«Volkswagen Golf»

The seventh rung of the ladder in the sky

It is not easy to become the founder of the genre, but even more difficult to retain this title: has to carefully strike a balance mutually exclusive concepts — innovation and tradition. The ancestor of the class name itself for the seventh time went to Calvary modernization.


For a person not fanateyuschego volfsburgskih by car, search the differences in the appearance of the seventh and sixth generations can be a daunting task. Indeed, in the profile of the car (including the familiar rear rack, curved knee) has not changed.

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Five people were killed in a snow storm in the U.S.

February 9, 2013. On Saturday, became aware of the first two victims of the snowstorm that struck the northeastern United States. Due to bad weather, there were two fatal accidents. It is reported by Agence France-Presse.

According to police, one driver was killed in the city of Auburn, staff New Hampshire, lost control after his car from skidding into a tree. Another woman lost control of the vehicle on the snow-covered road and was hit by a 74-year-old pedestrian in Poukipzi, staff New York. The largest automobile accident occurred in the state of Maine, where faced 19 cars. No casualties

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Chelyabinsk meteorite. Night with no windows at -7 degrees

Chelyabinsk meteorite Russia paid millions in damages. Nearly 1,000 victims, including 204 children, and hundreds of thousands of square meters of glass and knocked it all at -7 degrees below zero at this time…

According to preliminary estimates, in Chelyabinsk shock wave passing meteorite was broken a total of over 100,000 square meters of window panes. Nearly 3,000 apartment buildings in varying degrees, affected by the explosion damaged windows in 34 (out of 41) hospitals and clinics in 361 children's institutions — kindergartens and schools, the official website of the

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Market that does not want to go out of the shadows

Not all of the Company's schools offer students a hostel, so many are forced to rent apartments or rooms. However, statistics show that only about fifty thousand owners in Belarus pay taxes on profits handed square meters. How risky it is to rent this apartment without a formalized agreement?

According to the General Statistics Office in Minsk, more than 20,000 people are privately owned by two apartments. Three apartments owned by a little more than five hundred residents of Minsk, four, and more — three dozen. It is significant that the number of "blocks" over the past five years

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Team Kastusiou — about a thousand people

Society The initiative group to nominate a presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou signed up about a thousand people.

"Basis initiative group — BPF members. They will be more responsible approach petition"- Said Kastusyou reporters on August 23.

He also added that action group should enter about two thousands of people.

Gregory Kastusyou nominated for President BPF on May 29 at the 13th extraordinary congress of the party.



Increasing scholarships will be enough for one trip to the cinema

Society The student: "The scholarship, which has been until now, I was 120 000. This is literally 3-4 times to go to the store to buy milk products, a piece of sausage — all the money you do not. Eleven percent increase — it's not something a lot will change. Well, we'll go to the store not four, but five times. Very small stipend from the students. "

The student: "Twice for lunch on the go. I usually eat on the go."

Student: "One time to go shopping — buy bread, cream and pasta.'s It!"

The student: "In reality,

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The Ministry of Defence has become the creator of the army of homeless people

Of all the officers who do not have apartments for 3 years decreased by only 7%, to 113 thousand people

According to the report, Russian Accounts Chamber which Get the disposal of "Izvestia", the Ministry of Defense of all homeless officers in 2008 was reduced to only 8,600, and the end of November this year amounted to 113.8 thousand people were reported newspaper "Izvestia".

56.4 thousand of them are in need of constant dwelling, which put the officers after his discharge from the army, and 57.4 thousand — in the service, which is designed to stay in the service. Given

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MIA will receive more than two thousand of the Saiga before the end of 2012

Company "Izhmash"Will deliver more than two thousand rifles"Saiga"The troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of the Russian Federation to the end 2012 year, said in an exclusive interview with RIA Announcements interim CEO NPO "Izhmash"Alexander Kosov.

Earlier, the chief designer of NPO "Izhmash"Victor Zlobin told the agency that 2012 year, several thousand barrels SOK-20SV (plainclothes version carbine "Saiga") For the first time will be delivered" Izhmash "in the Interior Ministry, with all this precise figure was not specified.

"We were planning to put in the Ministry of Internal Affairs more than two thousand products, the creation of

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Lieutenant — NCO

Approximately four thousand lieutenants who were released from the walls of educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation in the current year, are serving, ranking sergeant positions.

Of departmental college graduates this year were produced 14,500 officers. Positions to be equipped with the officers, covering approximately nine thousand lieutenants. About 4 thousand people were appointed to the position of junior officers.

Apart from that about 1,500 lieutenants graduated Defense University, were oriented to other law enforcement agencies for service, such as the Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry. Lieutenants who studied on unclaimed specialties in the

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Mysterious signals

Last summer, the American military base caught by its own satellite in orbit strange signals that can not be deciphered. The transfer was not registered on the wave, with clear intervals — once a month. None of the codes are not suited to these signals, they basically did not look like anything previously known. Since the decryption fails, the U.S. military decided to send a request to our military. The signal came from the area of the islands in the Arctic Ocean. But our military did not have to these signals in any way.

In autumn, when you

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