Goa — a state in southwestern India.

Goa — a former Portuguese colony.

And he became Governor. Old Goa became the capital of Portuguese India.

Portuguese very tightly planted on the lands of local Catholicism. And now the number of churches is astounding.

Portuguese left the Goans recipe port, which is manufactured and sold in enormous quantities.

Goa trance Goa became the birthplace of Goa trance, trends in modern electronic music. Goa trance originated in the late 80-x’s. in general, music and Goa have always been closely linked to each other: the hippies in the ’60s rattled campfire, in

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In Night of Freedom — responses to death and talk about Budinas originality poleshukov

"Night study" now continue the theme of favorite television lyatarey among the population. Yesterday stated that, addictive as players. And now we find out who has these lottery, which has arrived from them and what the prize goes to the ordinary people.And the inhabitants of Gomel utter, they won the lottery?In addition in "Freedom Night" responses to perdition writer and journalist Eugene Budinas, reporting from setting n» play "People album," which is carried out in Warsaw students Humanitarian Lyceum, excursion with the historian of the Jewish ghetto in places Mogilev — before the next anniversary of the defeat of his

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Eugene died Budinas

His wife Valeria Liberty correspondent said:"It happened at about 9.30 now. He had cancer for a long time, for 3 years and now he was dead. Last week he was in the clinic, because the state was languid and needed be supervised. There was no chance, but to ease the suffering he was in the clinic. Although up to This time, despite the very serious condition, we still perceived past weekend guests. It was prostate cancer, outright fourth stage, and we have eclipsed all time — with live two months, and he lived Three years. Yet only recently been in

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Over 96 EU flags sentenced to 10 days in jail

Leonid Novitsky said "Freedom", on Friday September 21 at his home came KGB, who refused to call their names. They called police, and they made a search.L.Navitskaga found the apartment on the 96 EU flags, baseball caps and T-shirts with the European symbols. It drew up reports for neprelichnuyu abuse and for the preparation of an unsanctioned rally.Now Leonid Novitsky convicted only on the first charge.He does not exclude after he will leave the punishment on him will be held the second tribunal.Now the sentences were announced and youth activists, which raspavsyudvali opposition informational materials — Lena smooth received 7

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News September 18

Now Baranavichi will last courts over public activists, which were detained September 10th, when judged member ‘Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya. Earlier Baranavichi already fined six of his friends. Jaroslav Hryshchenya believes that this is an attempt to intimidate the young opposition:"They say that at the moment oshtrafuem 5 basis, and tomorrow will plant all together one day. They think that young people are also astonished that. But none of those who time at one point went to the square, will never be afraid. "In Baranovichi *** Now comes Tatiana Seviarynets — Mom sentenced to 17 days of Paul Sevyarinets serving a

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Ya.Grischeney: Thanks to those who came to support me

Hryshchenya "wave sleep. I always nervous: jailed — not plant? It is not clear that their thinking on top. It is now easier. Open things when you know how and what to do. Before the trial lived a funny day: Now go to work tomorrow, do not go because they do not get enough sleep. A need to do regular work schedule, and everything will be easier.Thanks to those who came to support me. It is a pity that not pabachyvsya Paul Sevyarynets because he appeared on five minutes later than I did. If it were not these people, things

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Upcoming Events September 6

Now in Minsk held a solemn celebration on the occasion of a decade of war. One of today’s favorite organization Dmitri Fedoruk:"The essence of the celebration will be a meeting malafrontavtsav different generations — those that were at the origin of movement and those who are currently involved in the organization. Expected to come politicians and famous personalities." ***Now Brest should last Trials Paul associates Sevyarinets detained in August during a presentation book "Letters from the forest." Judgment expect another 8 people. Human rights activist Vladimir Vyalichkin:"Protocols are written, the mechanism is started, and the people within 2 months from

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Retrain kids read Doskorogo bye! Instead Doskorogo bye!

Now the newspaper "Our word" contains photo reportage about the installation of the monument in Polotsk Vseslav Sorcerer. Also, "Our word" reports on the latest book "In Search of Truth" experts Belarusian language Dr. Ivan Lepeshava. Newspaper reprinted an article on drafts of Kupala "Pavlinka."Middle of the founders of the weekly "Our word" — Chairman of the Company Belarusian language Oleg Trusov. He will examine the history of the founding of the Smolensk principality majestically led by Prince Stanislaw — offspring of Vladimir the Baptist.Now a non-governmental weekly "Free Deep" continues to explore the theme of Russian class in the

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Brest tribunal sentenced opposition activists

Yuri Bacourt not participate now in the court. Prerequisites explains as follows:"For what? To hear that the referee will announce me shameful verdict? Now there are more important things."Yuri Bacourt and fourteen other young activists spent the night in the current structure of the Leninsky district police department. Paul Sevyarinets expected release. The politician was released in 3 hours 30 minutes.In the first interview with Paul Seviarynets first noted that listened Radio Liberty to undertake that was passed from outside Brest Friend:"This is the legend of Brest insulators. Already know that the Metropolitan police department in isolation certain" political "allowed

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Ernest Sabila: It is the will of God that the spirit rises civilization …

Meeting with the priest Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabil accomplished indoors Company Belarusian schools. Come youth, there are a few older people, see graying head.Sabila: "I was with their community registered in the apartment, the years have passed, now it has become lawlessness. Lawlessness Why is it that has changed? Mood changed father, and the father has changed. Was Shushkevich, Lukashenko has become …"Dmukhovskyy: "Why did my father now can not build the church, why people had hunger strike to achieve their rights? "Ideologue, "Man, who wishes do something contrary, they knocked on this hunger strike. "Dmukhovskyy: "It is their

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