How our ancestors followed their energy

Ancient Slavs in their commonsense reasoning is simple. That is in man in charge? Only the body, but only the feelings and thoughts. Then it is necessary to maintain health in good condition? First of all, you need to determine what is best for a particular type of body (constitution), of a temperament (emotional development), as a person rebuild their thoughts, that they did not prevent him to be healthy, confident, joyful and happy. They were based on what was called "Surya body." What is it? This three biological juice of life, which are in constant

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Originally led by

The fact that we are now seeing the mixing of different races, and it seems to think, that this is completely harmless, or even good, requires at least a few remarks. Argues that such confusion, in principle, it is a good thing — because, as it were, and culture changes and in general — are living in new territories. It is "good" only works for the race whose men take their wives women. The fact that the scripts of women's fate in principle suggest that opportunity — dying in his family and birth in the birth body of her

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Faces of Death. Documentary

People with a fine mental organization, weak minded people, pregnant women and children ABSOLUTELY not watch.This sensational documentary refers to this mysterious, frightening to many phenomena, like death. The viewer is accustomed to play out in the movie death, offered documentary, ad nauseam naturalistic material, where the death is completely real, and the blood is not a paint. War, disaster, ritual murders, executions, cannibalism, death from the teeth of predators … — All sorts of faces death follow each other in this sinister picture.

The film, banned for public viewing in the U.S. and other "civilized" countries. Was filmed

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During that trial Kvachkova?

The arrest of Vladimir Kvachkova for the next day after the final justification in the case of the so-called the "assassination attempt on Chubais" for more ludicrous and absurdly accused brought wide circles of the patriotic public in some confusion.

On the one hand, it became clear that the system of Kvachkova not so easy to fall behind the other — many have the courage to condemn the indomitable Colonel for "adventurism and recklessness", taking at face value the frank information stuffing (Tipo based on secret investigation materials), carried out a number of media.

This is an unfortunate event

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Slav and Arius to remember all his life

1. We are all brothers Slavs — Great White Race — Velikoros, Beloros, Maloros one great family. Help each other. Help each other, even if you hate each other! Buy each other. Buy goods from each other, the peasant and feremera, gardeners, because thus you support their family and their race great — Rhode own.

2. Our strength — in unity.

In unity, we passed through the centuries, we have grown, changed, sought to transform the world, protect the people, to defend the right to life. Unity — a goal and a means to an

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What is it and why Ingliizm lead to fire the Inquisition?

For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today's world there is "indisputable, scientifically proven opinion" about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their "invaluable contribution" to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But if you look closely at this "undeniable, proven scientific opinion" on the traditional Russian religions, the tradition of it can lead.

Christianity is only 2000 years ago, has

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Rysichi were literate before Cyril and Methodius

Cyril long before he created the alphabet, was in the Crimea, in Karsuni (Chersonesos) and brought back the Gospels and the Psalms, written in Russian letters. This has long been known, but it is well hidden and silent … VP Gribkovskii

Did Slavic writing to Cyril and Methodius? Every year on May 24 the entire Slavic world celebrates both religious and national holiday — the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. UNESCO announced the year 863, the first year of Cyril and Methodius in Moravia, a year recognized the Slavic alphabet. It is considered common knowledge that before the

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An original way to live better


One priest, studying the day-to-day behavior and actions of people, concluded confirmed by other sources: our words and thoughts clearly influence our actions. He checked that if a person within 21 days does not complain about your life, do not criticize, do not gossip and do not express dissatisfaction with others — his life changes for the better. He also developed his own method, the effectiveness of which has already been confirmed by other Name of the priest Will Bowen. He offered to all who wish to change their lives for the better

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In the Voronezh region received a batch of breeding pigs from Denmark

In the district of Voronezh region Novokhopyorsk delivered 619 pigs from Denmark: 433 pigs — "hybrid F», 186 — rocks "Large White breeding." Was delivered to pig-breeding company "APK AGROEKO" (Red Village) animals intended for breeding.

Large White breed is used to improve other breeds of pigs and the creation of new types. For pigs of this breed is characterized by high fertility and prolific. Adult sows farrow give one healthy piglets 10-12, 14-16, and is often born piglets. When crossed "hybrid F1» with other breeds of pigs ("Large White" and "landrace") increased fertility of individuals, there is an

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Hedgehogs at night walk along the paths of homes



A night on the garden paths and wander around the house hedgehogs. Closer to the fall in the garden for them — expanse: many fallen shrubs with berries, apples and other fruits. If we listen, — urchins talk to each other and funny sopyat.



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