In a city of swish, sexy hotels, Wynn is the swishest and sexiest. A King Wynn Тошег Suite costs from £215 per night, B&B

HEN The Chandelier Bar


If the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s newest bar was a cocktail, it would be one-part music venue, one-part art installation and one-part futuristic playground. Housed inside a giant chandelier across three storeys, this show-stopper of a casino bar offers killer cocktails and ample photo ops. Ordering a round of Verbenas (ginger and lemon margaritas) is the classiest way to say goodbye to the single life. Make a night of it

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Konrad about the study of oriental languages ​​IN OUR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS

If you look at the way we prepared oriental shots in the last two or three decades, it is immediately struck by one indisputable fact: we have ensured that one of your universities began to leave people who know they are studying Oriental languages ​​satisfactorily owning them practically. In connection with the duties of the chairman of the State Examination Commission at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, I had the opportunity over the years to observe, with some knowledge of the language out students graduating from this institution. I always had a great pleasure to establish that the

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Harsh critic of Russia visits Moscow

Observers note that French President Nicolas Sarkozy to allow himself to break the tradition of diplomatic caution and subtexts when states of Russia. For example, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin "blood on their hands" of the war in Chechnya, and last week, Sarkozy accused the Kremlin of problems burdening the world. French political scientist Jacques Rupnik said Radio Liberty during the conference "Forum 2000" in Prague:"France is frank about the things that she does not like politics of. President Sarkozy has even said that there is a certain" brutalizatsyya "Russian policy. Naturally, this is not quite the usual

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Procession to Dzyady authorities allowed

Collection — November 2 at 12 pm on the East Cemetery. The organizers called on people to come with flowers to commemorate Vasil Bykov, Igor Hermyanchuk, Gennady Karpenko, Vladimir Karmilkin and other public figures. Participants of the rally will be from the East to the memorial cemetery Kurapaty. The applicants noted that members of the Conservative Christian Party BPF gather around the watch factory. Later, the two columns on the street zliyutstsa Kalinowski. Applicants invited to come to share not only with flowers, and with white-red-white flags, to show that no one podlomlen that a democratic society is not destroyed.

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Trap Andropov / Film Leonid Mlechina watch online

In 1982, no Russian or South American leaders do not claim to plain Bekaa, located in eastern Lebanon. But it is here that the Soviet Union and the United States, in order not niskolechko though, just did not agree on the battlefield. The situation is eerily reminiscent of the Caribbean crisis in 1962. Afield Lebanon facing Syria and Israel. Behind them stood the Russian Alliance and the United States … No one could imagine that the country, led by the so neat and prudent people as U.S. President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Yuri

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How many Russian made war on Hitlers side?

As some say, during the Russian majestically million Russian people went to fight under the tricolor flag. From time to time they say even about 2-million Russian who fought against the Bolshevik regime, but there may believe and 700 thousand immigrants. These numbers give a reason — they are an argument to the claim that Russian Lofty — the essence of the second war mufti of the Russian people against the hated Stalin. What is there to say?

If indeed been the case that arose under a million Russian tricolor flags and not on the life and death of the

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Russian gas programm in the East

In the middle of 90th came up for discussion project gas pipeline from Russia to South Korea. So the idea is not new, the Government of the Republic of Korea even allocated land acquisition for the construction of the pipeline.

Later, in May of 2003, "Gazprom" has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Korean company "Kogas". In 2008th it was renewed for another 5 years and have made a permanent joint working group.

Municipal programm to create a unified gas production, transportation and supply in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, was approved in September 2007. Also provides

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Luftwaffe fighters — Eastern Front watch online

Documentary a film about the Luftwaffe pilots who fought on the Eastern Front and fought with the Russian pilots. The last four and a half years and I have the 10-ka and a half people Karpel on a documentary film "The Luftwaffe fighters. East front. "The first film about the Luftwaffe fighter I have done in the distant 1989. Noise then he has done a lot. Everything seemed to me significant and exciting, I have included in the new movie. Process dragged on for four and a half years since I've been wanting with 3-D animation to

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