Indigo children online.

Good day. I share interesting films about children with indigo. Indigo Children on wikipedia people with indigo aura, with supernatural abilities (telepathy, psychic, etc.). Who they are, how they live and how to develop their abilities. I suggest to watch films about these unusual baby, for whom, perhaps, the future. Or maybe it's too great zeal parents in the education of their children? Let's try to understand.

Watch Online Indigo Children.


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Gravitoanomalii on the road (6 videos from around the world!)

Hello everyone! I then threw a friend a few videos of the strange places on the planet where the machines if they just stop on the road and not put on the brakes, start OWN MOVE UPHILL!

For me it is a mystery that is worth showing

Getting Started:

Watch online anomalous stretch of road in Nalchik:

Watch Online: Jordan — Madaba on the road:

This road is in Jordan and leads to Mount Nebo, where Moses was buried prophet. But this place is very picturesque

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Geopathic Zone Online

Geopathic Zones — A particular location in space, which causes the so-called "location disease." They have long been studied in detail. On the Internet, you can learn a lot, if you read the information on the 'fathers' doctrine of geopathic zones. In Europe, known by the names of Gustav von Paul, Ernst Hartmann, Ivan Yotov. But these areas have been studied not only in Europe. If you have heard about the "Dragon Teeth" or "dragon bites" — then this information is for geopathic zones. I propose to find out more about these anomalous zones with

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General Petrov. Introductory lecture Concept of Public Security (BER)

This appeal-lecture reading, Major-General Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov. He is 90 years involved in political activity and propaganda Concept of Public Security (BER) — The concept of global responsibility and a fair level of living arrangement. If you do not know what any of the activities of this great Russian man and his associates, I ask all to his lectures. They just need to hear, as the man without a shadow of fear of talking about "World mafia", the true face of Putin, military conflicts between the United States and other countries, and more about a

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Giant construction. Reasonable tunnel in Malaysia / Mega Engineering. Smart Tunnel in Malaysia Watch Online

In the television program there Huge construction viewer is given a unique opportunity to find out and our eyes behold the newest, large and challenging construction projects of our time. This documentary series will tell us about all the secrets of modern construction, on the latest developments, which are used in the construction of huge buildings in the world, as well as the difficulties faced by the builders in for their own work. Look huge construction site Online, means being aware of the latest solutions in the field of construction. After all, a lot of natural disasters, catastrophes require

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Tungsten gold dollars. Online

It is no secret that USA has long been printing money, not confirmed their gold reserves, but not many people know that even the gold that is stored in the federal Bank of America, is not always present. Tungsten gold — This is the first full-said China, which in 2009 acquired the Fort Knox U.S. party bars. It turned out that an alloy of tungsten coated with a thin layer of gold! I bring to your attention the 3 videos that prove that the United States has long been deceiving the whole world.

Tungsten gold dollars. Online

Time Warp / Time Warp Season 1. 21 Series. watch online

Time Warp "- a popular science series channel Discovery. In this television series Jeff Lieberman and his comrades with sverhtehnologichny speed cameras filming the seemingly ordinary things at the rate of 40,000 frames per second. Viewers opens a new world of slow motion, in which the objects that seemed motionless, get bewitches dynamics, and familiar things melts in the most mind-blowing outlines. In this alternate reality, a balloon filled with water, bursting, looks like a blooming fireworks, the bullet flies slowly and smoothly, leaving behind a trail of cutting air, and the boxer's nose under the influence

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Venus. Bad Twin Earth. Online

Venus. Its cloud composed of sulfuric acid. The temperature on the planet — 482 degrees (melting point of lead). Currently, Venus — is the embodiment of the biblical view of hell. It seems this is the place unfit for life in the solar system. However, billions of years ago, it was in many ways similar to Earth. No one knows why it all changed …

Venus. Bad Twin Earth. Online

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Fairy circles of the Namib Desert online

Watch Fairy circles of the Namib Desert (2011)


Bulgakov — life, drugs, mysticism

Mikhail Bulgakov. One of the most enigmatic and talented writers of Russia, whose life was shrouded in mystery. It is believed that he was a Freemason, which dealt with the evil spirit was very much disliked by Stalin and the mass of something. In the last years of his life, in order to reduce the pain from the disease kills him called hypertensive nephrosclerosis, he became a drug addict. Actually, that's a long story. I have compiled the most interesting films of his fate, creativity and mysticism. I ask for a viewing.

Bulgakov — life, drugs, mysticism

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