In matters of national security alternative to domestic equipment can not be


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to consider whether to ease the requirements for export of domestic cryptographic abroad and the recognition of international standards in the field of information security. The corresponding order was given at a meeting of the advisory board for the creation and development of an international financial center in Russia, according to CNews.

According to experts interviewed by the publication, in recognition of the international standards for the protection of information are primarily interested foreign vendors and large customers. Solution providers from other countries will strengthen its position in the

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Secret Report Kashpirovsky


"VICE-PRESIDENT of the USSR Academy Frolova KV MEMORANDUM psychotherapists AM Kashpirovsky (Vinnitsa, st. Artobolevsky …) This note outlines some that may be of practical interest considerations and observations arising in the course of more than two decades the practice of hypnosis and suggestion, covering about 800 thousand people, and tested in the clinic for the treatment and during the stage of psychological experiments ( More than 1,500 performances). These various practical areas, pursuing different goals, gradually merged into a single and indivisible field of study important mental problems suggestion. Foreordained some conclusions and

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The only sure way for the Russian Federation and Belarus — is the creation of one of the country

Belarus makes the Patriots a "split mind": on the one hand, Alexander Lukashenko managed to keep almost intact the Soviet economic system, the army Belarus considered in the post-one of the best (along with the Armenian), in her younger people go, as in the best years of the Union, with the desire, there are no problems with the "bullying" and "fraternities", selection committees may select the best, because so many people the army is not needed. Lukashenko is one of the only comparable independent politicians in Europe who do not bend to the U.S. and the EU.


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Invented a cure for addiction?


The mixture of the two drugs cured rats from cocaine addiction. Drug use in most cases leads to the formation of psychic and, in some cases, physical dependency. In particular, opioids, and many other "hard drugs" cause both forms of dependence, cocaine, amphetamines and hallucinogens form only psychologically addicted.


Drug experts have learned to effectively deal with the physical component of addiction, but have difficulty with the neutralization of mental discomfort in case of failure of the drug.


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Six year old girl came to life after the coma a different person


After a car accident six year old girl from California Zoe Bernstein spent in a coma for about a month. And when I came, was quite unlike the old self. Before the accident, it was a happy, healthy, obedient child. On that day, she was put in the family pick-up and fastened as required by safety regulations. On the way, at some point, her father lost control and crashed into a pole. Zoe with a fractured skull was taken to the hospital. A month baby woke up. Her mother claims that the identity

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The dragons mouth opens

In the past year, the PLA conducted naikrupneyshie maneuvers in their own stories. The exercises with the telling title "Stride-2009" were used 50 thousand soldiers, four divisions with the technique did throw for 2,000 km. Russian commentators regardless of their domestic and foreign policy orientations were then virtually unanimous that such maneuvers could fulfill military actions only against Russia.

Engage in trade, not war

In December 1978 at the III Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPC 11th convocation of Deng Xiaoping said that the country has no other difficulties and other tasks, except for economic development. As China

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State television one, but in life — other

Society Man: "It is clear that the election is made for a long time. Shows something every day, PR Lukashenko. I have heard that there will be a record performance. How will hear, then see, what then would be optimistic."

Young people: "I do not watch TV BT because it is not interesting. Much to arrange — and political affairs, and economic, there is no truth. Which there really be? On television, one thing in life — different, that's all."Man: "I watch very little TV. Perhaps there is information about the elections, but I am very far from politics and

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Myths about the Slavs or stories about Russian

Russian barbarians invaded the villages, camps and villages, leaving the city, theaters and libraries. Worn, do not get why, fur and wore trousers, while the cultured Europe wrapped up in rags …

It has long been banned gay marriage and despised tolerance and European men love to fuck each other. Russian lived in mud and rarely washed, and the baths, which are borrowed from the Finns, did not go out of laziness. And the cities they were wrong, according to the European medieval tradition in the city center was located gallows with "torture", and the streets were special ditches

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Decorations should be oberezhnuyu force

For social "protection" it is important that ornament caught the (confusing) view other people take him directly from the power centers. View has its own power and charge state of the individual forms, so there is glare, kind, jealous, etc. But from such a power and protect our jewelry.

Human energy that is contained in the potential (small) state has its own structure and components of which are known to us as the energy meridians and chakra system of man.

Person's energy potential always obvious though perhaps we do not realize that what we see, so we have a

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Black smoke and the ghosts of the dolmens


— Have a seat, everyone will see — says physicist Don authority — a teacher SFU Physics Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Gerasimov. He turns on the computer and start the video. On the paper of Professor Gerasimov no video or photos. This and other images below are taken from a collection of abnormalities in the dolmen site

…At first, nothing unusual on the screen there. Forest path. Then the camera focused on the big dolmen with a round hole in the ground. Dolmens — structures made of

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