Age: 22 / Occupation: Air force

Bang: «I took this image during an air display at Sacheon Airport, South Korea — the airplanes shown are Korean T/A-50 Golden Eagles. I was up on a viewing platform and chose to shoot handheld for mobility. I set my camera to shutter-priority mode and selected a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. I used continuous autofocus and shot in burst mode, anticipating when the pilots would manoeuvre. Because the scene was backlit, I used spot-metering to take a reading from the white smoke and used AE-L before firing the shutter. This resulted

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In close connection with the practice.

An important role in the struggle for economy and thrift plays a system of economic education. Most work in this direction is carried out at a distance of Lublin Moscow road.

In the distance there are ten schools of communist labor They are organized in almost all divisions of the company — the separation of the road, at stations Moscow-Pas senger-Kursk and Moscow-technical in repair and process area signaling, workshops, home communications, in the Lublin a radio station, the station Tsaritsyno, in the area of ​​mechanized slides. Established a school on the production and territorial basis. They combine more

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Grodno: exemption or occupation?

Discussion on "September 17, 1939 in the history of Grodno and Belarus: liberation or occupation?" Will be held in the town on the Neman on 20 September. It will carry out independent public discussion club "Grodno collegium."

Voted early — and dig potatoes!

Polling station number 524 is placed in the educational building number 8 of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. Here students vote BSTU living in dormitories. Not many people in the morning, come to very few. And the second half, when the occupation ended — turn people on 40. At a table with a sign "observers" no one. I talk with students who are queuing up for your newsletter.Correspondent"Why are you all early voting, such a queue here — 30 people!"Vote"Home food", "To the parents leave," "I come from another town," "On Sunday, holiday, hunt to stay at home."Correspondent"And you know

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Sunday School in New York: the real and virtual

How about a virtual Sunday school — incidentally, the first in the history of Belarus abroad? And, while it is being created by young South American Belarusians latest life has already started a Sunday school in New York for the Belarusians of various denominations.About modern Belarusian Sunday school — virtual and real — to transfer kids say their ancestors.Five-year Pavlinka understory lives in New York. In America, she was born. Her ancestors — Belarusians and Belarusian songs and rhymes Pavlinka knows so much, that would be enough not one gear. Pavlinka knows Belarusian poems about rustic homemade sausages, about smart

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G.Antonavay threatens expulsion

"The administration of the faculty offered me the most to write a statement about the exception. Said, on another all the same be dismissed for poor academic performance. Tipo bad I studied Polish language, although Actually it’s not true, "- told Anna Antonova. Absenteeism woman explains disease and promises to provide a certificate. By Anna Antonova pressure on her "led policy":"From me and have not once sought to end the role of the youth movement, and not to attend church." Anna Antonova states that with respect to her friends more than once debated KGB. "No student is not going to

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Where you learn to give birth?

Interest expectant mothers for everything that is related to pregnancy, childbirth and the future baby's life is huge. But where to find a companion? Female doctor consultation refers to the fact that time is short, and a lot of patients. Her friends still do not think about the baby. The questions are many, and even more fears. "Will I give birth normally? Vyterplyu the pain? Are all be okay with the baby? Cope with caring for a newborn baby?"

Pregnant women are incredibly suggestible. One wrong word can hurt future mother (and therefore the baby), whereas now it

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Lukashenko asks in Europe, like a cat with frost in the house

Our homeland Belarus and agreed to make the overall defense system. This was stated by Secretary of so-called allied countries Pavel Borodin.Man: "Why every day Lukashenko psychosis overtakes a military threat to Belarus? Elections were also held at the democratic level! Votes counted. And when he least some meeting proves that he is the most friendly and costs only for its own people. Perks But deservedly canceled" .On the days of the OSCE chairman Alexander Stubb visited Belarus and made a number of statements. After negotiations with the Belarusian authorities, he said: "We agreed that it is necessary to unscrew

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Occupation of Latvia — a myth

The documentary film "Testimony of History", which tells about the events of the summer of 1940 that took place in Latvia. The film, deputy chairman of the Socialist Party of Latvia Ingar Burlaks, using eyewitness accounts and newsreels of the time denies the widely replicated by today's historians of the myth of the "occupation" of Latvia, and her "forced" to join the Soviet Union.

See also the Baltic. The story of one occupation

How to find a good speech therapist

There are several basic options:

Recommendations of friends. This option good that you possess objective information about the specialist's professional successes. You can pre-decide if you offered conditions and qualifications of a speech therapist.

Ads in the newspaper, on the Internet, on a pole. In this case, you no guarantees nothing. But it may get lucky — you'll find an unemployed genius.

Professional Agency. With this option, you are guaranteed to pick a specialist with a good performance and relatively high professional qualifications. The disadvantage of this option is a tough rate of pay plus commission payments to the

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