My Education, by Susan Choi (Viking). In Choi’s fourth novel, Regina Gottlieb, a young graduate student, is drawn to an eccentric and physically beautiful professor with a reputation for carrying on affairs with his students. Regina is swiftly drawn into his life and that of his pregnant wife, though the professor student romance is anything but predictable. Our heroine, a student of literature, speaks in an academic tone; despite her intelligence, she remains hopelessly naive in matters of the heart. Regina’s ambition becomes consumed by her rapture as the line between sexual passion and compassionate love is blurred. «I didn’t

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Why Belarusians do not write a novel of the twentieth century?

"Master worked in squalid konurke, so to speak, the apartment given to him of the CPC. Reminds him of this apartment camera in the bullpen, he was sitting in what in 1938. Mucky, haze, windows looking into the high walls of the black triangle." Live as a last pakidishcha "- lamented writer friends that asked him:" How are you? ". He himself came, we can say to the last frontier: aching heart, feet swollen knees. Naturally, in the bullpen put their health. Forces left it. A they were needed at least in order to use the stove, bring water, stealing

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Dmitry Vishnev presented in Brno excerpts from a new novel about Berlin and Minsk

Cherry: "Remembering the most positive. Very appreciative audience. Noteworthy that all broadcast on the web online, it also can be later downloaded from the website of the festival. Beautiful city of Brno. I’ve been writing essays, wrote two poems. This festival — an actual event not only for Brno, and the event in general for literature. "Sous: "What question are you most impressed?"Cherry: "It was very many questions. I was amazed in a good, that there there are people who advocate the Moravian culture. They asked me how I feel about the Moravian language. I said that I was one

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Roman Mentyukov insulator placed in Minsk

This was told in the press service of the Interior Ministry. Roman Mentyukov incriminated in rights violationsyl traffic, resulting in bodily injury. Pending court Mentyukov placed in Minsk remand. Recall the incident occurred on March 2 Slutsky highway near Minsk. To suspend R. Mentyukov police fielded across the road private cars. Policemen Gennady Dorogokupets and Alexei Likhtarovich were later convicted for it. Roman Mentyukov fled to Moscow where he was arrested in July. Coupled with Roman Mentyukov to court will be attracted his wife Lena, who, according to the investigation, allegedly gave him control of the car despite his inebriated

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The endless time eternity finally ended

About the date of birth Marquez has long been unclear, because the writer is listed in documents in 1928, but his father insisted that the reality came a year earlier — in 1927. Few years ago the writer himself has confirmed his father’s version, but in a number of sources of its year of birth hitherto represented as 1928. For the first time Russian reader acquainted with the work of Marquez in 1970 — after censorship, with numerous cuts and incorrect novel was written "100 Years of Solitude." In 1976, Carlos Sherman, who knew Marquez offered to transfer his new

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In Vilnius, say goodbye to the Jurga Ivanavskaytse

Not so long ago the Lithuanian magazine "Lady" Jürg Ivanavskaytse elected "Woman of the Year 2006."First extensive recognition it has received for his novel "The Witch and The Rain" (1993) who had controversial critics. Pieces of the novel in the Belarusian translation Vilna writer and artist Oleg Ablazheya printed newspaper is independent "Nasha Niva"First-1990s, soon after the publication of the first Lithuanian. Second book of poetry Jurga Ivanavskaytse "Ode to Joy" will be published by the Lithuanian "Tyto alba" in spring This year, and on February 28 in Vilnius will premiere the film "Zamavlenne sins" director Algimantas Puypy made on

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Mayor Grodno — the list of violators

Member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Roman Yurhel also signed up for the meeting. In turn he was seventeenth. That’s what Roman said Yurhel for "Freedom":— It was an ordinary propaganda Tipo vigorous activity Alexander Antonenko, who on this day is a contender in the candidates by Zanemanskaya constituency number 49. He distinguished himself in the last days before check-through assembly in 4th clinic regional center. Of course, I got a job on top to win the election in the local opposition.According to the source, in Zanemanskaya constituency number 49 stands more opposition members. This Vadim Saranchukou UDF, the last

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Tsikavinki new Dzeyaslova

Beginning of a new historical novel Olga Ipatovoj "Lofty Symbol Master" poems in different years Nile Gilevich, Continued documentary books Sergei Shapran about Vasil Bykov readers went out and brought in the next 36 th issue of the journal "verb". But this room is devoted to self-contained literary and artistic publications memory Anatolia Sys.The October issue of "Dzeyaslova" dedicated to the memory of Anatoly Sys already the third year in a row. This tradition was established immediately after the revision untimely death cult poet generation "Tuteyshyh." Says Editor in Chief Boris:

Boris"In this room the young poet published memoirs Valerie

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Cursed guests of the capital Minsk

New work Olgerda Baharevicha — a novel in eight parts, released by the publishing house Igor Loginov. During the presentation, not counting the creator made poets Andrew Khadanovich Marika Martysevich Olga Gapeeva Wick Trenas. For the sake of presentation Algirdas Baharevich came especially from Germany, where currently lives constantly.On the cover of the book year of publication states 2008 st. While not quite who read "damned guests alike," because before the word for samaprezentatsyi creator — Algirdas Baharevicha:"This is my first attempt at a novel. Theatrical Novel. Like all my books, it is multilevel, multilayer, there are several separate stories.

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A.Klinav: Europe is tired of bad news from Belarus

Bushlyakov: "Why did you come to Brussels that awaits you there?"Wedges: "In Brussels, the presentation of my book" Driving book on Township Sun, "published last year by the publishing house" Suhrkamp Verlag "in Germany. At the moment, I have this book prezentam in Paris and Brussels. ""It lacks any real cultural product of Belarus"Bushlyakov: "In Paris the other day presentation of your novel started a month Belarusian culture. Which stereotypes regarding Minsk you encounter in Paris?"Wedges: "The French and Europeans in general know more about a political Belarus disk imaging, with the negative side. There is a feeling that this

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