Desperately seeking an ORGASM

Nearly 70% have faked the big ‘O’ at some point, but what if you’re faking it every time? Catriona Birdsall knew she had to come clean» her boyfriend Kyle…

Ever since Kyle and I got together two years ago, we’ve had a healthy sex life, and fancy each other loads. The only problem? I’d never had an orgasm. It wasn’t like we weren’t doing it often enough or not enjoying it; we’d have sex several times a week and tried lots of different positions, but I’d never experienced those ‘fireworks’ It wasn’t just with Kyle — I’d never had them.

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Sex Poses

350 orgasms a year should TRANSFER ordinary men to live four years longer than those who remain on the average level, 90 orgasms a year.

350 orgasms a year must endure ordinary man to live for four years longer than those who remain at an average level, ie who are experiencing about 90 orgasms a year. But we know that sex is of no small importance posture.

It would seem, well, what else is new you can learn about sex positions? Yet a look at some.

Camel rides

People hug your feet. Since each crotch between the thighs is

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Anorgasmia — the lack of a woman's orgasm (sexual satisfaction) during intercourse.

What's going on?

There are three degrees of anorgasmia:

-1 — lack of orgasm, although the sexual act and is accompanied by pleasant sensations;-2 — sexual act indifferent, sexual arousal and satisfaction are not available;-3 — sexual intercourse unpleasant, accompanied by painful sensations.

There are two kinds of anorgasmia: primary and secondary.

Aboutprimary anorgasmia say, in cases where the woman had never experienced an orgasm in any type of stimulation.

Secondary anorgasmia is a disorder in which a woman ceases to have an orgasm,

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The female orgasm

Since the time of the sexual revolution in Europe, men have been paying great attention to the presence of orgasm for your partner, seeing it as one of his main evidence of male.

However, in Russia, all is not so rosy: according to surveys of our compatriots, among our male dominated sexual selfish. Some women have to wait many years to orgasm, or to put it in medical terms, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of genitals, occurring at the time of the outflow of blood from them at the climax of sexual intercourse.

Types of Female

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Female orgasm from the point of view of evolution

Biologist Elizabeth Lloyd of Indiana University, thoroughly examined all the available knowledge about the female orgasm, and came to the unequivocal, but the disappointing conclusion that from the point of view of evolution, it is useless and impractical.

Orgasm and Pregnancy

First of all, getting an orgasm during intercourse, and the possibility of conceiving a child as a result of the same act together unrelated. Not all women have orgasms in bed, not all women can have children. But these are two completely different groups.

In order to woman pregnant, it is not necessary that she experienced "the

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Imitation orgasm: how to do it like a man

Men and women — different. Not better, not worse, just different. We have a lot of differences in anatomy, physiology, psychology, etc. Even orgasms are different — for women it's more psychological, physiological and men. It is estimated that a woman is more difficult to achieve "top of the world", so they often resort to a little feminine wiles — simulation (simulation) orgasm.

Remember even an episode from the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where Meg Ryan had a very impressive portrayed groans, facial expressions and gestures, showing the classic "fake" female orgasm.

However, a survey conducted

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Schoolboy, remember — daily orgasm replaces a doctor!

UK National Health System (NHS) has published a booklet on sex education for school children, which recalls the right of everyone to the enjoyment of sex, and that regular sex beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Toolkit is designed for parents and teachers and calls include sex education about the benefits of fulfilling sex life. According to the authors, for a long time such an education focused on safe sex and the need to get married, but says nothing about the positive aspects of sex.

Slogan booklet titled Pleasure («Pleasure") was the phrase «an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away»

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Sex with robots in just 40 years!

According to futurists center Transhumanity after some 40-50 years Sex with a robot will become the norm for human beings. Endurance, hygiene and the incredible experience of partners (partners) will deliver maximum enjoyment, will eliminate the spread of disease and even prolong life …

The link between orgasm and health are not yet fully understood. Some scientists believe that an orgasm is good for health, and women, who often have an orgasm during sex, live longer.

The idea is that, as in everything else, robots, in the end,

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Erotic massage for Dummies

For ordinary citizens erotic massage — a kind of ephemeral service from a booklet brothel disguised as a "sauna with a charming masseuses."

What people think about this gentlemen sexologists? According to most of them, erotic massage — fiction, anyway in the end it all comes down to the stimulation of the genitals. Especially advanced experts believe that it is — a separate type of massage that helps to develop sexuality, enhance the sensuality and even get rid of some sexual dysfunction (such as impotence and vaginismus) caused by psychological problems.

If you do not go to

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Women experience orgasm during childbirth?



When Elena Skoko gave birth to her daughter three years ago, she felt the pain. But just as she was feeling and something else: the waves of pleasure comparable to orgasm. "I had a feeling of bliss waves that pass through me," said Skokie, singer, and author of the book "Memoirs of a singing birthday» ("Memoirs of a Singing Birth").

Although labor is most often perceived as an act of pain and ordeal, some women at this point really have

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