Bepxnevolzhcky steel service center (photo)

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Try to guess what sealed in the first picture?

Rolls of stock

Dear readers, before your eyes cars Renault Logan and Sandero, and other items of pride auto industry, but only at the initial stage of production. It will go in my reportage about the company, where they make a blank for body parts. However gauge only the workpiece is not limited, but I’ll still only about her.

 So Bepxnevolzhcky SMC (steel service center). Metal rolling here comes in rolls.

2. Weight of iron kruglyashey than

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Innovative product Neovaskulgen gaining market

Moscow — March 26, 2013. Human Stem Cell Institute— JSC "HSCI" (MICEX: ISKJ) announces the signing of an agreement for the supply of JSC "PharmFirma" Sotex "innovative drug Neovaskulgen ®, developed by HSCI and for the treatment of lower limb ischemia.

"PharmFirma Sotex" which is a group of companies "Protek", is one of the largest players on the pharmaceutical market in Russia and has a unique experience to the market launch of innovative medicines.

Supply agreement has been signed by companies March 25, 2013 for a term of three years with the possibility of

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CMI has perfected the Japanese technology to produce DRI

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has developed an original method for the direct reduction of iron and other iron-containing titaniferous raw material sources with promising metallurgical technology of third generation ITmk3, told an international conference on the TMS-2013 in San Antonio, TX (USA), a leading specialist of the future development of CMI Nicholas Panishev . 

Until two years ago at the CMI opened a project to find promising areas of oxidized (hematite) and titanomagnetite ores extraction of different components. Currently, CMI less than a third provided with its own iron ore, which is mined in

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N. Old Men: Freedom of speech on the Internet violate U.S.

The use of U.S. double standards in politics and economics news is not. If the U.S. dropped the bomb in the Afghan village and killed its inhabitants — it’s a mistake and a misunderstanding. Private security guards shot dead Iraqi civilians — an accident. There was no malicious intent. Should this occur in the country of the enemy the United States — all this murderous regime crimes and inhumane acts, worthy of the Hague tribunal. The same picture on the internet. The other day I received a letter. That’s it.

"Dear Nikolai! I would like to share my observation.

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Home 7th feeling in Japan.


Trip to Tokyo Forum on the Russian-Japanese Friendship preceded our meeting in Moscow with the Japanese company NISSO BOEKI Co. and its President, Mr. Shigeki MIZUNO. The company is working with Russia for more than 40 years and is engaged in export-import operations. Then, during the first meeting of President MIZUNO I asked what do you want from the Japanese market, because it is very complex and competitive sector of the world economy?! I said I wanted to find a partner for his project and try to go out with him on this promising and interesting

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SSJ-100 flew for the first time in China

Today, for the first time a new generation of Russian airliner Sukhoi Superjet-100 (SSJ-100) began flights on scheduled flights to Asia. SSJ-100 went from Yakutsk to Harbin.

Journey time takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. And on Saturday night for the first time will be piloted aircraft and even on flights on the Yakutsk-Beijing. Flights to Beijing and Harbin airline "Yakutia" performs once a week.

The first aircraft SSJ-100 arrived in Yakutsk, in December of last year, the second — in January 2013. They were already flying on regular routes from Yakutsk to Novosibirsk and

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American blogger Tim Kirby of Vyksa and other videos about OMC

A selection of high-quality clips about OMC. Sdelanounas readers should be interested in:


Promo clip OMC



The film is about Vyksa and OMC from Tim Kirby


Subtitles are included on the button:

Next, see other movies about OMC







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Russian smartphone YotaPhone.

The Russian company Yota Devices, owned Yota Scartel, used the exhibition MWC, again to tell us about your smart phoneYotaPhoneand display it.  The device was introduced in December last year and during CES has attracted considerable attention of foreign media because of its unique features — two 4.3 "screens. On the one hand has an LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 720, but on the other — E Ink (electronic ink) that does not lose contrast in sunlight and requires no energy when there is no update.

Both displays are protected by a durable glass Gorilla

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Don farmers have purchased 355 units of equipment


Since June 2010, the program aimed at the technical modernization of the village, Don farmers have purchased 355 units of agricultural machinery produced in the Rostov area — 214 combine harvesters and tractors made of 11 "Rostselmash" as well as more than 130 units of other regional agricultural production. From the regional budget for its implementation has been allocated 300 million rubles for the refund 20% of the cost of purchased agricultural machinery. Today the villagers have received grants in the amount of 144.3 million rubles. The other day in order to support peasant farmers Vasily Golubev has

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At Moscow State University have developed a new technology of smart glass

Electrochromic "smart windows" is nothing new about these developments mentioned in the "Made us" — for example, here, and here.

Researchers from Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov developed its own version of such a device in which the main working substance was a new material — conductive electrochromic poliviologen synthesized in INEOS. To enhance contrast and adherence after passing of electrical oxidation / reduction pair to be used together with low molecular weight conductive dimer aniline. After a careful selection of other auxiliary components electrochromic mixture (electrolyte, thickener, etc.) the researchers were able to achieve good performance.

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