100 facts about Germany

1) High feast. On the table, among others — nearly empty bottle of wine. You take it and ask everyone: "Well, who the last drop?" Here you have a bottle angrily grabs the hand of the guy who claims, "I do not blame you, sorry, but the bottle — mine, and I decide to whom and when will this last drop ".

2) Head: "You are as translated for payment of their private conversations with a working phone? Four stamps? And in the account is 4.02! I had to pay extra for you 2 pfennig, lend. I hope that this

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West today: Great degeneration

For sotsiopatologii important (as opposed to psychopathology) are not taken separately thoughts, decisions and actions of the geeks, and the ratio of mass to them. It is clear that some geeks were at all times and among all peoples. The existence of the drug, the cannibals, possessed nothing has been said about the qualities of the society in which they live. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep. Much more important is the mass reaction to the behavior of the geeks: a tolerant society to degeneratizmu, ie Whether it manifests sotsioimunny deficit by equalizing the pathology

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Do nanobots will eat us?




In August 2003, there was a message on the establishment of a molecular motor that about a million times less than what works in our cars. This engine is not only done, but also successfully tested. In scientific journals began to write about the fact that this is an important milestone in the development of nanotechnology.

Why is it important?

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Thoughts of an American patriot U.S. Independence Day

July 4 (U.S. Independence Day — per.) Is approaching, and I was asked to tell that the celebration of this day means to me as an American. First of all, I feel very mixed feelings about the celebration of Independence Day of the United States, knowing that the country, which declared its independence in 1776, was built on land cleared during the 284 years of genocide against its indigenous inhabitants. Knowing that, as Robert Lowell wrote in his poem "Children of the World":

"Our fathers were baking bread in wood and stone And to fence their gardens bones Redskins'


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German book for children on sex education

Look, it's a baby. You know how it come from?

Here you can see my mom and dad. Together they made this baby.

U-Turn 2.

This dad and mom naked. You can see the mother's breast, and her mother's crack. This gap is called the vagina.

You can see my dad's tail. Tail is called a member. And you can see my dad a bag between his legs. It is called the scrotum.

Mom and Dad love each other. They kiss. Dad's dick gets bigger. Now, it is right.

Mom and Dad want to dad's dick was

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Tenderloin circular puzzle




"Kuznetsk edge", 10.07.2003, Kemerovo, n72, p.6

Author: Michael Burleshin * Recently, the mysterious circles punctually appear on the Russian fields *

Ufologists have already found a couple of places, especially the "vending" obscure forces are looming with polegshey land wheat circles, commas, and other flourishes. One of them is located in Novokubansky district of

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Avalanche in the mountains of Nepal

Avalanche in the mountains of Nepal Facts

After the avalanche with the eighth highest mountain peak of the world, located in the north-west of Nepal, died climbing group of nine people, four other people who were trying to conquer the mountain, at the moment are still missing. One of the tourist camps, which were home to climbers during the ascent, demolished avalanche flow, the second has significant damage.

As the representative of the local police, the body of German climber and his Nepalese guide were found deep in the snow on the mountain Manaslu altitude 8163 m, which

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Lost in translation, or what we actually know about body language?


Many people think that they understand the non-verbal signals interlocutor. But from the look of the careful observer can escape the fact that, in reality, these signals are extremely contradictory.

Last year, when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced the divorce, reporters rushed to assure each other that this was to be expected. "You just look at the body language" — screaming headlines, under which adorned with photos of gloomy Holmes, Cruise's holding at arm's length. And when Barack Obama last year, lost the first election debate with Mitt Romney, some commentators have pointed to the President

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The eruption of the volcano in Costa Rica, Nicaragua awakened volcanoes

The eruption of the volcano in Costa Rica, Nicaragua awakened volcanoes Natural Disasters

Located 135 km from the capital of Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano woke up and scared the people in the country with three eruptions. The sharp rise of the activity at the volcano about three thousand people were immediately evacuated from the surrounding area with 50 trucks and 350 security personnel. Serious danger to residents are gases and other substances escaping from the crater on the surface.

The height of the column of ash over the crater of San Cristobal reached five thousand feet. Spaced wind,

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Way past life




"You seem to be interested in reincarnation, past-life research. Come to our institute, see what people are talking about their previous incarnations under hypnosis. The conclusions he did. " The proposal appealed to me old friend, who heads the Department of Psychology at one metropolitan university.


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