The nightmare of modern Europe

Interview with a journalist of the newspaper "Today" with Irina Bergseth

IB Misfortune happened six years of my stay in Norway. I did not know anything about their system "Barnevarn." It turns out that in Norway there is a state plan, the quota for the removal of children from their parents. The tutorship even compete for its implementation — a kind of gossorevnovanie. Graphs, charts published each quarter — how many children in any selected area. Recently I got a document — a report Swedes. This is a report about cases of removal of children from families

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How to live Norway

Irina Bergseth

What secret about Norway.

Norway ranks first in the world in terms of life — is presented. But what is hidden?


Report on seizures of children from families in Sweden and neighboring Scandinavian countries

Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe

Slawomir Adamowicz: The Islamization of Europe — a payment for cheap labor


Michas Scoble

Michas Scoble: "Slawomir, Slavic poets have always dreamed of Africa, its exotic flora and fauna. Well, who does not remember the giraffes Gumilev, who wanders around Lake Chad? But our line Olesya Nightingale," Oh, Africa! Krivichchine would you be to Nieman was your full-flowing Nile … . "Yes, and you have a poem about Algeria. How do you perceive the events that are currently taking place in the north of the African continent?"

Slawomir Adamowicz

Slawomir Adamowicz: "Just a week before the Libyan revolution, I met with a female doctor, who was about to spring

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Hurricane Berit hit Northern Europe

Storm "Berit" went through Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. In Estonia, left without electricity for six and a half million homes. Power failures were registered in Latvia and Lithuania. Suffered most Klaipeda and Kaunas, where the element is almost completely destroyed the beaches. Knocked down hundreds of trees, partially disrupted road and rail links.

Tallinn Town Hall Square squalls broke down and collapsed the main Christmas tree of the country. Meteorological Service of Sweden announced a third, the highest level of alert. In Norway, the 20-meter high wave washed away in a sea

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Roads in the Murmansk region were better than in northern Norway

This summer, on the Kola Peninsula to replace the asphalt road over extended distances than in the whole of Northern Norway (Photo: Thomas Nilsen)

In Norway, the roads are not in the best condition. Especially roads of regional importance, which are involved in the financing of operating regional authorities. The northernmost county in Norway Finnmark owns 1,500 kilometers of roads. Finnmark is bordered by Russia and Finland, two countries where the amount of investment in roads are far superior to the Norwegian budgets.

An experienced driver Kurt Vikan lives in the Pasvik valley at the Russian

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Stolen story watch online

This two-year investigation 3 journalists from England, Norway and Pakistan. They first opened a cohesive network of thieves, smugglers, dealers, collectors and scholars who encourage the looting of old relics in the hot spots of the planet, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and adjoining Pakistan. Distribution center stolen — London. Theft of magic bowls from Mesopotamia and misinformation about the so-called Dead Sea Scrolls, have led to the investigation and interrogation in Afghanistan Norway and England. After the premiere of the movie, one of the largest collectors of the world was obliged to return stolen relics back to the country

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Amur tiger moved from Novosibirsk to Norwegian zoo

The specialists of the Novosibirsk zoo flown Amur tiger in a zoo in Norway, where it is waiting for the tiger, from which it is planned to obtain offspring, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, representative of the zoo.

"The tigress was sent to Norway on the international program for the conservation of rare species. This happens quite often. In Norwegian zoo already has a tiger cub, our tigress was sent there in order to produce offspring," — said the agency interlocutor.

In turn, the regional department of Rosselkhoznadzor reported that the Red tiger was taken to the Zoo "Kristiansand" in

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Astral Princess

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Fishermen oppose the plan to extract oil near the Norwegian Lofoten

Fishermen and the Murmansk region after environmentalists concerned plans Norway, discover oil Lofoten Islands in the Barents Sea, according to the Barents Sea branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

"Norway has committed itself to the production of hydrocarbons, including the Barents Sea — on the former site of the" gray zone. "But our common sea has unique stocks of cod, which simply must be preserved. Lofoten in the Norwegian Sea — is generally a hospital for the fish, which then swims in our waters, "- said the head of the Committee for Natural Resources and Fisheries Murmansk Duma

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Russian ships will accept a role in naval exercises with Norway

Russian ships will accept role in joint with Norway naval exercise "Pomor-2012," said RIA Announcements head of the press service of the Northern Fleet Vadim Serga.

Norwegian-Russian exercises begin in the Barents Sea on Friday and will last for 5 days in the territorial waters of, and in the Norwegian Sea.

"The structure of the SF group in exercises will include BOD" Admiral Chabanenko ", a rescue tugboat, also sea aviation fleet — the Su-33, anti-IL-38 and the ship's helicopter Ka-27 ", — said Sergei.

This is the fourth exercise "POMOR" Fleet and Norway. In 2010, they were again

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