Tractor plants produce new versions of Onezhtsa

The new model of the family of tracked vehicles — "Onezhets 392" with a turning tipper body — prepared to test the Onega Tractor Plant (Petrozavodsk, is part of the Concern "Tractor plants") in December of this year.

It will be indispensable in the regeneration of forest roads, quarries and construction and road facilities. Moving through plowed fields, tracked vehicle will not harm the fertile layer of soil, and therefore will be in demand from farmers for delivery to the field of fertilizers and other bulk materials. Tipper "Onezhets 392" expands range of Petrozavodsk technology for

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Graphene paper, Yakut cosmetics and other successes of the Yakut innovators

Five gold and three silver medals — that is the result of the Yakut innovators working visit to the International forum of innovative development of "Open Innovation" and two exhibition «OpeninnovationExpo-2012" and the 6th international biotech "RosBioTech 2012."

Photos from the show OpeninnovationExpo-2012

It should be noted that such a forum in Russia for the first time and, since 2012, will become permanent. The business program of the global event was attended by over 4,000 participants, 350 companies from 15 countries. Guests of the exhibition presented more than 1,000 of the latest innovations. Partners of the Forum were the

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Pipeline Gryazovets — Vyborg (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

About how to produce gas, I told you the example of South Russian field. And for the delivery of gas to customers using natural gas pipelines that cross our country in all directions, forming the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. They are built in any climate and geographical conditions.

"Gazprom" has completed the construction of autumn II thread main gas pipeline "Gryazovets — Vyborg" the 680 km (as the built Looping, the length of the second line turned out less than the length of the pipeline, which is 917

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Information network Samotlor

The company "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) has announced the provision of Samotlor oil field in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District communications services technology Radio Ethernet, which will provide fixed-line telephony and internet without the construction of the cable network. The solution also supports the work of telematic services for the remote control key process "Samotlorneftegaz", the largest mining company TNK BP in Russia.

Lake Samotlor

On the territory of oilfield MTS has established 13 transmitting base stations and about 2,500 subscriber terminals transmitting data and ensure reliable communication within a radius of 20 km. Applicable equipment uses multiple data channels that can

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Luch-5B revealed the antenna to transmit data back to Earth

Russian relay satellite "Luch-5B", launched on the night between Friday and Saturday, along with other Russian communications satellite "Yamal-300K" ( From the Baikonur Cosmodrome using rocket "Proton-M" and descended into orbit by the booster "Briz-M", revealed the antenna to transmit data back to Earth, the representative of the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC) TsNIIMASH.

"Antennas spacecraft" Luch-5B "opened at the estimated time" — said the MCC.

Previously, there was disclosure of solar satellite repeater for power supply and operation of on-board equipment of the spacecraft.

According to the representative of the PCO in the range between 15.00

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NATO troops will take part in the parade on May 9?

Yesterday the project access to Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow City Council were members of the faction of the Communist Party. Communists consider inadmissible the participation of NATO troops in a military parade on Red Square on May 9, 2010.

Recall that the March 25, 2010 at a meeting of the organizing committee of the "Victory" in Volgograd, Russian Defense Minister announced that for the first time in the history of the military parade on Red Square on Victory Day military units will be involved member states of NATO. This decision caused a stir in political and social

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Finnish shop will sell for rubles

Department «Stockmann» in Helsinki in December will accept as payment in Russian rubles. Go to such measures makes obstrivshayasya competition from Sweden and Estonia.

According to «Helsingin Sanomat», more shopping "Stockmann’e" the Russians are doing so improve the service for Russian tourists is so important that from the beginning of December the store will accept Russian rubles.

Coming to Finland, the average Russian tourist buys primarily food — for example, fish. The next item is clothing for adults, then cooking utensils and other household goods.

In January-September 2012 the total value of tax-free purchases made by

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Comes in — and out

Leaving the "Rostov"

— Michael, first, let’s go back a bit in the past. Last year you left the FC "Rostov", which played most of his career. Bad feeling after breaking left?

— Residues in any case remain, because I played in the "Rostov" for nine years, giving this club their best professional years. The way that to me … God will judge them. As the saying goes, everything goes around comes around once. Although the evil I do not want anyone. On the contrary, I want to "Rostov" finally won and achieved significant results. Therefore evil on

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Beloyarskii (Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk), comfort and well-being

In late September, spontaneously arose plans to go to Beloyarskii (Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk)—the city where I lived from 1992 to 1998. Nature here is modest, but beautiful.

Tuesday afternoon, a man fishing with his legs hanging from the pier

Sand, water, wood.

In the forest, moss, cranberries and autumn leaves.

There are many rivers and lakes.

Inhabitant of the local.

City of settlement of young settlers, caravans and sand turned into a kind of well-fed, calm and beautiful European city. For children — School of the Arts:


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About the comic book and its author

About the Author

Stephan Pastis was born in 1968 in the Los Angeles suburb of San Marino. He studied political science at the University of California, and then trained as a lawyer and for nine years (1993-2002) practiced in the Bay Area of San Francisco. In parallel with this Stephen drew cartoons and sent them to various publishers, but refused.

The success of pastis brought comics «Pearls Before Swine», which he began painting in 1997. In December 1999, Stephen konktrakt concluded with the agency «United Media», and in January 2002 appeared in the newspapers first issues of

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