ERA REALTIME * Game.EXE # 10 * 1997 9

Warrior RTS, or Hot Autumn ’97

Photo foremost RTS-genre on the background of rolling "Our selection" and plans for the future

Oleg Charzyński

Evil №№i all

5sg strive to kill someone. The year before the new * g: e Quake killed. But seemingly not killed until the end; -2chit, there is still the old man’s strength. Yes, that’s life: the old-2r «: steneloe-coated patina gives way molodomu-" ‘Omu-green. But where this gloomy view of the of Great

The other I prefer the concept. It’s not the old umi — :: r is a new emerging. Why this mourning Leah bitterness

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Is it worth it to marry her

EXPERTS MH told how to test the feelings of the algebra and make sure

Here’s this girl in front of you — it is the one with which worth living for life.

Ignores the first five or six …

…He advises Professor of Mathematics of the University of New South Wales (Australia) Bruce Brown.

It does not sound romantic, but your friend — a random variable in the equation of happiness in your life. Professor Brown proposes to put into practice mathematical theory of optimal stopping of random processes". A study by Durex shows that the average man in life

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The Discreet Charm of the arcade

Alexander Vershinin


No, emphatically not be foreseen. All more or less decent role-playing games today gets crazy promotion — they stubbornly write journals, their names are on the lips of fans. And here is — Hexplore from the modest but charming French Infogrames, almost a killer Diablo.


azumeetsya, network mode Diablo difficult to surpass. As well as the amazing, crystal clear graphics in the game. Hexplore designed for one person — and the calculation was accurate. Game subtly manipulates hidden string IRSshnoy soul, bringing a man to love-dazed state, from which you can only get rid Xia passing

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Serial killers

They say that people have forgotten how to think! Do not read books, all Bring movies, TV shows and even better. What is happening is it? And going a transition from culture to culture the text of the video. That’s a hundred thousand years ago, for example, books, too, was not. And people still were not fools. And now, we will live, but let us think a little differently — in video format. By the way, the process has already begun. Earlier series were required to soap, and now they are full of the most different: for intellectuals, and for

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Leopards in Moscow zoo have always lived. There are several subspecies of these magnificent predators. Today, the number on the cat’s old territory you can see Amur leopard — the only snow leopard and the rarest of all the big cats.

This animal survived only in Southern Primorye, and despite a number of security measures taken, scientists are still arguing about whether the future of the Far Eastern leopard. Included in the Red Book of the IUCN and Russian as a subspecies, which is under threat of total extinction. Currently, the zoo leopards live longer than in the wild. All


Adventure at sea stranger

To find happiness, I had to go to distant seas.

And nothing, not even beloved grandmother could not keep me on this journey.

All my little family so … peculiar, to say the least. Grandmother calls himself vorozheykoy, health corrects people, destroy charms shoots, making the secret police, in other words, amulets. But never agreed nor bewitch or to separate or direct damage, said that if something does, then all at once her strength gone. I do not understand it because my grandmother did not force me moved, did not pass it to my mom. But Grandma was not discouraged

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Portrait of Avicenna

Many centuries have learned HEALTH PROFESSIONALS IN THE WORLD OF MIDDLE books are great physician, philosopher and thinker Ibn Sina (Avicenna). However, over the thousands of years that have passed since his birth, it has not saved any Scola any reliable IMAGE scientists. Not exactly restore FACE Ibn Sina and the famous anthropologist Professor M. Gerasimov. Most recently, his mistakes to correct Researchers from Andijan.

In 1954, by the decision of the World Peace Council, in Hamadan (Iran), where he died in 1037 Avicenna, it was built a new mausoleum. The ashes of the old burial had to be

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About onions and replacement of potassium permanganate

From autumn to spring — closer than you think. Therefore I will give two pieces of advice: one fall and one spring.

Pelee onion planting you buy in the store, it is the right time for such a purchase — the first half of September.

Later, the bow goes on sale already processed for storage and land is not suitable.

Planting onions in the fall is better for those who need a lot of time in the spring for the main crops. In recent years, a problem to buy potassium permanganate for disinfecting seeds. And I do so. I take

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Natural wood is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and has long been used in the construction of the country. However, it is well known that due to its natural origin and characteristics of the structure, it has a tendency to shrinkage and warpage. Is it possible to avoid these problems? It is — if you make and erect! wooden house on a highly advanced technologies. One such development — the system Naturi®.

bychno process precipitates a new house made of solid timber and orevna takes from three months to one and a half years. The wood dries slowly, decreasing the diameter of the crowns, and the construction gradually decreases in height. During all this time to carry out interior decoration log, insert openings in windows and doors, and, therefore, to be occupied in a home is impossible. There is another subtle point: in different species of wood density of the structure and the drying time is different, so the construction of houses traditional


Once rising sienna, any person becomes an actor. No matter what kind of scene — a theatrical stage, a political tribune or dais on the concert scene — people change. Of course, the actor on the stage much like the actor behind the scenes, but it inevitably puts on a mask role for which is presented to the audience. All this applies to musicians. But what role it chooses — matter. You can restrict the musical genre stereotypes — staring at the shoes, strumming, looking thoughtful or rush here and there and jump into the crowd, shaking her hair

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