Alex Stepanovich Hamsters of the West

Foreigners in his works, with good reason, humiliate Russia. "In Europe, began to talk and write about Russia. It is not surprising we have so much said and written about Europe, that Europeans, at least out of courtesy should engage Russia. Every Russian traveler, returning from abroad, asks his friends couch potatoes, "read that they have written about us, Lord so and so, so and so Marquis, such bookseller, Dr. so and so?" Homebody, of course, always says he does not read it. — "Sorry, sorry, very curious little book, How many new as smart as entries! Of course,

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Russophobia West

Muscovy, or Russia … has remained almost unknown in Europe, while it was not the king of the throne of Peter. The Muscovites were less civilized than the inhabitants of Mexico, with the opening of its Cortez. Natural-born slaves of the same barbaric as they themselves are the rulers, they eked out of ignorance, not knowing any arts or crafts, and being ignorant of the use thereof. The ancient sacred law forbade them under pain of death, to leave the country without the permission of the patriarch, that they had no opportunity voschuvstvovat yoke of their oppressors. This law

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Herzens syndrome

In 1847, Alexander Herzen emigrated from Russia, because he believed his homeland focus of evil, a sort of "climax" of which he had seen in the execution of five participants in the uprising on December 14. He could not know that from 1775 (the suppression of the Pugachev rebellion and the execution of six of its leaders), and until 1847 the first — that is nearly 75 years old — was punishment Decembristsonlypenalty in Russia. Yet he refused to live in a country where this would unheard of cruelty.

However, less than one and a half years

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Why Saudi Arabia can be that which can not Libya?

"TASS is authorized to declare that the party and municipal leaders of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic addressed to the Russian Union and other allies, with a request for fraternal Czechoslovak people of emergency, including assistance to the armed forces … Russian military units, together with the military units of naming the allied states on August 21, entered the area of Czechoslovakia … Anyone and will never be allowed to pull and 1st level of the community of socialist states. "

During this TASS statement hitherto cursed and multinational Russian people, and even more cosmopolitan Warsaw contract and his kids,

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Why is the "eye" of Hurricane quietly?

Why is the "eye" of Hurricane quietly? It is interesting

Photo: August 29, 2005 Hurricane "Katrina" Category 3 coming to Louisiana, the speed of wind gusts exceeding 200 kilometers per hour.

"Eye" or core hurricane, surrounded by turbulence and heavy rains, in all its majesty is an insidious peace center of the phenomenon. The formation of an eye — round clear blue spot in the center of the vortex diameter of 30 to 65 kilometers — indicates that a tropical storm becomes stronger and more organized. That is why meteorologists are watching the storm, waiting indications of the hurricane eye.

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UFO in the sky over Texas were paper lanterns




Over the weekend in the night sky over the state of Texas (United States), many people have seen unidentified objects like meteors or flying saucers. But, to the disappointment of the witnesses and UFO, extraterrestrial nothing in the sky really is not observed.

Saturday night in the local emergency call witness, speaking about the "red meteors flying across the sky." Who left the call the police and other witnesses did see

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Scientists: Tectonic plateau in Pakistan is moving like a caterpillar

January 16. Kohat plateau in north-western Pakistan is a special geological structure that moves on the surface of another tectonic plate small, successive short steps — about the same as a caterpillar, say Indian and American geologists in an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Roger Bilham (Roger Bilham) from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) and his colleagues believe that "tracked" nature of the movement was the cause of the mysterious plateau earthquake May 20, 1992, the force of which reached 6 on the Richter scale. To date, this event is considered the most powerful earthquake

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Soldiers unrighteousness

Timeworn America was once again shocked when I went on the internet photos of U.S. soldiers posing with the dismembered bodies of their slain Afghans.

Start gave the newspaper "Los Angeles Times", which placed shot a soldier with a severed hand on the shoulder of Taliban. Of signatures indicated that the military belongs to the 82nd Air Division of the United States, located in Afghanistan. Then, on the website of the newspaper there is another picture of a soldier who was holding a severed leg of his enemy. In the third photo, two soldiers posing with severed hand Taliban,

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Planet X — Nibiru



Planet Nibiru — a byword astronomers, journalists and fans of all unusual. However, if you organize all that is written on this planet, it turns out that we are talking about three very different celestial bodies, all of them … for some reason called "Nibiru"!

Planet of the system of Brown Dwarf

According to some reports on the Internet, Nibiru — is one of the planets around some dark star, or the Brown Dwarf. And supposedly this Dark Star

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Biofield holy image



Today, scientists are trying to understand the healing gift of icons, a scientific case perpetrated by them miracles. One of the hypotheses to explain the medicinal properties of allowing the images of the saints, is the idea of the bioenergy field. According to some researchers, this field have not only living beings.

Under certain conditions it can accumulate in various subjects. Let's take a little'll stand in the church and watch the congregation. Frequent visitors to the temple at

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