Role in meeting cost 700 thousand

District Education Department bureaucrats forced Anastasia Popov write an application for the dismissal of school number 1 village everybody on their own. Because at the moment it is not how to pay a fine of 700 thousand rubles. Guilty she does not consider himself:

We have the right to express their worldview, but it was directed against us

"I do not breached.’m Just needed, that someone was the last, sorry that someone has paid for it. And they gave me a fine me 700 thousand. The court questioned: with whom do you live? I say that one. Place of work

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S.Horevskogo Minsk lose fucking

For a number of selected buildings in the ancient site of Minsk. For example, in the Yanka Kupala Park is meant to start construction of the restaurant over 100 seats. Projects peraplyanavannya parks from the Opera House to the park Kupala estimates culturologist Sergey Hareuski:"This is one of nainteresneyshih ensembles core of so-called water-green width Minsk, which was created in stages since pre-revolutionary times. And now those projects that I beheld, would mean almost their liquidation. Come again expect 50-60 years until these parks poured a memory. There already cut trees. cut, for example, the beautiful parterre of tui

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Belarusian guest workers in search of shred

In connection with the illegal recruitment and considered a criminal case of Sergei Shumanskogo Rechitsy — favorite criminal group "Shumansky." She, like other similar groups engaged in racketeering, robbery and fraud in the midst of business.Together with Shumansky the dock — five more inhabitants Rechitsy, Gomel and Khoyniki.

According to the indictment read out in court municipal prosecutor Alexei Rudishkinym, individual members of criminal gangs formed their own structure for the recruitment and exploitation of people in the region adjacent to the construction sites of. Headed inmate Rechitsy Jora Bielawski.From the indictment that the exploitation of people in the construction

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Inhabitants amicably approached Lukashenko

The letter also refers to the pressure on the public by the authorities and the police. Activists active groups say they are preparing to apply to the tribunal. Letter addressed to the manager of the country has signed one of the activists of public resistance Tatiana Rysevets. The letter, explains Ms. Rysevets, accompanied by six thousand signatures of local residents:"The time has come when you need to call things by their proper names. Intimidate people by various methods, bugged telephones. Blame me, I urge people to the barricades that organizes mess. So I decided to apply on their own behalf,

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Organizer protest against chemical plant sentenced

Unauthorized rally inhabitants in the village everybody Pukhavichy district held on March 22. Activists active group against the construction of the plant have repeatedly appealed to local authorities for the respective resolution, but have not received it. Plans to build a chemical plant Russian company "Bel-August." The plant will produce a certain amount of pesticides, and spices to systematize the creation of first-class threat. Inhabitants are protesting against him villages everybody, Svislach Rudensk, Dukora also other settlements.Activists active group about a year have corresponded with all concerned ministries and departments of the need for this construction. People do not believe

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Svislach: unauthorized protest action

Over hundreds of inhabitants of the village with posters about an hour were under close supervision police officers.The action took place near a local stadium. Previously, public activists active group approached local authorities with the request to hold a rally at the stadium. But they refused, citing the fact that the stadium in today must pass the football match between teams of students.Upon completion protests, detained 1st of its members Sergei Obrazovskogo and made the administrative record for the company unsanctioned meeting. A similar protocol was drawn up and 22 March, when a protest rally was held in the adjacent

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In friendly inhabitants held an unauthorized rally

This company plans to create 18 types of pesticides — chemical means for selgasvytvorchastsi. Inhabitants in favor of holding a local referendum on the need to build enterprise in close proximity to the houses.On-site construction likely they set multimeter cross as a symbol of their own protest. Employees Pukhavichy police department detained several people and made their administrative reports. Participants of the rally planning to hold a new rally on Saturday, March 29. Tags: rally, friendly, Business, pesticides

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