Phyto-therapy: A to Z

Fantasy and wisdom of nature amaze. She was able to create a myriad covered with scattered plants rich in biologically active substances that can stand up for our beauty and youth. We present you with the most effective plants to adopt cosmetologists.


Delicate apricot kernel oil — an ideal moisturizer for all skin types. It helps to remove stretch marks and for the fight against mimic wrinkles.


Due to the high content of lecithin, avocado oil moisturizes and restores dry and damaged hair. In addition, this tool helps to soften cuticles.


Rich in vitamin A and potassium

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You will need:

Little pumpkin, 500 grams of minced meat, onion onion, 1 tbsp. l. soy sauce, 1 tbsp. l. potato starch, 1 hr. l. sesame oil, 2 pinches of ground ginger, black pepper, salt.

Wash the pumpkin, peel, cut off the top, turned to similarity of caps. Spoon to remove the seeds. In the beef add the dissolved starch in cold water, soy sauce, chopped onions, sesame oil, salt and pepper. All thoroughly.

Cooked pumpkin filled with the resulting mixture. Cover with lid and cook for a couple.


The engines and gearboxes of helicopters Mi-8 and MH-24 of various modifications applied synthetic oil B-SG TU 38101295-85. Until recently, the process of changing its operation was carried out at least once a year regardless of the developments I have the oil. This significantly limits its service life, resulting in significant operating costs.

In order to assess the eligibility deadline previously set oil change B-SG in two climatic zovah exploited 5 Mi-8 Mi-24 N, without holding an annual oil change. To monitor the status of the B-oil lubrication systems of pollutants from the engine and gearbox on a quarterly basis


Olive tastes Greece

Whatever happens in the world, a siesta in Greece — is sacred, and the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life, such as quality food — shown first, erected in philosophy

Greece — it is not only beautiful beaches, Orthodox churches and historical monuments. This is particularly hospitable, open people, with ancient tradition in food culture. We asked our experts, what is the secret of longevity of this nation.

Dmitry Ignatiev: Olives and olive oil — the most important part of the Greek diet and prosperity. When asked about his wealth of Greek, have in mind the number of

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We know how to keep the summer tan …


The elegant caramel color want to «wear» on itself regardless of the season, as the aroma of your favorite fragrance. That’s just how he tried, is unlikely to keep a tan until next summer. But to make an attractive skin tone is not tarnished for a long time, in your power!

Make friends with butter

One of the main conditions for maintaining hydrated skin is tan. If your covers are beginning to peel off and lose the charming golden hue, with Found by the sea, then you need to skin moisturizing. It is recommended to drink not only

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Beauty Through the Ages

Cosmetic recipes, tested by time

Laser and hardware cosmetic treatments for face and body, the achievements of recent decades — it’s all well and good. But do not forget that there are rituals to care for themselves, are not proven one century …

Love to all new and fashionable women’s blood, because by nature we are very curious. As soon learned about the innovation process, we rush to a beauty salon for testing. With both hands, keeping the interest of the scientific progress of beauty, we decided to look back and take a closer look at the procedure, which,

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The true face of Ayurveda

Summer — the season of the Indian rain. In the south of India — Kerala, home to the most powerful in the world of Ayurveda — June insanely hot and humid. So my choice fell on Ayurvedic otelchik in the Himalayas, located near mikrogorodkom Ranikhet. About inhuman beauty of those places telling pointless — even pictures do not convey the savagery and madness surrounding nature. But the people and procedures can tell. And about the leopard, of course, about the leopard!

National features

India — a traditional state, and even if you are a freedom-loving foreigner will have to

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Or oil pipe?

OIL NOT get along with leopards and sea cucumber

At the end of summer on the picturesque shores of Khasan district held a vivid action ecologists defended the Red Book of rare beast — the Amur leopard, for which the construction of the pipeline at Perevoznaya — certain death.

GO! By bathing in the warm waters of the Gulf OIL!

For two and a half years, we instilled the idea that is about — and we osyplet almost golden oil pipeline from Siberia to Perevoznaya.

That’s it, just a little bit — and with oil from us for some

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It has long been revered as a wild rose bush of love, and its berries are required to be members of each «love drink». Nowadays, wild rose is valued for its incomparable healing properties. For example vitamin C in the fruits of this shrub is 50 times more than the lemon. as fruits, leaves and petals of rose hips contain a lot of vitamins B, K, P and carotene.

In addition to vitamins rose hips are rich in organic acids, essential oils, trace elements and minerals. Rosehip seeds contain oil and vitamin E. The petals give humanity the precious

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Pink salmon royally

We need

0. the middle of the pink salmon, 100 g peeled shrimp, 1 tomato, 50 g cheese, 50 g of mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil (to grease the pan), salt and pepper to taste.

For filling:

100 g of peeled shrimp, 1 tomato 50gsyra, 50 g of mayonnaise.

Prepared as follows:

1. Prepare the filling: cut tomato slices, cheese — plates.

2. For fish remove the spine and bones, salt and pepper to taste, coat with mayonnaise. On one part of the ‘fish put the stuffing: shrimp, tomato and cheese, cover the second part of the

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