Stories dying


Stories of dying people and their diversity, sometimes throws in an unusual shock, and raises serious zadumatsya of skeptical people in the afterlife. Raskazy "witnesses" who had the opportunity to visit the temporary (one) side of life, and make sure that the dying person is not so trivial ends, and later return to the physical world, most of them are similar and instructive that we recommend to meet you, so if you are interested in the other world.

In very few cases, respondents believed that the creatures that their. met were "guardian

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Prior to the present levitation was only one step!


Researchers from Harvard University announced that identified and measured the force that occurs at the molecular level by using a combination of molecules that repel each other. This process causes mutual ejection molecules maintain their effect in the air, in other words — a levitation effect. Some molecules, raised in the air floats above the base layer of the object, while levitating objects can move relative to each other with virtually no friction.

Professor Federico Capasso of Harvard University, who led the study, speculated that the discovery made by his team, makes it

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10 amazing products Google, over which the company has now


Everyone knows that Google is not just a search company. In addition to developing applications for Android smartphones and laptops Chromebook Pixel, Google is a lot of other projects and services.

The following products are developed secret division of the company — Google Google X. This unit aims to create products and services that make the world a better place for everyone. Take, for example, airships that hover in the sky and deliver wireless internet in the countryside, or the development of new drugs that will help doctors better diagnose their patients.


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Contact with other worlds.

A person is born into this world from the unknown world he did, before conception and leaves our reality into another world, a world of the dead. However, this period of his life is not limited. There are periods of unconsciousness, and close to the waking state, that the brain, for some reason does not want to commit as a reality.

On sleep in humans takes about 1/3 of life. To life in the memory of about 1/4 of all life. And the rest of the time a person spends in a trance for their own reasons: drunkenness,

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Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. On the other side of the world

December 7, 2012 4:37

These people live on the other side of the world. They do not see the real world as we are, but they are given insight into the world beyond.

Contactee Victor Kostrykin



Victor Kostrykin one of the most well-known and proven UFO contactees. Contact VP Kostrykina confirmed by many leading researchers, ufologists of our country and the world. Viktor was a member and speaker of the international conference "Dialogue with the Universe", held in Germany in 1990, Speaker of the World Congress of the UFO, which took place in the United States.

Prior to 1962, I had little faith in the existence of unidentified flying objects, until he saw one summer August

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People — household medicine. Experience Ancestors

November 7, 2011 9:13

Prevention of superstitious and partly therapeutic agents is still not lost its significance fire that is the subject of worship our ancestors.

The balance of belief in its healing and cleansing properties, interesting measure undertaken in some places against the spread of disease fever. When the house feverish patient of sex, on the valve, ignited splinters of fire through which pass all healthy.

In the case of a large epidemic in the village made public action: gather all the people on the street and, by way of primitive people, friction logs of timber, wipe

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Alexander Burbis — a man of the theater and politics

Society Today marks 125 years since the birth of the leader of the national liberation movement and the culture of the Belarusian Alexander Burbisa. This is someone who organically connected to his life to politics and theater.

Burbis worked Narkamzemu officer and Deputy People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the Byelorussian SSR, was one of the founders of the Belarusian Socialist Gromada and the first Belarusian trade unions. However, Alexander Burbis actively participated in the First Belarusian corpse I.Buynitskogo and Belarusian musical drama club, translations for productions Polish, Russian, Ukrainian plays, performed comedy and dramatic roles.

For the organization

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Sixth sense

Nothing is more enduring than the stereotypes. "All of the men — the bastards! All of them have only one, "" All the Russian — drunks! "

What scientists long ago proved that women are "obsessed" with sex much more than men, nobody cares. The fact that in the Caucasus and one in Spain the average citizen consumes more alcohol than the same average Russian is also not interesting. Who cares explanation, it's all about culture feast, not in the quantity of wine? Who cares that the choice of sex partners a woman subconsciously chooses not intellectual with

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Scientific evidence of reincarnation


Children can have a verifiable past life memories, which can be independently verified. They can name specific names, places, and events without having any opportunity to somehow know. These features can be confirmed in the study of public records. Birthmarks and birth defects may be visible on the site of wounds from weapons that are often caused by a traumatic or violent death in a past life.

Including the comparison of information obtained from children and documented data, the study is based Ian Stevenson (Ian Stevenson), Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of

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