2013 will do without El Niño and La Niña

June 27, 2013. According to the U.S. National Weather Service, this year the waters of the Pacific Ocean and its coast along without two well-known phenomena of atmospheric, warm and wet El Niño and La Niña cool. The World Meteorological Organization also confirms this information, indicating that the climatic structure over the Pacific Ocean before the end of the year will remain neutral, but is left to inaccurate forecasts a slight chance.

The absence of both El Niño and La Niña events were caused by the fact that last year, the water temperature in the ocean, the water level, cloud

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Why rats sniff each other?



It is known that openly communicate with each other are the only people rats is used to communicate the sense of smell. They can learn a lot about each other through smell — Female Is it? Whether we be friends with her? Who is affected? What did he eat? Rarely people can find out as much information about the interlocutor through a normal conversation.

New research shows that the act of sniffing can have a social function, allowing the rats

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Beijing faces water shortages and subsidence

Beijing faces water shortages and subsidence Facts

800 wells that extract water within the fifth ring road in Beijing, will be closed this year to keep the ground water. In 2011, the total amount of water that has been used residents of the capital, was 3.6 billion cubic meters. According to the authorities, by 2014, the extraction of water in urban areas will be discontinued, as the capital is observed subsidence, in other words, the city falls to the ground. In Beijing, there are over 10,000 wells in the city and its suburbs. Excessive use of surface water, along with

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The strange story of a man who knew no fear


Justin Feinstein six years fought hard to scare a guinea under the code SM. He showed her the "Blair Witch Project", "The fear of spiders," "The Shining" and "The Silence of the Lambs" — it is useless. He took her to the shop of exotic animals, but it has no apparent reason pulled the snake out of the cage and enthusiastically finger touched her tongue. It was only due to the intervention Seller she could not make friends with a cute tarantulas.

Then Mr. Feinstein took her to an abandoned sanatorium Waverly Hills

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World Ocean acidification threatens

World Ocean acidification threatens Facts

The high level of pollution of the oceans can cause accelerated oxidation of sea water with unknown consequences of science. At the moment, the process is faster than in any other period in the last 300 billion years. The consequences could be far more disastrous than what happened after the fall of the asteroid and mass eruptions in prehistoric times.

After reviewing hundreds of paleokeanograficheskih samples, scientists from the U.S., UK, Spain, Netherlands and Germany came to the conclusion that the history of the planet only once during Pozdnepaleotsenovogo thermal maximum (56 million years ago),

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Foreign bodies, trauma

Eye Injuries dangerous for its unpredictability: they can happen anywhere, with anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances.

Kids fight, some shooting pellets from an air gun or simply fail to play snowballs? Result — whom some of them delivered to an ophthalmologist withinjury (contusion) of the eye. Adults have discovered champagne cork and hit theeye One of them — the same sad consequences.

In the hands of a child or adult firecracker exploded poor quality? The result — burn eyes, and, possibly, a penetrating wound of the eyeball. In the eyes flew midge got metal shavings, a piece of glass

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About 20% of children in New York City mental health problems

Among New York's children have a real epidemic of mental illness, and very serious — including depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and other "charms".

A study conducted by the Department of Health NYC, has shown that certain problems have approximately 145,000 children aged 6 to 12 years — about 20% of all children living in the city. This number includes 44,000 small as psychiatric patients and about 101,000 children who do not receive any medical care because doctors once or unprofitable to deal with them, and parents can not afford it, and awkward — what do think of us neighbors

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Path of Evil: United States

What is the United States? Carrion, a man they weathered to the point and not worth a damn.

Nikolai Gogol

With amazement we saw democracy in its disgusting cynicism in her cruel prejudices, in her intolerable tyranny. All noble, selfless, all uplifting human soul — suppressed relentless selfishness and passion for contentment (comfort).

Alexander Pushkin

Looking at the U.S., it is impossible not to feel disgust for the manifestation of power and global capitalism that is spreading around the world and becomes loathsome in his omnipotence.


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Masturbation lessons for 5-year-olds UK.

The inscription on the picture: "Sex education, clarify for five years."

The five-year UK children tell about everything to do with sexual relations, even teach masturbation. Of course, who else but the school will be able to teach such a responsible business? And no matter what then brains would no longer be able to absorb any other information. After all, no one needs a number of thoughtful and knowledgeable people who will be able to grow out of those now found on the school bench.

And, of course, will not do without the

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The first English colony in North America, based on the bones of white slaves

Before the advent of black slaves in the colonies of England toiled white slaves — are obliged servant. The bulk of the servants were obliged to thousands of homage and other small-holder farmers, evicted from the land in England and Ireland, as well as the industrial revolution ruined artisans who sell themselves "on-time" back in the UK for travel to America.

During the arduous journey across the ocean, many of them died from hunger, disease, and shipwrecks. Upon arrival on the American continent, if not in the harbor were buyers, white slaves, chained to each other, have led to the

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