On October Square — policemen in civil

Now October Square pass quite easily. No cordons, no cordon. But the authorities This time, since it is impossible to make an ice rink, put eight of these decorative designs,  which occupy almost a third of the area. This iron pillars on which set flower pots, and across the bottom — improvised klyumby, also with flowers. It turned out that the entire center of the square — decorative klyumba and two more klyumby little away from this place.

Additional cameras can not see, but I see a lot of special forces soldiers who pretend that just resting. But

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Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

On October Square protesters Solidarity met SWAT police cordons. People began to push in civil protesters toward the side of GUM and Freedom Square. Then came the second step, "cleansing", and people were removed from the October Square descent toward Freedom Square.Please share were detained Several activists "Junior Front" among them — Anastasia Palazhanka, but it all ended so that the police checked their documents, kept them a couple of minutes and then released.And 8th evening people gathered on the classic common prayer around the Bernardine Monastery — riot police watching this action from afar. Detention was not.On October Square:About

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Football broadcast on October Square canceled


22:05Soon all were there. Heard cries, there are about thousand people. People just do not have warned that live on October Square will not. Zavzyataryi came to the area, because during the Euro Cup broadcast all looked specifically at October Square. Playground at the Sports Palace is fenced, but there passed people standing police UAZ. No flags. Was ill people, react violently.

22:30 People to be ill for BATE. At some fans scarves with symbols BATE.

. 23:10

Royal club against BATE Borisov in the Champions League Tags: BATE

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First spring action on March 19

They expect that at eight o’clock on October Square Minsk will come a few thousand people.By the Young, so the public will express solidarity with those who a year earlier left on October Square a day of presidential elections.

Picket on October Square

Now in the evening on October Square About 20 people held a rally in support of political prisoners. Midst of protesters were supporters of Alexander Kozulin, activists of the unregistered organization "Initiative", which is a member of Andrei Kim. In picket also Alexander Kozulin daughter Olga, mother of Andrei Kim and brothers Sergey and Alexander Skrebtsov. People were holding portraits Kozulin and Kim. The action lasted for a couple of minutes later, the participants dispersed.

Youth BPF to October Square on March 16

Young activists of the party invite politicians, public figures and all concerned people to come to October Square Minsk with portraits of prisoners and hunger on March 16 in 18 hours. One of the initiators of the action Ilya Bogdan says that under the pressure of international public Belarus were released several political prisoners. That went free all policies, you must also make international requirements based on protests within the country. "

UCP going to hold convention on October Square

"We can only refer specifically to Alexander Lukashenko, — says Anatoly Liabedzka. — If it does not work here, we need to hold their own congress at October Square . "

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Online report from the shares of small business

Photos. Part 1 

Photos. Part 2Photos. Part 3                                                                           


  15:25 Share business ends. People crawl. 15:14About GUM police detained youth activist Misha Subach. He was told that he was suspected of stealing a mobile phone, and offered to drive to the police. People ousted from October Square to the street internationally. Several people have been detained. 15:00SWAT police in response to a clique of businessmen "Fascists!" chant "speculators!". 14:58SWAT people thronging from October Square toward Freedom Square. There detention. Detainees are imported in Metropolitan police department. 14:57Several 10’s of demonstrators squeezed Independence Square on Engels Street towards

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Public participants march — on a march and rally on October Square

To the Academy Galina Kurylenak came with a pot and spoon. She protests against repeal of benefits:"Pochetaemaya" Freedom ", direct attention to us, our poverty. Zeksengavz I convict camp, I too was at war with the partisans. Now he deprives us, concentration camp prisoners. Why did we need such torment? Opposition assigned us these benefits — Shushkevich, Pozniak, Belenky, Kryzhanovskij. And what about it mattersetsya? Why this injustice? "In the midst of the demonstrators who went to Bangalore, liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. Vladimir Feoktistov Pronunciation:"Lukashenko is not abolished privileges, and canceled our guarantees and compensation of lost health. And

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The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Calls for collection on October Square are illegal

Society The head of the press service of the Minsk city executive committee Alexander Lastouski thus commented appeals in social networks to gather every Wednesday at October Square in Minsk and the Prosecutor General's statement on this subject:

"As the theme of this in social networks has been unwound so. And of course, that today on October Square going to hold the event. So one thing — to organize a flash mob harmless, and another thing — when the calls go to the collection in October Square, which is illegal. Since the decision of Minsk city executive committee gathering on

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