Therefore, in the spring of 1921 in the Russian Federation was ordered confiscation of intruders, their gear and catch and prosecute

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Norwegian arranged in kindergarten tasting blood

In Norway, a kindergarten teacher was fired after she treated the kids in their own blood.

A teacher from Sola in western Norway has prepared his players' breakfast vampire. " In a bowl of porridge instead she poured blood from pre-bubble. The girl offered to kids ages 3 to 6 years to try liquid to touch and taste.

"When the kids get their hands dirty and asked how to wash off the blood, she licked her finger. The kids followed suit, "- says an employee of preschool Inger Lise Andersen.

Parents outraged by such practices. The administration of the

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Western Europe? Look better

Gentlemen, Comrades, comrades, Herr and Frau, ladies and gentlemen! You do not notice that the grounds on which reigns civilized and developed part of humanity, has acquired the features of the house, which is popularly referred to as "yellow"? But in a paradoxical way. Because, in the backward traditional yellow house doctors examine patients carefully, record and analyze their delusions and prescribe appropriate treatment. And if necessary and dress shirt with on-the-extra-long sleeves. No one comes to mind incarnate delusional (that are completely unrelated to reality and mutually exclusive) ideas. Patients were kept in spetsusloviya under which they could harm

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South Norway flooded

May 23, 2013. Because of the threat of dam authorities evacuated the inhabitants of several villages. Entire villages were flooded. Bad weather led to the transport collapse — in some places washed out roads, completely stopped traffic on a major national highway connecting the capital with the city of Trondheim. In some areas, destroyed bridges. Partially disrupted rail links. No injuries not yet known. Meanwhile, according to weather forecasts, rainfall in the region will continue. The flooding may be the strongest over the past half century.

Source: ONT.BY


Flooding in Norway, in the southern parts of the

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Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita — Gas manna will not

Dashed hopes for El Dorado gas, fuel oil shales in there, but too small to build on it the future of Poland.

The calculations presented by the State Geological Institute, destroy hope: nature's bounty does not free us from Russian supplies, we have to win energy independence and well thought-out investment strategy. It's even better because when cheap gas we could fall into a political Oblomoffdom. Now, it does not threaten us.

Americans woke up our appetite.

According to their data, in the shales was to be as much 5.3 trillion cubic meters. meters of gas, making Poland, along

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Nicholas Old Men, Pleasures of European integration is more visible from Norway

Impartially observe how the citizens of Ukraine blatantly cheated and deliberately misleading stories about the "virtues of European integration", is not easy.

After the publication of the material on "storytellers-evrointegratorah" from Ukraine, I received many letters from different parts of the world. The essence of all of them is simple: the Ukrainians, you hang noodles on the ears! Talk about the sweet life in "Europe", arguing that the repetition of the word "evrohalva" in the mouth will be much sweeter.

One of the letters I found most interesting.

It came from the Norwegian

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In Norway, was a childrens Gay Pride Parade

It looks like a Norwegian gay, lesbian and transgender not promote their unconventional values at numerous gay parades are regularly held in the major cities of Europe. Therefore, adult gay movement activists have decided to gradually bring to such activities of their children. The recently were able to see the residents of Bergen, who rode through the streets of the truck with the kids, holding banners that promote the value of homosexual gay marriage. Same-sex marriage was legalized in Norway 1 January 2009, following the approval of the bill by the Parliament. Thus, Norway became the sixth country in the

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Researchers have discovered hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. That Loki's Castle called the Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate.

Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area may be a new national park or Norway or the place of billions of dollars of revenue.

Unique results discovered by the Norwegians, a volcanic mountain range is 1,500 km long, which extends from Jan Mayen to the strait Frem, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom.

Prior to that, on the map in this area

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