New wind power plant in the Orenburg

On Tulganskaya electromechanical plant in the Orenburg region in the run up wind power plant with capacity of 200 kilowatts, and three mini-boiler capacity of 100 kilowatts each.

Consumption is reduced by about 20 percent, says the director of the plant, Alexander Kolesnikov. Wind farm was purchased in Europe for three million rubles. At the factory setting had to overhaul podremontirovat. Return on investments in the company plan in about a year.

— The use of wind energy in the work of the whole enterprise — new for our area, — The chief of the department for

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Began construction of the Orenburg RDU

Ltd. "Vympelsetstroy" (GC "Vympel") began work on the construction and technological equipment of the building control center of Orenburg RDU. Construction Customer — Open Joint Stock Company "System Operator of the Unified Energy System".

According to the General Director of "Vympelsetstroy" Alexander Zaharikova, "the construction of the building control center is part of the Local Investment Project to build the infrastructure and technological re-equipment of the branch of JSC" UES "," Regional power grid dispatching the Orenburg region. "

Started spot check alert Orenburg Missile Army

In the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) Russia today launched a surprise inspection of the Orenburg missile combat readiness of the army. Told Itar-Tass the official representative of the press service of the Defense Ministry and the information on the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov.

"Today, 4:00 am RVSN commander Commission headed by the Chief of Staff of the kind of troops, Lieutenant-General Ivan Reva suddenly were alerted management Orenburg Missile Army and two missile divisions — Tagil (Sverdlovsk region). Jasnensky and (Orenburg region)." — he said. "Testing will last until July 27," — said Yegorov.

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By LLC Orenburg Radiator introduced the technology of production of solders

On the "Orenburg Radiator" (machine-building enterprise UMMC) has implemented a new technology of tin-lead solder. Production is carried out at the modern and high-tech equipment «Hydron Unipress» (Poland). Work on installation of equipment and training of the new site made by experts of the supplier. The cost of the project amounted to 9,905 million rubles.  

Technological line of a new manufacturing unit includes an electric system with automatic temperature control, automatic press hot-extruded (technology of production by forcing the molten material through the forming hole), and the installation of an automatic rolling machine for continuous casting

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High water in the Orenburg region

Orenburg region., October district, village 2 Imangulova

Dramatic warming has led to the fact that the dike that runs along the northern edge of the village to handle the flow of water and went to the lower streets of the village. The footage shows that the entrance and the bridge leading to the village were completely under water, ie the village was cut off from the outside world. The simple installation for a school site, the sound has been removed, as removed from the tractor (engine roar).

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Design division AK Ozna completed the technical design


Technical project under the arrangement Filippovskaya deposits of the Orenburg gas-condensate field submitted design division AK "Ozna" customer. As part of the project provided a block pumps AK "Ozna", including multiphase pumping stations and pumping stations fire, block heating station and water distribution points. Projected equipment will be supplied everything for Filippovskaya deposits in accordance with the investment program of OAO "Gazprom". The project is carried out on the instructions of "Institute of Applied Research of the gas industry" and general designer — LLC "Volga-Ural Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas." Customer project development Filippovskaya

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Russia is cracking from temperature contrasts

The intense heat wave with the July-September temperature continues to pace the ETP. With 12 hours in Krasnodar recorded 25.0 and thus blocked another temperature record, which previously stood at 20.0 and has held since 1952. In Voronezh, this midday temperature reached 15.4, which is only one-tenth less than the previous extremum of the day, set in 1927. Meanwhile, Archangel, barely climbed out of ice, lost in advection fog. Temperature increased to 2.0, and the visibility dropped to 500 meters. Naryan-Mar sculpts snow, and the case goes to a snowstorm. Zone of dense fog left Samara, but it came to

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UFO over the Orenburg

October 17, 2011 12:07

On the night of 7 to 8 October at the center of Orenburg, in the direction towards the Chkalov Street, within a few minutes saw a triangular UFO. Video filmed Kirill Petrov. .

Orenburg seen above the village two flying object with a train. They were flying high in the sky from west to east. It was difficult to identify with anything, they were finally like nothing on earth. Two objects chasing each other, it felt like going to a dogfight. Eyewitnesses recorded the UFO in the sky for 15 minutes, then the objects

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Some of the tanks of helium. At Orenburg broken the U.S. monopoly

June 15, 2012 Eugene Super

Dear readers! While you read this, in our country successfully completed an experiment that did not just destroy the monopoly of the United States in a strategically important area, but will bring Russia into her world leaders. Chorus of media silence on this point is surprising, but we will tell you as it is.

"Space thermos"

The dusty road Orenburg moving tractor with imperceptible to the layman tank. Familiar to those places summer sun warmed the air to nearly +40 ° C, imported air conditioners can not cope with the heat and

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Birds in the Orenburg region poisoned by toxic substances in the sludge warehouse

The cause of mass death of birds near slurry pits cryolite plant in Kuvandyk (Orenburg region) was poisoned by toxic substances, trapped in the body of water, said on Friday Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Orenburg region.

In the area of slurry pits "Yuzhnouralsky cryolite plant" November 5, along the shoreline of the reservoir were found dead 168 white-fronted geese, nine swans and one duck. Experts during the inspection of the water samples and carcasses of dead birds to determine the cause of mass death, and revealed a large concentration of industrial waste all around the southern and eastern parts of

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