The economy in a positive

Valentin St. George

The growth rate of industrial production in the Omsk region is considerably higher than the dynamics of this indicator in the Russian Federation and the Siberian Federal District.

Over the past four years Omsk region consistently demonstrates a positive trend in all industries, which generally has a positive effect on the socio-economic situation in the region. Improved financial condition of the population, increased the overall performance level of life, accelerated dynamics of retail trade.


Currently under construction as part of PARK (regional agroindustrial clusters) feed mill will be put in production

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Chip for Cows: Omsk cows will track the satellite

Milk production in the Omsk region is entering a qualitatively new level.

During the year, Omsk milk production will receive more than 207 million rubles., According to the order for the provision of state agricultural commodities producers, who will go to compensation for the costs of construction, reconstruction and modernization.

Among the 14 households that received grants included Pavlogradskaya Company "Field". Now it goes to a qualitatively new stage of milk production using information technology.

Reconstruction of the barn will end in early October: farm animals gradually transferred to loose housing. The

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Shop for the production of cottage cheese for child nutrition from an early age has opened in Omsk

Forces of the state enterprise of the Omsk region "Centre nutrient mixtures" was reconstructed plant, built a new freezer, purchased additional equipment (trucks with electric mixer for pressing and feeding curd center developed by experts and is unique). Obtained all permits: certificates of conformity and the state registration of the product, "cottage cheese to feed infants from 6 months."

First of all cheese TM "Bear" will begin to get small Omsk to distribution points on free prescriptions under the Decree of the Government of the Omsk region. Since August of this year, the product will be sold and the

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Cement terminal opened in Omsk

In Omsk, the launch of a cement terminal. Company "Omsk cement" will produce Portland cement — hydraulic cement, used in modern construction for the production of monolithic and precast concrete. The production capacity of the new venture — 700 thousand tons of cement a year, promising an increase of 1 million tons.

Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

Construction of the terminal began in 2011 on the site of an abandoned factory agloporitovogo gravel, construction of which began in the middle of the last century. General contractor NGO "Mostovik" reconstructed and built 12 facilities with a total area of over 8,500

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UralVagonZavod the exhibition VTTV-Omsk-2011

Scientific and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" presents its products at the IX International exhibition of high-tech weapons and equipment "VTTV? 2011", which opened on July 6 in Omsk.


This year, the anniversary of the first manned flight into space, "VTTV" focused primarily on aerospace topics, as well as the means of communication, radioelektrotehniku and other equipment of high technology. For the first time the exhibition is the organizer of the Omsk State Corporation "Russian Technologies". Under the cut picture of the exhibits The exhibition was attended by more than 120 Russian and foreign companies. Among the participants

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Uralvagonzavod plans to produce a new type of cars.

Corporate head "Uralvagonzavod" ("Uralvagonzavod") Oleg Sienko told the governor of the Omsk region Leonid Polezhayev that at the production site "Uralvagonzavod" in Omsk — JSC "Design Bureau of Transport Machinery" (JSC "KBTM") — will produce a new type of wagon axle load to 25 tons, the press service of "Uralvagonzavod".

According to Mr. Sienko, now Omsk plant is the first stage of preparatory work — modernization of foundry. This year will also be running assembly line, and then start serial production of the finished product — the modern cars with mileage overhaul of 500 thousand kilometers. Presenting

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Construction of the first start of the Omsk metro area

Fully deployed to work at the facilities of the first start of the first line of the Omsk area underground. Among them — the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing, combined with 4 outputs from the station "Biblioteca. AS Pushkin ", preparing for the start of tunnel boring complex Lovat, removal and utility systems on the stretch of" Crystal "-" Nina ".

Crosswalk at the intersection of Red Road — Frunze, combined with the outputs of the Metro to be operational in 2011.

In June, with the plant site "Crystal" in the direction of "Zarechnoj"

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Construction of the Western Bypass Omsk

Construction of the Fedorivka-Alexandrovka length of 18.5 km in the western bypass of the city of Omsk has entered an active phase. Conducted extensive work on dumping subgrade future road.

A new road in the Western Bypass will connect Omsk federal highway M-51 "Baikal" (site of Omsk-Chelyabinsk), 1P 402 Tyumen — Yalutorovsk — Ishim — Omsk and liberate the city from the transit flow. Projected capacity will be from 6,000 to 12,000 vehicles per day.

Under the contract, experts NGOs "Mostovik" will accomplish the construction of 18.5 km of trails Fedorivka — Alexandrovka, including the construction

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Builders Omsk Metro finished tunneling Crystal Nina

The builders of the first start site of the first metro line Omsk completed the tunneling of the left tunnels between stations "Crystal" and "Nina," according to the regional government.

"For four months Tunnel complex went the distance in the 644 meters and came to the plenum in the POC" Festival ", docked with the previously constructed 888-meter section of the left tunnels. During January specialists SMU-44 NGO" bridge builders "traveled more than 200 feet from the average speed of 10.8 meters per day, "- said in a statement.

According to the government, excavation

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Siberian weapon for the Russian army

DIC Omsk region got its second wind by increasing defense contracts, as well as a large-scale conversion In the first three months of 2011, the main business Omsk defense industry produced goods worth more than 3 billion rubles. In general, an increase over the previous year did not exceed 2%, but that could change — in 2011, the Russian state defense order will reach 1.5 trillion rubles. Higher dynamics of growth of industrial production in Omsk defense, of course, is fixed by the new development and increasing the share of defense contracts. However, to stay afloat, "the defense" can only

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