GalaxTime — program for calculating extraterrestrial time (OS Android)

We present the necessary tools for all mankind in the exploration of space, created by the developers of Moscow. Program to monitor the extraterrestrial time. Listed below are 12 reasons why the world needs this product. The interface is, of course, first of all in Russian.

A mobile application for Android-based phones GalaxTime will adjust the time of any planet, not restricted 365 days per year, or 24 hours in a day, up to ten-thousandths. With the application can also set the time of such planets, where the day is equal to or

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6 incredible theories about our existence


The Universe — is an amazing place, and thanks to science, we are learning more incredible things about her device. When there is one of the theories presented below of our existence, many of us take them with skepticism.

But do not forget that they have developed well-known scientists, and despite the crazy ideas, they may be a grain of truth.

1. The Universe — The matrix is

Theory: We all live in the Matrix

In the movie "The Matrix," the main character, played by Keanu Reeves, learns that The

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CyberCop: how the Russian system of hunting for cybercriminals

Although the development is not yet completed, it has already helped in the search and capture of the two major cybercrime groups who kidnapped with malware more than 60 million rubles. High-profile arrests of members of these gangs made in the spring of last year, were the result of search operations, which are actively used information extracted System Group-IB.

At the end of last year, resident innovation center "Skolkovo" company Group-IB won a grant in the amount of 30 million rubles for the development CyberCop — global cybercrime with elements of artificial intelligence. This week the company

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Babys health depends on the month of conception


American doctors found that the baby's health depends on the month of conception — for example, "May" children more often born prematurely and get sick with influenza, and the "summer" babies have a relatively high weight, according to a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Janet Currie (Janet Currie) and Hannes Schwandt (Hannes Schwandt) from Princeton University (USA) found that the time of conception affect the baby's health by comparing the data collected by the social services of the United States at the time of birth

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Bepxnevolzhcky steel service center (photo)

Author photo essay — paul_zver_70

Try to guess what sealed in the first picture?

Rolls of stock

Dear readers, before your eyes cars Renault Logan and Sandero, and other items of pride auto industry, but only at the initial stage of production. It will go in my reportage about the company, where they make a blank for body parts. However gauge only the workpiece is not limited, but I'll still only about her.

 So Bepxnevolzhcky SMC (steel service center). Metal rolling here comes in rolls.

2. Weight of iron kruglyashey than

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Call sign of the parallel worlds

Since conceived science, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists and representatives of other disciplines to discuss the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. There are different ideas. For example, some people speak of a single mind of the universe, the other — on the minds of not only protein, but also inorganic matter. But the most popular are the subject of other civilizations, aliens and UFOs.

Certainly have seen a flight of "dish" famous English writer Jonathan Swift. He not only described it (of course, with elements of fiction) in his "Gulliver's Travels," calling it a country Laputa, but also "sent"

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Unexpected source of energy for new lamps — Gravity



Kerosene lamps are still used in remote rural areas. But they are a serious problem, as harmful to human health and the environment. In one of the start-ups are encouraged to use other, non-polluting resource available to all in abundance — gravity.

GravityLight — invention, corresponding to its name: it is supported by the energy of light gravity. In the process of falling load attached (about 9 kg) pulls the cord passes through the device and starts the generator, which

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Man is teleported into another universe


Over the last few hundred years the stories of people show up periodically on how and thrown into a different reality. Sometimes they wake up in a different world, which at first glance seemed the same, until they began to notice subtle changes. In other cases, people have moved into a different reality, after being "pulled in" "somewhere else, and only after a series of disturbing, sometimes scary, incidents."

Strange Case of Olivia Pedro Ramirez of Alcala de Guadeyra, the city, a few miles south-east of Seville, Spain, have been documented by the researcher

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NASA confirms the alien invasion?

August 18, 2012 10:06

NASA confirmed that the newcomers gradually invading the Earth and the reason they attack us — it's global warming!

Popular in the U.S. edition of the WWN is currently the sole source of all the media that publishes reports on the current phase of the alien invasion. As stated by the publication, governments around the world are trying to hide the fact that the invasion in order to avoid panic. WWN but refuses to be silent and tells the truth, and hope that we can avoid a war with aliens.

How many times is reported that

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30 interesting but useless facts

In 1936, a new sort of sausage — Doctoral. Title attributed sausage special honorable "mission" — it was intended "to amend the health of persons affected by the arbitrariness of the Tsarist regime."


Capacity CD was chosen by Japanese developers so that it is fully fit Beethoven's Ninth Symphony — a favorite piece of Vice President Sonia. Although the total duration of the drive in 74 minutes, which arose as a result of various technical approvals, was still half a minute shorter than the symphony.


Export name of the car Lada Kalina for Finland

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