Klaskouski: Vika Moroz second with my daughter did not make

Olga Klaskouski that two years reverse together with daughter Miroslava received in Poland refugee status in Warsaw arranged press conference, during which stated that her mother and her daughter from Belarus threatened repossession, if Miroslav not return to their homeland."This is a political process, certainly. Wishes to make this process a demonstration to show others that, say, for Belarusian No individual country, but only personal property, "- says the journalist.In May last year, Olga Klaskouski went together with her daughter in the Ukraine, where, according to her, her last husband, kidnapped by unknown Miroslav and moved across the border to

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Martyrology Liberty Olga Sobolevskaya

Sobolevskaya Olga Lukyanovna, cum. 1877 s. Deepest Zapolskogo / c Pleshchenitsy district, Minsk region., The Belarusian, from farmers, uneducated housewife in with. Kremenets Kalachovskaga / c Logoysky district. 37.08.24 arrested. 37.11.01 Resolution condemned the NKVD and the Prosecutor of the USSR as an agent of the Polish intelligence service of art. 68, 72, 76 to HMB. Shot in the slammer 37.11.29 Vitebsk. 89.06.16 deal revise PROSECUTOR BVI. The KGB-24604 with***On September 1, on the website of the "martyrdom of Belarus" printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration

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Which is better: traditional beauty or a new face?

First beauty contest was held in Belarus in 1988 and was called "Miss Minsk." Then the winner was 18-year-old student Lika Yalinskaya, currently popular as the Belarusian-Russian singer Angelica.Since 1998, the national beauty contests are held every two years. They are held under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture, Education, Public School Foundation President and beauty to support professional youth. Not once visited the contest ends and Alexander Lukashenko."Miss Belarus" gets six thousand dollarsFavorites "Miss Belarus" became in different years Crook Svetlana from Grodno, Anna Stychinskaya Mogilev, Brest Nevdakh Olga, Olga Antropov from Vitebsk and Mogilev Catherine Litvinov. "Miss

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O.Kozulina: Dad hitherto feels bad

"Dad to this time feels not the best way. He is willing, but you can see that it’s worth it great effort. During his imprisonment, he lost almost 20 pounds and not gaining weight. Besides the pope in the colony have a moral and even physical impact. Was the case when it wanted to knock "- told Olga Kozulin."Dad all the same believes that will come out of bullpen early, "- says Olga Kozulin. before appointment policy daughter searched, stripped naked.Recall policies executed in July 2006, at 5 and a half years on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. June 22

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with world champion in ice dancing Olga Korsak.• Survey in Polotsk "Whichever dance you want to learn?"• Memoirs of people to go to war — June 22, 1941.• June Vasil Bykov: "Deadlock makes first dictatorial power. "2nd part:• Anorexia suffers any second woman of weave in age from 12-24 years.• Poland: the ideal beauty standards and modern models.• Survey in Minsk: "Do you have a modern standard for models that advertise products and pristizhnoe dress on the catwalk?" • Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• Anthology "Night ABC." Online

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Radunitsa families of missing

"Here lie. All went to the cemetery, and I was lying. Pressure fell, heart weak, can neither walk nor what to do in the house. Name, then said that more shakily so there will die. Because now’ll stay at home, and when you release, you can slowly come herself. "Juliana G. lives Vasilevichi village Gomel region. States that at the graves of passes Radunitsa many people — relatives, friends, just those who know about the grief and condolences to the family Zakharenko."Volodya and the Jura had a lot of friends, and when I come to the cemetery Radunitsa, then see

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One day in the family of a political prisoner Dzmitry Dashkevich (Photo + Audio)


Small one-bedroom apartment in a typical house. Runs through the rooms reddish cat Tsimosha on shelves many books on the history of the kitchen go savory smells lunch dishes. Vladimir Dashkevich room offspring indicates where on the wall hangs a large white-red-white flag.

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "To be honest, I did not approve of his political activity, because I know what it will end. I met with him before his departure for America. We sat in a small square, I even read it — do not move backwards, criminal case was instituted in March. And he went first

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Novikov could become a master of the sport at 14 years

The present day has not presented Belarus Olympians great success. In the asset can be offset basketball victory over Latvian — 80:57. Also the semi-finals of the competition twice Olympic champion in veslavanniEkaterina Karsten and chatsverki adnaveselnikav. Completed their role in games after defeats: judoka Konstantin Semenov, badmintonistka Olga Conon, tennis Olga Govortsova and Max Mirnyi. Olga two can only posoboleznovat. 18-year-old Conan after 2-Ratio encountered Chinese woman Xie Sinfan — Favorite world ranking. And Olga Govortsova lost to fifth seeded world Syryne Vilyamz. By the way, the American after the game that broke the rain, complained: because of the

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V.Babkova: Life above facts, though of them and is

— Olga, you are currently in Warsaw — that doing there?— Came to work in the archives of the old acts — an eminent institution, popular for virtually all Europeans interested in history. I leaf through the archives there Radziwill. After I leave on Warsaw street — and here is the fall! Warsaw and generally just for me … just … Well, it is possible to get a brain! Simply indescribable people … And then back again to the archives and read about people who already no light on … But sorrow in my heart for some reason, no! Since

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Pregnant wife R. Mentyukov sentenced conditionally

Such a verdict rendered referee Minsk district court Sergei Athos Olga Mentyukov — wife Roman Mentyukov, rammed so called "Human shield" — a barrier of private cars, traffic police exhibited on arrival in Minsk on March 2. In the incident hurt people and damaged cars in including GAI cars.A young lady recognized guilty that she entrusted driving drunk, who also did not have a driver’s license. Olga Mentyukov located on the 8th month of pregnancy. She pleaded guilty and requested the tribunal to deprive her of freedom. October 29 her husband Roman Mentyukov tribunal sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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