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In the Saratov region are building a new oil extraction plant

In the region of Saratov Balakovo build oil extraction plant LLC "UK Solar Products." The plant is planned to create 320 jobs.

The project for the construction of an oil extraction plant capacity of 1.8 tons / day is realized on the base of the elevator, LLC "Volga terminal." The enterprise is scheduled installation of process equipment with a high degree of automation of processing of oilseeds.

Operation of the plant will store and process the full harvest of sunflower, camelina and other oil crops grown in the region, to produce high-quality oil, and — provide

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Vilnius on the cutting edge of democracy

In Lithuania are representatives of the Russian and Belarusian opposition

Performance of "swamp" the delegates came down to the fact that Russia has ripened almost revolutionary situation: the people allegedly neither Putin nor Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov not long ago did not believe in a strong demand "democratic transition".

Generally, in the speeches of Russian participants of the conference was a lot of ambivalence and unsaid. This is understandable because, on the one hand, they were at pains to please in Vilnius, on the other hand — some of the revelations could lead to a negative evaluation

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The first in the Kuban viticultural resource center opened under Temryuk

In the Resource Center of the "Amber" will be taught not only the graduates of schools Temryuk district and region, but also agribusiness growers, farmers, and other individuals.

4 years ago Legislative Assembly approved the regional target program "Improving and strengthening the organizational structure and material-technical base of the system of primary and secondary vocational education of the Krasnodar Territory" for 2010-2014. The task was to create the province’s 25 resource centers. Center "Amber" in the village of Veselovka became the thirteenth, but the first in the province viticultural areas.

"Amber" from the regional budget

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Construction of a bridge over Pyakupur coming to an end

"Where there is a road, there is life" — these words in April 2012, the governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin has started the construction of a bridge across the river Pyakupur. It’s only been 13 months, and the infrastructure facility is almost ready. Car traffic is expected to open in September, before the next freeze-up. 

In spring and autumn the residents of the city Tarko-Sale, Pur district center, are on one side, and the entire area and the railway on the other. Pyakupur can drive around the river, but it’s more than a hundred kilometers of

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Russian philosophers. Issue 2: SG Kordonsky

Simon Gdalevich Kordonsky — very interesting figure, I would say the sign. After all, rarely meet a person who would be able to grow their own sociological theory (and even entire social philosophy), relying on their own field research. Actually, it all started with the fact that the supervisor Kordonsky (name I do not remember), executing an order from Moscow, nakosyachil, and therefore sent the disciples to understand what went wrong. That’s Simon Gdalevich, he said, and he saw that the reality is very different from how it used to be considered in the USSR. Moreover, it was not

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Woven stainless mesh of JSC NPP FAN

JSC "NPP FAN" — a company specializing in the manufacture and sales of precision alloys, including high electrical resistance. These include Nichrome brands H20N80 (H), H15N60 (H), HN70YU-H, as well as the brand fehral H23YU5T, as well as alloys for termolektrodov and compensating cables for thermoelectric converters — Chromel, Alumel, Kopel, constantan — based alloys nickel.  In April 2013 "SPE FAN" is ready to put on a preliminary request a woven stainless mesh to be applied for fencing, drying and dehydration of various materials and products for the insulation of industrial equipment and other needs. JSC "NPP FAN" has

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GalaxTime — program for calculating extraterrestrial time (OS Android)

We present the necessary tools for all mankind in the exploration of space, created by the developers of Moscow. Program to monitor the extraterrestrial time. Listed below are 12 reasons why the world needs this product. The interface is, of course, first of all in Russian.

A mobile application for Android-based phones GalaxTime will adjust the time of any planet, not restricted 365 days per year, or 24 hours in a day, up to ten-thousandths. With the application can also set the time of such planets, where the day is equal to or

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How hard is it to be an agent in America …

Russian legislation was extremely "humane" than the U.S.

After working as a "foreign agent" in the United States for nearly five years, qualified declare that today the Russian law with foreign agents sentimental. Requirements came into force in November last year, the Russian law represent only 10-15 percent of the requirements of U.S. law.


In the U.S., foreign NGOs did not pursue "regime change", while in Russia they are basically just doing this and how they would have their activities to be. The idea is that, in this regard, the Russian law

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A talented self-taught for the benefit of Russia

Russia for its long history has produced a lot of brilliant people. Rightful place among them is a self-taught inventor Ivan Kulibin.

He was born on April 21, 1735 to refurbish the village of Nizhny Novgorod district of Nizhny Novgorod in the family of small trader Peter Kulibina and soon began to be interested in "how things work within." In his room, he had a little shop, where he had gathered all available at that time for plumbing fixtures, lathes and other works. 

In addition, the father, to encourage this enthusiasm son, tried to bring

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Bepxnevolzhcky steel service center (photo)

Author photo essay — paul_zver_70

Try to guess what sealed in the first picture?

Rolls of stock

Dear readers, before your eyes cars Renault Logan and Sandero, and other items of pride auto industry, but only at the initial stage of production. It will go in my reportage about the company, where they make a blank for body parts. However gauge only the workpiece is not limited, but I’ll still only about her.

 So Bepxnevolzhcky SMC (steel service center). Metal rolling here comes in rolls.

2. Weight of iron kruglyashey than

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