Cheremhovo — the revival of the city

Traveling the Trans-Siberian railway, 130 km from Irkutsk, is bound to attract your attention to the city Cheremhovo. After a long period of contemplation depressed cities and towns in Eastern Siberia, yearning for the bright colors look here waiting for a riot of colors brand new facades … Cheremhovo located in the Irkutsk region, was founded in 1772 as a village Cheremhovo at the post station on the Moscow post road. It received the name from the river. Cheremshanka, so named because of the abundance of bird cherry in the area.

In the second half of the XIX

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Nar — Cheboksary the Chuvash, this stunning town: a cozy, welcoming, clean, and Chuvash kitchen — Yum. I invite you to walk CHEBOKSARY:

2. Railway station.The main building of the station was built in 1939 and reconstructed in 2003.

3. Cheboksary river port.

4. Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre.

5. On the high bank of the Volga is Memorial Park "Victory."Monument of Heroes with the Eternal Flame.

6. Museum of military equipment.


8. On the creation of the monument by sculptor AD Shcherbakov and architect GY Zakharov.The total height of the monument — 16.5 m,


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Health centers for children

In the Irkutsk region already operating nine health centers with modern equipment and software systems. Here, residents of Irkutsk region are free to undergo a full inspection, identify weaknesses and get the body's own individual program of recovery. Until the end of 2010 in the Angara will open another eight health centers for children. 03.12.2010 In the Tyumen region will begin work three new children's health center 03.12.2010 Volga opened health center for children. He — the third in the region and the only one in town. 03.12.2010 In Togliatti opened the first health center for children 02.12.2010

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Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki

Outpatient dialysis center opened in Yessentuki, Stavropol Territory. Thirty vehicles "artificial kidney" will treat up to 180 patients daily. This greatly relieve the situation of patients with chronic renal failure in Caucasian Mineral Waters. In the future center will equip ten other vehicles.Price monthly rate per person — from 50 to 70 thousand rubles. Due to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance is vitally important procedures in the center will be free of charge.

Primarily due to the lack of "artificial kidney" had to refer patients to Stavropol in neighboring regions. Now for the residents Kavminvod such a

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Khabarovsk Airport has opened two new waiting room for passengers

At the end of last week, in Khabarovsk airport opened its first facility master plan, presented at the V Far Eastern International Economic Forum. October 31, the terminal complex opened two new waiting room for passengers in business class and tranzitnikov.


"Hall of transit passengers is designed for 350 people," — The chairman of the Board of Directors of the airport Constantine Basyuk.


It is equipped with a playground, a changing room, internet cafe and an LCD TV. It also opened a small hotel. In the hall of the superior (business lounge)

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Tula kindergarten number 154 opened after renovation

After the repair has opened a kindergarten number 154 in the town of Tula Slanting Hill. For major maintenance, the purchase of furniture and toys were allocated 22.8 million rubles.

The garden is designed for three groups that will be able to visit 76 children aged three years.

According to the deputy head of the department of Educational Administration Tula Svetlana Abadzhevoy, in 2008, the kindergarten building was returned to the municipality, but before that it housed a school.

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The third production line Freudenberg Polytex opened in the Volga

The third production line of "Freudenberg Polytex" officially opened at the company in the Volga city of Nizhny Novgorod region on September 24.

the first line of "Freudenberg Polytex" opened in 2006

Performance of the new line for the production of non woven fabrics for use in the roofing industry will reach 6,000 tons per year. Investments in the opening production — 20 million euros.

Taking part in the opening of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Governor Valery Shantsev said that this is one of the examples of the implementation of major investment projects in the region.

"It's been six years

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The point of view of hamster-antikorruptsionera

Here I thought that if targeted to absorb only the most-most negative abundantly vyssyvaemy every criticism of the authorities (and they themselves are out there and tear that neillyuzorno delivers in terms of assessing their mental component), it can turn into a classic hamster Bulk or someone else thread there.

And then any infopovod work very back wall of the brain, and even skull.At the output will be about the "analysis" of information.Hereinafter

TitleText messagesComment enlightened hamster

So there you go.

In the Kirov region opened a farm with 400 headsAugust 11 "Agri Sredneivkino" in Verhoshizhemskom district of

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APC zhiganskiye (Yakutia) has opened a new shop rybopererabatyvayushy

August 27, the day of 380-th anniversary of the village Zhigansk, the opening of fish processing plant APC "zhiganskiye".

Here a day release 300 kg of finished products from local raw materials. In cooperation with the national cooperative "Fish Arctic" and JSC "Tuymaada leasing" modern equipment was purchased. Power plant can produce up to 50 types of fish production, which is implemented in the company store, goes to the peace and Yakutsk.

On the same day in the village opened a modern Zhigansk Business Center "Saydyy". The two-storey building will house hair salon, ticket office, Rosgosstraha office, pharmacy, etc.


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The station Park Kultury ring in Moscow opened after renovation (photo)

The station "Park Kultury" ring line of the Moscow metro early in the morning on Saturday finally opened its doors to its first passengers after the reconstruction, which lasted more than a year.

Moscow subway passengers, who all this time had to choose other, less convenient ways, can now breathe a sigh of relief and revert to the usual routes. The renovated station meets modern turnstiles are installed to replace the old, refurbished ticket offices. Near the cash registers are four vending tickets.

After going through the turnstiles and go down the escalator, because of supply disruptions that opening

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