A huge TV screen can be too «in-your-face», if what you want is a cosy, art-filled space. Create a feature wall that the TV screen will blend into. Start by using darker wall hues — grey or wood tones go well with black TV screens. Incorporate the TV screen into a wall of stylish bookshelves with a console below to hold set-top boxes, remote controls, DVDs and other electronic gadgets.

As your living area is



We bring you the pick of the new photography books — including one by a B&W photographer who has been nominated for the New Discovery Award at Arles, in France, this year.


Christer Stromholm a Max Strom

Hardback, £45


A box of keys, two goldfish in a bag — Stromholm’s images record the everyday, the minutiae of life that, though often forgotten, form the vast majority of our experiences.

Even a cursory flick through this substantial collection of predominantly B&W images reveals why he is regarded as one of Sweden’s most important and influential photographers. Foregoing models

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Theft of weapons and ammunition

Theft of firearms and ammunition pose an increased threat to public safety. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. Usually such unlawful acts committed by armed assaults on guards, patrols, escorts; theft of weapons and ammunition left unattended during exercises, shooting and other locations of personnel; assignment gunmen got it for office use, as well as financially responsible, and officials in charge of its preparation, storage and delivery.

In order to prevent these violations is important to clearly comply with all instructions on accounting, storage and distribution of small arms and ammunition. Their storage is inadmissible

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Psychologists: TV lottery provoke dependence

Electorate "Superlyato" trusts "TOTOLOT"In an underground subway passage "Stone Hill" in the morning, middle-aged lady stands hung with various lottery tickets. Implements circulation tickets, holding that the following week, before the TV screens will sit hundreds of Belarusians. At times it suitable clients. I ask that you first purchase?"K" TOTOLOT "people do not have anything exciting. This electric television game, people did not like. Much more enthusiasm for" Superlyato "and" your Lato. "Reporter: "Come customers have constant — many new faces?""Only" Superlyato "get unaltered men. A" TOTOLOT "shall be removed even taking. We persuaded, that eventually implemented, and they are

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Via web in Grodno sell unless erotic lingerie

First online store, as admin said Grodno blog Sergei Chabotska appeared in Grodno in 2001. But lasted less than a year. In addition, there was very poor range, there were no ads in the local web, learned of its existence the authorities:"To the owner came Tax, and he was fined $ 100."In the recent past in Grodno operated several online stores: computers, with camera, and now really, with the words Chabotski through web only sell erotic lingerie.Acquire and sell in Grodno, in most cases on the forumsOne of the reasons, which is not conducive to the development of virtual

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Russian fascism in Belarus

RNE acts more intensively in eastern Belarus. In Last year Vitebsk puppet theater received a letter signed by RNE — demanding repertoire to translate Russian language. Listavanyya danger from RNE prepared and journalists of the newspaper "Vitebsk by PayPal." Inscription "RNE" often occur in Kurapaty — they were accompanied by acts of damage vshanavalnaga memorial sign and benches Clinton. Swastika marked "RNE" can often see and Jewish cemeteries, monuments to the victims of the Holocaust.Only one known case where the activist was hit by RNE Tribunal: Gomel 6 months in prison got someone Yakovchuk, punished for his role in an

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Night siege with Severin Kwiatkowski

Guests electric version of the newspaper "Russian Belarus" editorial comment "If the" friend "was a sudden …", where the steps Russian gas company "Gazprom" compared with the actions of criminals, and the response to the demands of Belarusians fit to pay for gas is determined by the proverb "survived the summer hot, i will survive, the dog. " Comments: "I understand the emotional article, so that power Russia is not in a brotherly fool, promising loan and does not extradite him. But I think that nothing terrible happens due to higher gas prices ";"I can not quite grasp outrage film

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Grodno region: about forty mechanics refused to go to work

The conflict started because he lost his job worker Ivan Graham. In Ivano Graham five kids, he views on mechanics, a good worker, does not drink vodka and other often requested wage increases. Frame for this farm chairman Vladislav hand with him and pakvitavsya.Now the village came Varniany vice-chairman Ostrovetsky sovereign Svila executive committee, the district police chief and several men in civilian clothes.First, the mechanics asked to start work, and later began to threaten that can dismiss all the discontented. Machine operators would not listen to the bosses and went a day or after work.In their opinion, the chairman

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What did the soldiers

U.S. Army soldiers raped thousands of liberated French women

With regard to France — "Paris and a woman" — the Americans were not much different from the Germans

With regard to France — "Paris and a woman" — the Americans were not much different from nemtsevIllyustratsiya: Expert Online

Prosecutors Soviet soldiers allegedly raped tens of thousands of German women, we should recall the well-known biblical parable of the log in your own eye, and the mote in another's. At the very least, called for by the sensational book, "What did the soldiers", ProfessorMary RobertsUniversity of Vinskonsina.

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Veteranka Charter 77 sends bow Olga Senkova

During the operation of the Charter-77 Ms. Nemtsava involved including the protection of young people who are unfairly persecuted. Because of their own human rights activity is a psychologist by training, she could not work in their specialty, was a cleaner and vahtsershay. Dana Nemtsava — mother of seven children. Only four of them have received the certificate of completion of secondary school. Under communism, none of the kids are given Nemtsavay could not study at institutions of higher education and only lost the ability to catch up later, one of his daughters after forty years, received a law degree.Nemtsava:

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