An amusing collection of the Olympic Rings

Collection of alternatives to the Olympic Rings in the now-cult blog by Sarah Hyndman that will continue growing until the Games commence

Continents, fags and Carl Jung’s symbolism for humanity and continuity are in the mix of Olympics Rings, designed by Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin in 1912. With Relish founder and graphic designer Sarah Hyndman found inspiration for her Olympic Logo a Day website from the far more mundane.

The photographs she took in July 2011 are archived on the site, which now gets contributions from all over the world and will continue until the London Olympics begin. ‘I

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Prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — exactly one year

Total during the Olympic Games will involve 37 stadiums for competitions and 56 sites for training.As of August 1, a year before the Olympic starts representatives of Belarus captured 73 licenses in six sports: 47 — in athletics, 10 — in swimming, 9 — in the shooting, 4 — sailing, 2 — Diving and 1 — in cycling. Expected to address 250 Belarusians in 23 sports. Meanwhile there is a threat of boycotting the Olympics United States. Thus, in House of Representatives Congress made two resolutions calling for an official boycott, as in China violated human rights, and Beijing support

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How many medals Belarusians can count on the Beijing Olympics?

If we start counting from now, before the opening of the Beijing Olympics is exactly 14 months. 8th August 2008 the official opening of the most popular events on the planet. Athletes will compete for 906 medals.How many medals can expect Olympians Belarus? With this issue I appealed to the Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Dmitry Shichko. Sovereign Shichko results initially recalled the last 3 Olympics. In Atlyantse Belarusians have 15 medals in Sydney — 17 in Athens — again same fifteenth added that this number allows the athlete comes to Belarus by 20 of strongest countries

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Olympic medalists for life will provide meat

This addition to the gift from the sponsors of the country: Gold medalist promised 100 thousand dollars plus apartment in Minsk. How medalists receive from other states?Mistaken who thinks that in ancient Greece during the first Olympics favorites only received the laurel wreath. The winner was given credit for 500 Brahma. These funds could buy a house with land. In addition, the Olympic team until the end of his own days could be free to eat in places of public power.At the moment, except in Sweden, Norway, and the winner of New Zealand do not pay money — is that

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August. Victory …

Beijing Olympics Belarusian team also achieved the best performances in the history of independent results.And in the harvest, according to official figures, assembled the most highest in the history of Belarus collecting bread — the final figure may be closer to 9 million tons.Discussion on the loose"Recent Lukashenko expressed dependence of the Kremlin" How can we assess the main action of August? Olympics, gathering, meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Russia in Sochi, release Kozulin — who won and who lost in the process, what trends they find? Talk about these issues, our columnists and Vitaly Tsigankov Valery Karbalevich.Release of

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Beijing in snow-white lightning hooked batteries?

It also became clear that there will be participants in the Belarusian One of the most entertainment programs — women’s 4×100 meters. In the semifinal race Belarusians quartet led by Athens Olympic champion Yuliya Nesterenko finished last. Feeble consolation may be that due to a failed transfer baton outdistanced major mistress — American. Meanwhile Belarusian sector begin to leave the Olympic Village athletes who graduated from the speech at the XXIX Summer Olympics.180 athletes representing Belarus at the festive opening ceremony of the XXIX Summer Olympic Games on August 8 in Beijing, there are only those who are still involved

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First gold in Beijing Belarus gained weight lifter

One of the Young members of the Belarusian team, 20-year-old weightlifter from Andrei Borisov Aryamnov not only captured the gold medal, and set three world records. But gold is not the main hope against Belarus Natalia velyagonshchytsa Tsilinskaya overboard Olympics: a 2-quarterfinal heats mistress world lost Chinese rival. Not confirmed his own class and Olympic discus thrower Zvereva, who finished only second.Weightlifter Andrei Aryamnov in the weight category up to 105 kg first captured gold for Belarus at the Olympics in Beijing. Betting Aryamnova made quite accurate, because the experience of playing such rank Active Athlete is not enough. But,

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Belarusians — the middle of the favorites for the Olympic bronze

Optimism sports officials now may prove to be very exaggerated. The other day out in the Beijing head of the Belarusian delegation, Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov expressed worldview: the training of Belarusian athletes gives reason to wait or not the best result in the history of performances at the Olympics as an independent team. It was assumed that the Belarusians will gain medals no less than during the most prolific Sydney Olympics — in other words, 17 or more awards. But in fact the Beijing trip may be most moderate. Now asset Belarusians 10 medals, and among them

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Michael Phelps — The Amphibian Man

With the current a day or 23-year-old Michael Phelps belongs to the most notable title in the sport — the best Olympian of all time. He blocked the achievement of another Yankees Brand Spittsa, that in 1972 in Munich "fished" from the Olympic swimming pool seven gold medals. And all Michael Phelps has already 14 titles Olympic champion. And it is also the world’s best achievement. Honored coach of Belarus in swimming Vladimir Zvernik, in the past one of the team coaches Russian Union does not find many words to express his admiration:"This, of course, the paradox is more Spittsa.

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Carsten not caught on gold, but with bronze bust

At a distance of two thousand meters double Olympic mistress, silver champion 2004 Games in Athens Ekaterina Karsten finished third. Such is the outcome and the duo showed vyaslyarak comprising Natalia Gelakh and Julia Bichik. Smallness dissolved the bust bronze putter Natalia Mihnevich — She was second in his own discipline. Her teammate Nadezhda Ostapchukentrenched in the 3rd place. After the results of the current chances of significant gold arsenal Belarusian Olympic team in the run across a number of ghostly.Belarusian fans attention was now focused on the academic veslavannya. Fans sporting talent Catherine Karsten reasonably pinned their hopes that

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