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The fate of the officer

95th anniversary of the Border Troops — a celebration not only of soldiers in green caps and all over the country, which borders under their well guarded and protected. For centuries, the border guards not only protect the borders, but also the first to engage in combat with the aggressors. The peculiarity of the military profession that has to be on duty in all climates, in all the regions, including the Far North, or sultry southern point, in remote places, apart from the settlements. And, of course, the border guards had a chance to take part in combat operations in

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Oleg Alkaev

Alkaev Oleg was born in 1952 in Kazakhstan. Over 30 years in the runtime system of penalties. Please 1990s moved from Kazakhstan to Belarus. He was chief of the detention center-1 in Minsk. Is one of the main witnesses in the case of the kidnapping of politicians. Emigrated to Germany, fearing revenge Belarusian secret services. The creator of the acclaimed book "Firing Squad."

"At This year July 25 is already 6 years since I left Belarus. All these years I, in spite of the incident, intended to expose senior officials of power institutions in the country — led by the

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Alkaev believes that preparing new charges Kozulin

Oleg Alkaev days are arranged in a web text records conversations Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov, the former guard and the former Kozulin "Almaz" Igor Makarov. According to Oleg ALKAYEVA from the text conversation that Vladimir Naumov before the arrest Kozulin knew that not avoid the conclusion. Tipo first "landing" Alexander Kozulin was prepared with the assistance of the case against the KGB colonel Miholapa. "From talking Naumova that Kozulin was nakavanaya bullpen. Located now in jail Miholapa, a former KGB officer. And if you listen to the recording, then it still March 14 last year, Naumov read: "Who sits in

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Malady forced to repent

Activist "Malady Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk said investigators KGB had on him and Aleh Korban psychological pressure. Recall men were detained on February 4 and addition time kept in the bullpen, "American." Three days later released and ordered to appear for questioning.Since relatives for a long time did not know where Oleg, the police filed a statement that he was kidnapped by unknown masked. Now Oleg failed to participate in the press conference, as owed to give this occasion clarification Partyzanski police district of Minsk.Dmitriy Fedoruk told that their Oleg kept in solitary confinement. On snyadanne yachnuyu brought tea and porridge

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D.Fedoruk: Investigators suggested writing a letter to Lukashenko

At a press conference Oleg Korban was unable to come because he was obliged to give explanations to the partisan police department. When Oleg Korban arrested Feb. 4, the opposition written statement to the police about his disappearance, and now he explained to the police what had happened on Actually. Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Dmitriy Fedoruk and Oleg Korban yesterday came out remand center KGB. Oleg and Dmitri have the status of suspects in a criminal case, which aroused the KGB under article 193 of the Penal Code for his role in an unregistered organization. Article not foreseen

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Korban and Fedoruk was released from American

The guys had to sign that they will be in for questioning according to the requirements of the investigators. Oleg and Dmitri have the status of suspects in a criminal case, which aroused the KGB under article 193 of the Penal Code for his role in an unregistered organization. Article not foreseen detention pending trial. If kept in prison Dmitry Dashkevich, who was convicted on the same article, the investigators referred to the fact that he has no Minsk resident and twice failed to appear for questioning.Dmitriy Fedoruk and Oleg Korban said that they were held in solitary confinement and

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Oleg Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk in an American

Activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Haretski, which yesterday arrested together with 20 other six members of the organization, said, "Freedom": Gorki: "We believe that our friends against Oleg Korban and Dmitriy Fedoruk filed criminal cases. So makarom, it appears that the three people in the "Young Front" are in the political amendments, which he brought Alexander Lukashenko first last year. These all detentions and landing, of course, indicate, that power very wary of youth. We will be watching to see what happens around Dmitri Fedoruk and Aleh Korban. When Oleg and Dmitry arrested, "Young Front" will hold rallies

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Economics lecture notes Oleg Grigoryev.


Series of lectures "ECONOMY" Oleg Grigoriev  

Oleg Grigoryev, Scientific Director of SIC "Neokonomika"Lecture 1 — 05. The history of economic thought, The division of labor.Chapter 6 — 12.   Capital Investment cooperation of States Economic development from the point of view of Neokonomiki, The origin of the money. Reproduction circuit Financial Sector Money and economic growth.

Lectures been read during the Spring-Summer 2013.

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Echo explosion in Berestovitsa

Interrogation of explosions on the night of July 3 and 4 in Minsk. Fingerprints Oleg Romashkevich refused to give. Oleg Romashkevich — each CC Belarusian Social Democratic Party. He leads her Berestovitsky company.

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Kurapaty vandals — at liberty

On this "Radio Liberty" is now in the police department said the settlement Borovliany. Kurapaty vandals civilians detained activists of the CCP BPF. They handed them over to the police department addressed. Employee just say "Freedom":"At the moment the materials are on the additional testing. This matter engaged in criminal investigator Borovljansky police department. Material already bequeathed his employee and has already received. "As the days may take such a test, ask the interlocutor: "For 10 days. And if necessary, the prosecutor of Minsk district can continue it until the 1st of the month. And in 10 days we give

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