Cyberwar between U.S. and China do not cease

In the meantime, the parties agreed to halt global warming After the meeting in California, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping called for strengthening cooperation between countries with 2. Agreement on greenhouse gases and nuclear programmke DPRK. But neither side has made concessions on areas of impact in Asia and supplying weapons to Taiwan. According to experts, geopolitical contradictions persist, Washington and Beijing will have to make an effort to prevent the deterioration of relations. Obama and Xi Jinping pledged to make the latest model of the relationship between with 2 powers. During the two-day summit, held

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If Obama can be fixed a little different order of the world

Not very high expectations about the presidency can Europe Barack Obama? Can be realized structural configuration in foreign policy of the United States? Can I change U.S. policy towards Russia? Does Washington consensus affairs of this country? Answer the questions of the Metropolitan Municipal Institute associate professor of international relations Kirill Koktysh and chief editor of "New Era" Lord Alexei.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"Many currently notes that even during the election campaign in the U.S. Europe enveloped" abamamaniya. "European public hopes that Barack Obama will appease those troubles, which have been observed in recent years in relations between Europe and the United

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Obama more left-wing than the European Social Democrats

Political scientist Mike McFaul — One of the major professional team candidate, now President Barack Obama. McFaul — a recognized expert in the United States of. By him, is too early to read on, what will be the policy of the newest administration towards Russia, but …"Obviously, Barack Obama will have the opportunity to build new business with Russia. He’s not human," cool war. "And the people in Russia who blame him for this, not right.’s Not a man of old times, this new man. And I hope that this will enable the Russian Federation and the U.S. from arranging

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Barack Obama: from whence he came?

His father, Barack Hussein Obama, was from Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, from Kansas. The ancestors of the future president met in 1960 while studying at the Institute of Hawaii, where Obama Sr. was a foreign student. They were married on February 2, 1961, six months before the birth of the offspring.When Obama was two years, ancestors were divorced, and in 1964 they took the formal divorce. After the divorce, my mother came to re-married an Indonesian, and in 1967 the family moved to Indonesia, where Obama went to school. When Obama was 10 years old, my mother divorced

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Whores are prepared to go cap

Earlier it was reported that during the upcoming G20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Barack Obama planned to meet with representatives of Russian NGOs, including the Moscow Helsinki Group, a human rights association "Agora", the movement "For Human Rights" movement to protect the rights of voters " voice. "

Source in the Russian government has called Obama's decision "strange", "Either you meet with the authorities, and those who criticize them, or with anyone. All the more so by canceling the talks with Putin, Obama said he would go only to the "twenty". What does the NCB? Apparently,

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Barack Obama in Berlin: I — citizen of the world

Presidential candidate U.S. Democratic Party Barack Obama said, speaking in front of dozens of people in Berlin that the international community should take down walls separating people and make conflicts.

Speech before hundreds of thousands of people in Berlin park "Tiergarten" Barack Obama began the European part of their international tour recently presidential elections in the U.S. in November this year.In his speech, Obama said that the world can not remain frustrated if he wants to cope with such urgent neuvvyazkami as terrorism, climate change and economic inequality.

Obama appealed to Europe to send more troops to Afghanistan to fight

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Frontiers of freedom

Obama stands in the figure in the classical Muslim attire, and his wife in camouflage trousers and a Kalashnikov behind.Intraday Rounded office of the White House — in the fireplace ablaze South American flag and a portrait on the wall, similar to Osama bin Laden.Barack and Michelle Obama in certain zhestse greeting, in which their fists face. This gesture, thanks to television, famous all over America in the day, when it became clear that Barack Obama will get a nomination for the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Leading channel "Fox News", ID Hill was suspended from work in their

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What will the U.S. foreign policy after the election?

Two experienced specialists in foreign policy the U.S., Michael Rubin of the South American Enterprise Institute and Alan Lichtman of the South American Institute in Washington, shared with our radio their ideas about what the world can expect from Washington after the elections.

McCain said in the election campaign that he does not withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq until the end of the American confident of victory. Obama has promised that he will begin displaying the American soldier from Iraq and transfer them to Afghanistan not later than 16 months after, how to make the presidential oath.


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Obama is presidential

Senator Barack Obama announced his own victory over rival Hillary Clinton party. On present day Obama secured the support of the desired number of delegates to the Congress of the Democratic Party, which in August and will be nominated by the Democratic candidate for a role in today’s presidential elections.Barack Obama’s victory completes the 16-month tense and unpredictable campaign, during which the little-known, young senator, speaking with a proposal of change, grew up in a charismatic public favorite.Speaking now in Minesotse NIGHT MODE, in the town of St. Paul, Obama declared his own victory in the competition with the former

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To change how ready America?

Not even get into my garden pochetaemyh fellow political scientists still wish to say a few words about the South American elections, as they spetsefichesky way, albeit indirectly, affect my family and me.Today South American election could be a turning point and probably cause understandable because the world’s attention. This happened a few circumstances. In the end, winning the 1st of 2-major Democratic candidates, the 44th President of the United States may be for the first time in the history of the country lady or African-American.According to the newspaper Daily Telegraph (February 8, 2008), "America has every reason to take

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