First summit Medvedev

Capital analyst Andrew Suzdaltsev says so on the issues of the summit: "There’s major problems, in principle, only two: one — obvious, the other — hidden. Yavna — is the development of a single approach to the Kosovo precedent, hidden — meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev and presenting it to them."

Sovereign Suzdaltsev believes that an interview on Mon gave Alexander Lukashenko and Russian journalists in which he read a lot of the Belarusian-Russian affairs, will not affect the behavior of Vladimir Putin:"If there was one word that could to assess how the initiative out of the situation, it would

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P.Rudkovski: Sorry, but the Belarusian mentality — avtadestruktsyynaya

Ulitenok: "How to recognize mentality?"Rudkovskii: "Mentality — flying in the air concept, devoid of sustainable value.For example, at the moment our neighbors within a refreshed style Lithuania pushing for their own people, as a people brave. And the main, so to speak, courage palyagae Tipo that he zainitsyyavav decay Russian Union. But in fact, emphasize the Lithuanian political scientists, this process is the end of the 1980s did not result from some daring people. Here is more than a certain spontaneous evolution of society. So makarom often generalized statements about the mentality may be whether the ideological product, either spontaneously

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European political correctness: Lessons for Belarus

In public life, the situation looks a little different. There already exists so called principle of political correctness, which is uniformly formed in the process of change in society. Regardless of party affiliation public face keeps unwritten rules based on liberalism, respectful of individual rights and zakonapasluhmyanastsi. For example, a member of the Bundestag in Germany, speaking in a very hard version of the law on immigrants in public will not negotiate the decision of the Constitutional Court, which has permitted a Muslim butcher to cut cattle without preparatory slumber. Here Muslim rights as individuals to the free exercise of

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The President of the Russian Federation will be the same, just with a different naming

Lady: "We wish that nothing has changed in relations between Belarus and Russia, so that everything remains as before. We love these things, and a hundred percent satisfied with us."Her husband: "Yes, I support his wife, I think it will be the same. President Medvedev will be, he will continue the policies of Putin."Man: "Radically unlikely that-nibudt change. Especially since that effect prior president — Putin — remains strong. Because wait configurations course is not necessary. "Young Man: "I think the configurations will not. Anyway because, it seems, Putin remains as head of government, and I think that the policy

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what would happen if Eremenko will play against Russia?

Much ado is not required as the "SE" have already written. Let's get straight to the facts. Last week was played qualifiers and friendlies different teams, provided for in the FIFA calendar. The Russian team was resting, getting ready for the game against Finland. However, paradoxically, the Russians still out on the field. Including in the Finns — our rivals in tomorrow's qualifying meeting in Helsinki. Learn more — in the material correspondent "SE" Eugene Dzichkovsky. [Cut] Before this discrepancy would cause problems. Today, everyone knows what it is about. Yes, the Russians are playing for the national teams of

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Woven stainless mesh of JSC NPP FAN

JSC "NPP FAN" — a company specializing in the manufacture and sales of precision alloys, including high electrical resistance. These include Nichrome brands H20N80 (H), H15N60 (H), HN70YU-H, as well as the brand fehral H23YU5T, as well as alloys for termolektrodov and compensating cables for thermoelectric converters — Chromel, Alumel, Kopel, constantan — based alloys nickel.  In April 2013 "SPE FAN" is ready to put on a preliminary request a woven stainless mesh to be applied for fencing, drying and dehydration of various materials and products for the insulation of industrial equipment and other needs. JSC "NPP FAN" has

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New thinking

"Happy New Year, with new happiness" — we congratulate mechanically and inertia. We do not put those words in some special content, and because we wish a little worth, and the word itself has no power of acting. This case tradition, so as very extended belief that "the beginning of a new year which — such is the whole year." Neuzh something nice to celebrate New Year and merry company can be ensure that the joy and comfort will be the whole of 2008?Of great surprise I read that this is thought of Ian Zlastousty in the IV century. "It

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A talented self-taught for the benefit of Russia

Russia for its long history has produced a lot of brilliant people. Rightful place among them is a self-taught inventor Ivan Kulibin.

He was born on April 21, 1735 to refurbish the village of Nizhny Novgorod district of Nizhny Novgorod in the family of small trader Peter Kulibina and soon began to be interested in "how things work within." In his room, he had a little shop, where he had gathered all available at that time for plumbing fixtures, lathes and other works. 

In addition, the father, to encourage this enthusiasm son, tried to bring

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Which criteria Belarusians work abroad?

By solving all throw at home and to go to work in abroad pushes usually poor financial situation in the country. Live on $ 300 average wage at the rapid growth of prices is difficult.Youth chooses "Pepsi." Senior — Russian varietiesStatistics show that young people want to Western countries, and older people, and the inhabitants of rural areas are oriented to Russia This says Director of the Research Institute of Labour Svetlana Shevchenko:"The young people to a greater extent in the U.S. and England. From other states — this, of course, Russian Federation. Originality labor movement in Western countries that

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U.S. ready to use GLONASS for safety

The U.S. official in charge of navigation, said he did not rule out the possibility of using GLONASS and other foreign satellite systems to ensure the safety of their country. U.S. ready to use foreign satellite navigation system in addition to GPS for public use, including for homeland security, for example, in the aviation industry. This was at the International Summit on navigation in Munich said Anthony J. Russo (Anthony J. Russo), the head of service of the U.S. government responsible for the coordination of projects in the field of navigation systems, said the publication Space News.


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