HaloPolymer opened warehouses in South Korea

Company HaloPolymer Trading, Inc. — overseas office holding "HaloPolymer", opened warehouses in Busan (South Korea) in order to optimize sales PTFE different brands in the region.

South Korea’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the OECD countries, consistently demonstrating the past 10 years, the GDP growth of 4% per year. HaloPolymer Trading supplies to South Korea are different brands of PTFE (4DE, 4A, 4M). At the same warehouse company serving customers not only in South Korea but also in Taiwan and other countries in South-East Asia.

To date, the company’s sales to customers in the region amounted to

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At the Ice Palace Iceberg (Sochi) for the first time played medals

At the Ice Palace "Iceberg" concluded Federation Cup in figure skating.

34 athletes from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia played its first-ever Olympic Park sets of medals.

Athletes showed 46 original short and arbitrary programs. Performances evaluated the refereeing of the six Russian specialists.

In parallel, we tested the key systems of the palace, including the cold supply, ventilation, air conditioning and acoustics. Russian and foreign technical delegates and officials, including representatives of international sports federations have documented the successful completion of the test starts and praised the work of the ice rink.

"Iceberg" — a

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Alexander Shikunov: To Baskakov, we have no complaints. Claims — to our players

In a match in Grozny referee Yuri Baskakov showed nine yellow cards, with eight — guests. In our football Sometimes, of course, and not a "leaf fall", but what is impressive.


Yuri Baskakov, Match referee:

— After the match, representatives of both teams thanked me and my mates for judging. I agree that the ratio of warnings — 8:1, at first glance, it may seem strange. But the reaction of the leaders of both teams, "five", staged inspector SAVKIN, speak for themselves. Moreover, eight warnings one team and one — the other, in my opinion, give a

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Weapons will equip the system identification of the owner

In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry have developed a system of control over the circulation of weapons that can identify the shooter from the photo, fingerprints and other biometric data. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" in reference to the system developer on condition of anonymity, if approved by the military-industrial commission, the system could be implemented within a year. According to the official publication, the system is a microchip with information about the direction that can be embedded in any pistol, rifle or machine gun. This chip will block the

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Kontinental Hockey League is an American broadcast

American sports channel ESPN will broadcast the matches of NHL in the United States and Canada. In the first half of October, ESPN viewers will see five matches of the League. Showing KHL games overseas — is the undoubted success of the European leagues. The main reason for the interest of Americans to become NHL shutout in the NHL, because of which many stars, including the U.S., let’s go play in the KHL.

The Head of the Department of TV projects CHL Natalia Tchaikovsky said that on the night of the lockout has received numerous offers from our American colleagues,

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30 interesting but useless facts

In 1936, a new sort of sausage — Doctoral. Title attributed sausage special honorable "mission" — it was intended "to amend the health of persons affected by the arbitrariness of the Tsarist regime."

Source: mayak.rfn.ru

Capacity CD was chosen by Japanese developers so that it is fully fit Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony — a favorite piece of Vice President Sonia. Although the total duration of the drive in 74 minutes, which arose as a result of various technical approvals, was still half a minute shorter than the symphony.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Export name of the car Lada Kalina for Finland

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Yandex has released its own browser

The novelty is closely integrated with the Internet services of the Russian company — search, maps, mail, translator, etc. "Yandeks.Brauzer" can give the user a hint with ready-made answers, helping to speed up the search for relevant information. As in most other modern browsers, the address bar of the program will be administered as web sites and search queries. From malicious sites to help protect the integrated anti-virus technology, "Yandex" and "Kaspersky Lab".

Technologically browser "Yandex" uses the same platform as the Chrome from Google — Shromium project with open source, based on the engine, WebKit. However, developments

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Defense Ministry received new electrical lab

Ltd. "ElektroLab" has finished shipment of 46 laboratories for the Ministry of Defense.

In late September, the last ETL-35KP were delivered to the customer.

The contract with the Ministry of Defence took place in December 2011. Following the production of ETL, during May — September was a military inspection machines.

Electrical mobile ETL-35 can be mounted on the base vehicles Gazelle, GAZ, ZIL, PAZ, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Peugeot and other cars both domestic and imported, with the same dimensions and provides the following types of work:

test cable insulation and other devices and appliances fixed and variable (50 Hz), high

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Russian scientists have analgesic from the venom of the spider

Scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. MM Shemyakin Ovchinnikov Institute opened in the venom of the wolf spider substance that serves as a potent analgesic than morphine and is not addictive. Now it takes place pre-clinical trials.

Pain — the main reason why people go to the doctor. This kind of signal: if it hurts, it means that something is wrong and we must take action. But there are pathological persistent pain that signal the most dysfunctional neuronal systems and the transfer of the pain signal. Such, for example, phantom pain — the pain is nothing, but still hurts.

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The village of millionaires

— In Pestovo? Yes, there are some on the road, "Hummers" yes "Mercedes" ride! Even dogs lodge in the special VIP booths are two rooms, hallway, double glazing — I saw it myself! — At the counter in the station shop about a neighboring village told in epic style. However, in contrast to a similar epic tales about suburban estate Rublevka about Pestovo not give rise to any social protest even in the shower narrators. Maybe because they have the final one and the same:

— But guys and stick there be healthy! Baste their cabins from morning

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