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Tomorrow is here.

Ruchi Sawhney visits the office of Kumar Group, steered by celebrated architect Gopakumar and his son Anuj in Kochi. There is an established architectural firm, rooted in the rich cultural legacy of Kerala, ready to take a bold leap forward.

Kerala’s architectural heritage is much celebrated and cherished by its people but sadly, the march of consumerism and growth are taking design trends to a new direction. Kochi used to be a city where the eyes would sweep over the swaying coconut fronds and beyond to the blue skies, but alas that was a good 20 years ago. I’ve seen

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The world of work is no doubt a big part of our lives as professionals. Office area became part of the daily routine and this can sometimes make us feel bored. Special Office on this issue we invite you to peek design three office options Home & Decor editor who has a different style and theme on it. 44.

Does not stop there, we also prepared a six-page special Working At Home thing. 60 which contains tips, innovative products and inspirational suggestions for an ideal workspace design that you can apply in occupancy. Workaholics or not, you will love these ideas home office!

In September, the festive event Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) 2013 will again be held. Check out a sneak peek preview of the works of this year’s exhibitors at the article The Art of History p. 24. Do not miss the exclusive article A Beautiful Mind terms. 30 the results of our interview with Samuel

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Shaping dreams.

Today when the design of most offices is based on minimalism and functionality, Hablani Architects have redefined the workplace as a place that will induce maximum productivity. Their own office is a direct result of this mantra. Modernism and functional components mesh seamlessly with comfortable and comforting features to lend this space a sense of serenity and make for a relaxed state of mind.

Located in the busy Narayan Kothi Square, the four stored building, where the office occupies the top two floors, is placed on a triangular plot. A common lift and staircase lead you to the reception room,

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Meeting Architects Promstroiproekt

In Kharkov House architect from 8 to 10 May. the city held a meeting to exchange experience in the field of architecture, industrial buildings, designed by the Institute of Promstroiproekt. At the meeting it was presented to the Moscow branch of the Institute and its Kharkov, Kiev, Rostov and Sverdlovsk branch.

A report on the results and problems of architectural design in Promstroiproekt made chief architect of the institute correspondent member of the Academy of Architecture VM’s with n and n.

Speaking of the importance of urban development of industrial enterprises, the speaker particularly emphasized the role of the side

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Way General

The name of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Pleshko widely known and highly authoritative among the border guards, despite the fact that he is now retired. Service Konstantin took place in different regions, and for many people the border guards, who served under him, it is an example of the military commander.

All the generals were once lieutenants. We offer you the material — a kind of touches to the portrait of Konstantin Konstantinovich since his youth officer …

Many years have passed, and Lieutenant-General Konstantin retired Pleshko today remembers the details of a scientific conference at the Military Academy named after Frunze.

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The project is the replacement of escalators at the post office of Morgan

Center for processing and distribution of mail Morgan — the largest in New York institution of this type. This post office 5000 employees work in three shifts around the clock seven days a week, sorting and processing the urban mail. The main means of transport in the building — is 12 set in 1963 escalators. After working for 40 years, they began to break the rhythm of work building the necessity of frequent repairs or replacement of major components. The problem was compounded by a very noisy work, poor quality of movement and unacceptable long periods of shutdown.


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Drawing inspiration from the concept of transition in motion pictures, this production office is designed to let spaces seamlessly flow into each other.

The notion that a media production office has to always be swathed in vibrant, spritely and vivid colours was a thought that architects Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari of Atelier Design N Domain deliberately stayed away from while designing this Mumbai-based office.

«The owners gave us a blank canvas to work with. This spurred the design thought of creating fluid forms and rounding off the edges so that one space would seamlessly lead into the next,» says

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Mobile Office for Android

Simultaneously with the first BlackBerry device appeared stories of office workers, who trains on his way home like crazy, banging one hand on the keyboard, making operational reports. In those days, at the mobile terminal to enter an e-mail, not to mention the text that contains more than a few sentences, seemed unthinkable.

Back in the present, and it appears that the text input on the phone — not such an absurd idea. The screens become bigger, brighter and more comfortable to view. The close button keyboard for the most part fallen into disuse and gave way to larger

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In a recent issue of Cosmo we featured examples of bully bosses, and we had masses of emails from readers whose lives had been made a misery by such behaviour. As a result, we commissioned a survey, in which more than half of you told us you’d suffered bullying at work but had been too scared to speak up.

Eroding confidence

Amber*, 26, a PR executive from Kent, knows how traumatic work can be when you’re being bullied. «Many people get ‘Sunday dread’, but the intense fear and panic I experienced in my last job was unbearable,» she says. «It

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Ya.Lenarchych: fundamental flaws identified

As thesmiling in a statement, expressed TV speech of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE Ambassador Janez Lenarcic. Tipo sovereign Lenarcic said that long OSCE observers "not found a some significant violations."On Actually Sovereign Lenarcic said that observers "fundamental shortcomings found in the pre-election period."Now 15-hours in the hotel "Belarus" OSCE mission will present the results of its own election observation in Belarus and its findings. It is expected that at the press conference will be vice president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the short-term observers spetskaardynatar Anne-Marie Lizin Head of Mission and the Office for

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