OSCE election did not meet standards

Your rating yesterday’s elections. Discussion on the loose 

Z.Paznyaka: "Blind artists stupid instructions Europe" Elections to the Chamber did not take place. Election farce regime abdurvanni people absolutely failed. That in spite of all the trivial failure, the Central Election Commission announced that Tipo 75 percent of voters voted, testifies frank and sassy usurpation of power in BelarusGuardian: "The severe fluctuation in sincerity Lukashenko" Western media comment the results of elections in Belarus.

Human rights activists and election resultsCommissions, the opacity of their work, forcing a premature voting closed on seeing during the count — it’s all for

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Premature vote undermined the authorities’ efforts

Will international observers see the real picture of the entire electoral process? These and other questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich. Tsigankov"What types of violations recorded in these elections more often, which means violations beheld observers?" Stefanovic"The government, I think, again returned to this type of fraud as opening the boxes and early voting ballots substitution. I think this is due to the fact that maybe they want to arrange a demonstration later count in areas where running for such known opposition figures as Liabedzka. Indeed specifically there, surrounded by Liabedzka there was a scandal with

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Observers rely access to vote counting

In the second crotch report that the mission unveiled last week, stated that the Central Election Commission so far has not responded to a question about the status of observers in counting ballots. Because I first motivate lasts dialogue on this topic with the Belarusian authorities.

Answering the Belarusian "Freedom", salting, namely, said:

"Sufficient access to the vote count — the main condition for the successful operation of our mission. Because negotiations this topic conducted from June, when the evaluation team visited Minsk OSCE. These negotiations lasted until the end of last week. And now we

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OSCE urges release of political prisoners

In addition, OSCE Parliamentary Assembly resolution urges the Belarusian authorities to use EU initiative on good neighborliness, to make international commitments and adhere to the principles of building a free and democratic country.As said head of the United civilian party Anatoly Lebedko, who recently returned to Minsk, the official delegation headed by Deputy Chairman House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets tried to convince management of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE is in Belarus No problems with any conduct election campaigns, nor with the ability to express different views:"If you read it, that read conference Zabolotets — say, we have no

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Belarus — the object of harsh criticism of the Kiev Declaration

Followers of democratic movements, representing Belarus at the session of the OSCE in Ukraine, recently returned to Minsk. As chairman of the Joint said civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, the main task was to lobby the issue in the Committee on Political Affairs and Security of the OSCE PA late last week. "And there was no precedent, so the resolution that passed through the Committee, not later adopted"- Stated Liabedzka. Now a majority vote a resolution on Belarus, which is part of the overall document, entitled" The Kiev Declaration "was approved. Lyabedzka: "Their position was very weak"Official delegation comprising Deputy Chairman

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OSCE PA and tomorrow seized of the situation in Belarus

Immediately after the introduction, chairman of the committee, the member of parliament of Monaco Jean-Paul Gardety, managing official Belarusian delegation, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets offered to withdraw the document from consideration.He stated that the situation in Belarus in the main line with democratic standards.But members of the committee with this approach is not consistent. And Rapporteur on Belarus sovereign Lerensten out his vision of the Belarusian situation.

Sergei Kalyakin: "He laid out the shortcomings that are currently in Belarus in fulfilling those responsibilities that it assumed when entered in the OSCE"

Co-Chair of the Political Council

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In Kiev began to consider a resolution on the situation in Belarus

Co-Chair of the Political Council Anatoly Lebedko assesses project of the Belarusian resolution:"Overall promise document that welcome well-known proposals Euro Union Belarus. This weighted resolution. It is kept in a common strategy against Belarus, we now litsezreem by international structures. "If the text of the resolution approves the first Committee of the Assembly, also has two committees, then it will be submitted to a general vote across the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. The summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly began yesterday and will end in Kiev on Mon, July 9.• The OSCE has to adopt a resolution on Belarus, 05.07.2007

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Favorites opposition invited the OSCE

As said now Radio Liberty Anatoly Lebedko, "Almost everything will depend on how much there Belarusian sound theme. If there will be adopts resolution on Belarus and pass manage initiated working group on Belarus of the OSCE PA Vtay Zapf round table, then likely July 6 and 7 will be co-chairs of the Political Council in Kiev. "

In the Minsk office of the OSCE will be the new manager

Sovereign Petersen worked in Belarus least 2 years. He — 3rd control cabinet OSCE Minsk after German diplomats Hans-Georg Wieck yes Eberhard Heiken.Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Yaroslav Romanchuk said: Now the person managing the office does not have the meaning as it was during the sovereign Vic.Fact, he explains that the official Minsk reached the review of the mandate of the OSCE consulate. Now he is severely limited, and yes even officially changed the title — from the Advisory and Monitoring Group to an ordinary office:"In fact, the OSCE mission turned into an eye that looks at

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Dmitry Dashkevich visited salting OSCE mission in Belarus

When salting CCO Peterson and employee OSCE mission met with Svetlana Senko Dashkevich, office was Deputy Governor of the colony.Administration permit representatives of the OSCE pass Dmitry fruit. They promised that these kilogram not carry to subsequent transfer of food. Svetlana Senko said now parents about the visit, Ambassador Dmitry Shklou in jail.Says Vyacheslav Dashkevich:"So what about any policy they had read. Salting Just read Dmitri, that he is remembered. Says that he knew and did not lose hope for their case, although the offspring and so does not lose. Their recollection that he behaved very decently, even smiled. ask

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