Gold deposits grew out of meteorites — scientists say

Virtually all gold deposits in the world, and other heavy metals in the earth's crust and upper mantle were on the surface of the planet due to the massive asteroid "bombarded" by which the planet has undergone after the "freezing" of its core, British geologists say in an article published in the journal Nature.

"Our work shows that a large part of all the precious metals, which play a key role in the industry and the economy of the world, appeared on the planet, by happy coincidence, when the Earth collided and swallowed about 20 eksatonn (10 to the 18th

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Conversation in the Circle

It did not take more creativity Creators decided to invite to the meeting of all those in whom the spark shone creator and lead their congregation Aran. It was agreed also that jealousy will not play any role during the interviews, it will not be allowed to them. Is it just bring it Arlegi dark, and then for himself.

Down to the weakness of some of the guests, as the site of the meeting, was elected a giant planet orbiting arhigigantskogo purple sun. Spirits of the Force promised to bring to the meeting of those who,

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American blogger Tim Kirby of Vyksa and other videos about OMC

A selection of high-quality clips about OMC. Sdelanounas readers should be interested in:

Promo clip OMC

The film is about Vyksa and OMC from Tim Kirby

Subtitles are included on the button:

Next, see other movies about OMC

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Contacts and contactors or lie mysterious aliens



Sensation! Just got in touch with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations (CC)! For the first time managed to get the answers to all the questions raised by aliens! Sensation? Certainly … But this message could be printed every week. In the archives of the Research Association "Kosmopoisk" exists on the database of people who claim that they are in contact with the CC. Contactors for over 7 thousand, and the number is constantly growing!

Contactees Earth

REALLY establishment of interstellar dialogue

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Alexander Shikunov: To Baskakov, we have no complaints. Claims — to our players

In a match in Grozny referee Yuri Baskakov showed nine yellow cards, with eight — guests. In our football Sometimes, of course, and not a "leaf fall", but what is impressive.


Yuri Baskakov, Match referee:

— After the match, representatives of both teams thanked me and my mates for judging. I agree that the ratio of warnings — 8:1, at first glance, it may seem strange. But the reaction of the leaders of both teams, "five", staged inspector SAVKIN, speak for themselves. Moreover, eight warnings one team and one — the other, in my opinion, give a

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Phantoms of other universes



Several cases from the experience of non-governmental research group "Avesta", in the Soviet era created in the Samara group of local scientists. Although since its inception has been almost three decades, "Avesta" to this day continues to study various abnormal problems.

Young "retired" That's what history "avestovtsy" wrote the words of Lydia Mikhailova, a former supervisor of passenger motor plant number 1.

— This incident happened to me in 1995. We checked the tickets from the bus passengers who came

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Every Russian man for once in your life but have heard the phrase "ABCs." But does everyone understand exactly what it means? On the one hand there is nothing incomprehensible here. Truisms — that means the most simple, is as simple as the truths that a person learns of the alphabet, ie in theory, from the first book in his life. But what is this truth, such that you can read in the alphabet? Like the letter alone. A — sounds as well, i.e. as the beginning of the word watermelon. B — the first letter of

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Thyme — one male

October 29, 2011 23:29

Thyme or thyme — a plant with a strong flavor. Photo:

Thyme has many, including local names, among which the most famous thyme. Also called the herb of the Theotokos (the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Orthodox decorated thyme Mother of God). In ancient Greece, thyme called incense and it was used by the priests during their komlany, divination. Wreath of thyme was a symbol of fertility.

Later, the tradition of the ancient Greeks pokomlat intercepted European magicians and sorcerers, Slavic witch doctors. Thyme gave the properties to protect against

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Farmers PO bought 588 units of agricultural production of Don


As part of the village farmers tehmodernizatsii Don Rostov region in 2011 purchased 588 units of agricultural production of the Don. Regional program subsidizing 20% of the villagers, who have chosen the Don machinery, launched in June 2010. In the past year has been to subsidize the purchase of 256 combines, 18 tractors and 190 units of other agricultural subsidies in the amount of 213 million rubles.


— This year the program has been implemented in two phases — the deputy governor of the Don — Minister of Agriculture and Food of the

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As people lost their third eye

September 28, 2012 1:14

In lizards have a small point at the top of the head, which is called the parietal eye. This eye is not as complicated or useful as the other two in front of the head, but at least he reacts to light.

Female Sphenodon punctatus (photo Alan Hill).

Does this mean that in the future will be the descendants of the modern three-eyed lizard? No, it's just a vestigial trait.

In fact, the majority of animals (and humans as well) had a chance to get a third eye, but we refused.

Tuatara —

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