USAF Special Operations – Somalia

Philip D Chinnery reports on Spectre missions and Special Tactics Squadron heroics in Mogadishu.

ONE OF THE LAST foreign policy decisions mode by President George Bush, before his election defeat by Bill Clinton, was to send American troops to Somalia, under the auspices of the United Nations. Located in the horn of Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, Somalia is a country suffering from famine and disease. Ruled by despotic warlords, the country was in dire need of outside help. The United Nations decided to step in and Operation Provide Relief was launched.

The multi-national security and airlift operation began in

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US Ejected From Uzbekistan Base

THREE DAYS after the US was given approval to continue using Manas, Kyrgyzstan, for the movement of troops into Afghanistan, it was asked to remove its personnel and aircraft for its Afghan operations from another important hub. On July 29, a notice was received at the US Embassy in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, to say that all US military aircraft and personnel must leave Kharshi-Khanabad Air Base, Uzbekistan (commonly referred to as K2) within six months. No reason was given, although in recent months the Uzbek Government has been continually tightening restrictions at the base, including a ban on

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SR-71 Operations

Between March 1968 and November 1989, Lockheed SR-71s conducted a total of 3,551 operational missions. The highly classified nature of these tri-sonic recce flights ensured that all but a handful ever became public knowledge. Four years after General Larry Welch prematurely retired the SR-71 fleet, Paul Crickmore has completed the first comprehensive book detailing many of the programme’s more significant missions. It is published by Osprey and entitled SR-71 The Secret Missions Exposed – the following article is a series of some summarised extracts.

BETWEEN 1957 and 1959, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) established a think-tank to define the type

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RNZAF Light Helicopter Tender

LONG-STANDING plans to replace the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Bell 47G Sioux fleet moved ahead on October 13 with issue of a Request for Tender (RFT) for a new Training/Light Utility Helicopter (T/LUH) for the RNZAF. It was decided some time ago that the replacement helicopter would not train only rotary-wing pilots, but also be used in the light utility role. An invitation to register interest was issued in July 2005 (see RNZAF Training/Light Utility Helicopter Project Advancing, September 2005, p27).

The new RFT stipulates that the helicopter offered must be currently in production, have twin engines with

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Operations Crecerelle and Balbuzard

Both France’s Armee de l’Air and Aeronavale are making a large contribution to Operation Deny Flight. A report by Dave Allport and Bernard Thouanel.

FRANCE IS RARELY regarded as one of the high-profile nations involved in the Bosnian conflict, yet its aircraft carried out some of the first Operation Deny Flight patrols. Enforcement of the United Nations ban on military flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina began at noon GMT on April 12, 1993 — the French Armee de /’ Air (AdlA) immediately deployed ten Mirage 2000C RDI fighters from EC.5 at Orange to Cervia, Italy and five photo-reconnaissance Mirage FICR-200s from ER.33

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Riccardo Niccoli looks at a relatively new organization within the military aviation, formed for rapid deployment in support of troops on the ground.

THE ITALIAN Aviazione dell’Esercito ( AVES, or Army Aviation) is one of the most potent and complete land force air arms within NATO, with a history dating back to 1951. Even so, for the past half-century its operational capacities have been limited to helicopter transport, reconnaissance, and, more recently, anti-tank attack, capabilities further fragmented in support of large units operating in the field.


In Italy, the concept of air-mobility has been the subject of debate since

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Bucyrus (Kemerovo region). Produced a new model of mobile jib crane KC-5671B

Bucyrus expands the range of manufactured lifting equipment. Made a new model of self-propelled boom crane KC-5671B crawler.

According to its design and technical features new faucet has no analogues in Russia. Boom length — 22 meters. Load capacity — 25 tons. Load moment — 80 of CTC. Area of the crane operations — 360 degrees. Low ground pressure (no more than 0.64 kg / sq cm.) By using shestikatkovogo chassis with 600 mm wide tracks and high power engine (220 hp) provide Yurginskaya tap-terrain maneuverability in off-road and by marshland.

The use of a

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Extreme of the Robotics Institute — a multifunctional robot Scout


Robots created by the Central Research Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) allows the operator at a safe distance to perform many dangerous operations, including in extreme conditions.

The mobile robot "Scout", despite its impressive dimensions and weighs 250 pounds, is moving pretty fast, at a speed of meters per second, and most importantly — captivates by its versatility. This jack-of-all-trades can be used to protect and patrol facilities, location of man-made accidents, radiation intelligence.

Initially (the development started in 2007 with the support of FASI) robot created for the search and evacuation of

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CSY launched the tugboat

On the "Black Sea shipyard" June 27, 2013 was launched on the tow boat for the company AS «PKL Flote» (Latvia).

Construction of a new multi-purpose marine tug carried out in accordance with the contract concluded between CSY and AS «PKL Flote» June 27, 2012. This ship is the updated project, designed to pull self-propelled vessels and floating structures, pilot vessels in port waters.

The vessel was designed design and construction CSY center and is intended for towing and pilotage, making escort operations in the Baltic Sea at a speed of up to 10

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Ukrainian scientists are unique operations on bones and aortas

For the first time in the country girl from Chernovtsy had prosthetic bone removal.

Kiev — June 21, AIF Ukraine.The capital oncosurgeons conducted a unique operation, withdrawing from the girl's body, the patient's sarcoma, the leg bones of the pelvis and a half. Instead, she found prostheses. Now a resident of Chernivtsi is recovering and hopes to get a job caregiver. 

The patient said she would never have agreed to the removal of malignant tumors with the foot. But oncologists told her that bone sarcoma can be cured only by removing them. All

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