Design division AK Ozna completed the technical design


Technical project under the arrangement Filippovskaya deposits of the Orenburg gas-condensate field submitted design division AK "Ozna" customer. As part of the project provided a block pumps AK "Ozna", including multiphase pumping stations and pumping stations fire, block heating station and water distribution points. Projected equipment will be supplied everything for Filippovskaya deposits in accordance with the investment program of OAO "Gazprom". The project is carried out on the instructions of "Institute of Applied Research of the gas industry" and general designer — LLC "Volga-Ural Research and Design Institute of Oil and Gas." Customer project development Filippovskaya

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32 new school buses to Orenburg

Keys to the vehicles were handed over to the heads of educational institutions of the 17 territories of Orenburg — Buguruslan, Adamovsky, Akbulakskogo, Belaievsky, Buguruslanskogo, Buzuluksky, Dombarovsky, Kvarkensky, Krasnogvardeisky, Kuvandyk, Ilek, Novoorskaya, Novosergievsky, Orenburg, and Pershamaiski Perevolotsk areas.

This is the last batch of school buses passed in the rural areas and cities of the region within the framework of the program of modernization of education. In total, this year delivered more than 80 transport units, totaling more than 107 million rubles.

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Certificates — candidates

Certificates for housing were 25 families of young scientists from Orenburg and Orenburg region (it surrounds the regional center). Eleven couples from this list — family researchers and inventors of the Orenburg State University. Applicants for the grant of subsidy passed a rigorous selection process. On public assistance could count PhDs who have not attained the age of 35, having at least one child working in a scientific institution or university for at least five years, successful in science (with publications in journals, published monographs, patents for invention and etc.). Presentation of certificates held in the framework of

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Gazprom: the Orenburg field

The report’s author — Alexander Popov Russos

In the south of Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, under the steppes of Orenburg region is oil and gas field of the same name. It was opened in November 1966. And after the stock assessment was considered the largest in Europe. In 1974 he was served the first commercial gas, and in 1978 — commissioned helium plant.

If South Russian field mined almost clean natural gas, the gas and gas condensate from Orenburg field contains a lot of impurities: water, carbon dioxide, sulfur components. To get a

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In Orenburg, opened a new outpatient dialysis center

Opening of the Orenburg resulted signed in December 2010 Agreement "On the strategic partnership, mutual cooperation and guarantees of the investment project" between the regional government and the company "B. Brown Avitum ", in which it was planned to build an outpatient hemodialysis centers in the cities of Orenburg and Orsk.

Center is equipped with the latest generation of the dialysis equipment 30 sets "artificial kidney" expert class, high-performance water treatment plant, the system of preparation and distribution center dialysis concentrate. The duration of treatment is on average 4 hours. Patient care at the Centre conducted by

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The village Tatischevo Orenburg region opened a sports complex


September 10 in the village of Tatischevo Perevolotsk district of Orenburg region was inaugurated cultural and sports complex "Gazovik", built LLC "Gazprom Orenburg" under the "Gazprom — to children."

The cost of construction of the complex — 38.9 million rubles. The building is 18 x 30 meters built of light metal. Multi-purpose sports hall is designed for practicing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, hand ball, table tennis and gymnastics. Indoor gym can also be cultural events. In addition, the sports complex is equipped with a gym, a trainer room, two locker rooms with showers and bathrooms.

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In Orenburg, began construction of a plant for processing solid waste

The cost of the project, the construction of which is scheduled for completion at the end of the year — about 138 million rubles. The complex is erected at the expense of the Orenburg investors.

It is assumed that as a result of a 25% decrease of waste going to landfill.

In Orenburg, a monument to the Children of War

The park is named Gus’kova regional center opened a new monument dedicated to the children of war.

The first stone on the site of the monument was officially founded in December 2010. The initiative to create the monument belongs to the very Orenburg. 

— In December 2010, we’ll have laid the first stone, and today a monument to a generation of our citizens are ready to open. These people with their work and perseverance lifted the country out of postwar chaos. I should mention that in July of this year, Orenburg was awarded

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In Orenburg, opened a kindergarten for 220 places

On Friday, September 6, at 17 district of Orenburg was a joyful event, opened a nursery school number 17, which hospitably ready to take 220 kids.

A well-equipped, comfortable and cozy garden with a large and bright playrooms and bedrooms become the perfect gift for the residents of the district to the city’s anniversary.


A new school in Aviagorode — a welcome gift for the anniversary of the city of Orenburg

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge in Aviagorpdok long-awaited opening of secondary school number 11, built at the expense of the regional budget. This is another gift of Orenburg to 270th anniversary of the city.

The old school building has long needed to be repaired, eventually began to appear signs of the accident. At the end of 2011, the technical examination showed that the recovery may require not less financial cost, the week the new building. All of the construction of the old school continued to work on its maintenance of the extra funding was

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