Usury and loans — parasitism decomposing society

Unfortunately, in wide use in Russia and other CIS countries in the past 20 years have become part of the transaction, which are made with a view, quite the opposite foundations of morality and law and order of our people.

It is aboutusurious transactions. These transactions are studied by students of higher education and training institutions in Russia and other countries under the guise of "credit agreement", "loan agreement" (if there is a condition of payment of interest), etc. In order not to go back later to the concept of the basic contradiction of morality, law and order

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In Kazan witnesses photographed UFO triangular

July 23, 2012 17:27

In Kazan recorded a strange flying object, which by its design resembles a triangle. Similar "aircraft" appeared in the sky above the other major cities of Tatarstan, Mari El. It is not known whether it is the lone UFO-traveler, or invasion.

— Object is a triangular UFO with black cabinet and three lights — explained portal director Kazan branch "Kosmopoisk" Maria Petrova.

For the first time, a triangular UFO appeared in Kazan on July 6 in house number 69 on the street Chuikov. Eyewitnesses saw a

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Our ancestors communicated telepathically

Russian Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible was posthumous name — Movosol for being introduced in Russia in the use of sound language between people (compared to other Russian "mova" — language or "utter" — to speak). On the audio language communicated before only to the gods. Suppress confirm that our ancestors spoke telepathic language are preserved in Russian cognates: "eye" and "voice" (voice), indicating that the initial ABILITY telepathic language: first image, then sound. The proximity of the sound of the word "gal-do" and "look" indicate that "look" before signified communication through the eyes, or "prove" (show) and "say." Reform

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MIR.Igry Gods 8, 1-3/9

Project GAME OF THE GODS — It is consistently growing series of films in the genre of journalism, the theme of the study of ancient and modern Slavic-Aryan culture. Each film series has a specific theme, and builds on the authors' encounters with people Veda and other sources. Project GAME OF THE GODS — this creative meetings, lectures, workshops, public views to the discussion of movies and other cultural events that promote recovery of the natural potential acheloveka. Project participants GAME OF THE GODS — Is creatively active devotees who live in different cities and countries, studying the heritage of

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Who lives inside the Earth?


Entrance to the "Pluton" is in the Arctic. For the first time scientists have discovered the signals October 30, 1999 with the help of advanced satellites. Although the programs are broadcast in the form of a complex mathematical code, scientists have problems with decoding the messages do not, according to the same source. But categorically refused to reveal the essence of the message "underground inhabitants." But added that the experts can not determine the exact location of an underground civilization.


Who lives inside the Earth?

Ornamental plants in the service of your health

The modern interior features are very often associated with the introduction of ornamental plants. Now this kind of plants possible to see not only in the offices of large companies, and in educational institutions, in the offices of high-ranking military personnel, civil servants and other areas. High-quality ornamental plants can be purchased through the website services Online Store "Your Garden" offers a truly wide range of indoor plants, seeds, flower tubs and pot and other products related to the cultivation of plants or the criteria of the other rooms.

Some people find that keeping ornamental plants in places of

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In the solar corona are teeming with UFOs


In recent months, something incredible is happening in the solar corona. The pictures transmitted from the tracking of the Sun Probe "Soho" and "Stereo" and posted on the official website of NASA, the professionals have to look for strange, obviously man-made objects …  

First UFO near the Sun was discovered back in 2010, since then a lot of the facts noted the presence of objects near the Sun the size of the planet Earth.    

Trying to hide the secret

Unusual formations that are too correct forms, first found in the photographs

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Rus, Rusich, Russian

Appears in many publications fasilsikatsiya concepts Rus, Rusich. It is said that as there is no such ruses. The Russian Constitution is all nations, except Russian. The Constitution does not Russian. However, sometimes the heads of the state still negotiated, saying that Putin recently in an interview: "… for the Russian and other peoples living in Russia."

It is believed that the concept of "Russian", "Rus" comes from the fact Varangian prince named Rus, who was invited to Russia to rule. Its name was called as if people and the country. His children were Rusichi, all the rest

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Guests of the parallel worlds

February 11, 2012 10:39

If you do not deny the existence of ghosts with the only "significant" argument — they say, "this can never happen", they can be regarded as a clear indication of the multidimensional world and existence of another life next to ours, physical space.

Small children 7-8 years of seeing what transcends adults: brownies, elves, ghosts of the dead, the other inhabitants of the parallel worlds

Of course, you can believe in ghosts, one can doubt — proof, it's usually a little bit. But suppose that these are real facts, not hallucinations. Then it is

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Swamp riot. The unexpected sight of Ukraine.

"Here's a present in Moscow," the opposition. " And this is the main conflict of the current political moment: Kuritsyna against Putin. And once Kuritsyna mind that while it is possible for Putin to be calm. New World Disorder to Moscow had not yet arrived. Devastation still in the chicken heads. "


Help for those who are not aware of. Oles Elderberries — Ukrainian journalist, blogger, political commentator, media-killer by vocation and author of popular historical investigations that go on for Ukraine's large Russian editions. And just utterly frank person. Sometimes even skarbezny, but a sense

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