Become a Dr.Rex power-user

The Dr.Rex is one of Reason’s unsung heroes, great for everything from backing to experimentation. Hollin Jones slices it up…

The Props have created a number of important technologies that many of us take for granted — and without which our lives would almost certainly be more fiddly. There’s ReWire, of course, the invisible protocol for streaming audio and MIDI between Reason and other DAWs, and also the REX format. ReCycle was actually one of the company’s first major software releases — a standalone application for analysing and slicing up audio loops and saving them in a format that had

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Nearly 6,000 Beau fighters were built, and the pages of this magazine are testament to the aircraft’s exceptional contribution to world aviation heritage. So it is a great pity that today there are only nine substantially complete airframes. At Duxford in Cambridgeshire one is under restoration to flying condition, but we will have to be patient for the day when it takes to the skies.

The last time a Beaufighter flew was in I960 — take a look at Tugging at Sleeves. The RAF Museum was still a pipedream in those days and bringing an old airframe all the way

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Batching It.

Like many of us. Matthias spent a lot of time robotically swapping disks in and out of his CD burner, ripping music, and doing backups. Then he thought he could rig up something to perform the tasks for him. He was right. By pulling together some electronics design, mechanics, coding, and woodworking. Matthias built a Linux PC-controlled contraption that rips through stacks of CDs.

A hinged wooden finger opens and closes via solenoid, conveying the CDs by grabbing and releasing them by their center holes. Motorized pulleys move the grabber. This CD transport mechanism is run by an external controller

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Fitting in does not come naturally to Arnett. During college, at Georgia Tech, he was often the only white person at the Royal Peacock, an Atlanta jazz dub. He feels more at home in Europe than in America. He was bom William Arenowitch, but after college he changed his name to Arnett, as did his brother, Robert, who makes photography books about India.

Arnett’s inside voice is an outside voice. He interrupts, a lot. He often begins a sentence with «No, no,» even if heʼs about to say something positive. His jokes can sound like insults. He tends to miss,

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Are wifeys the new smug marrieds?

From in-jokes to Instagramming each other, are loved-up BFFs the most annoying social-media trend of 2013?

YES says Rachel Hills

It’s hard not to feel envious of Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. The two plaster each other’s photos over Instagram, sing one another’s praises on Twitter and call each other wifey — the new cool-girl epithet for ‘BFF’.

They’re not alone. Whether it’s celebs forming platonic partnerships to rival the passion of Brangelina, or acquaintances Tweeting about the fun they’re having with @PersonWho’sNotYou, friends are the new social-media status symbol — the cooler and more photogenic, the better. And yes,

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Pacific Ink and Art Expo

Paradise Ink

When photographer extraordinaire, Andrew Brusso, called us from Hawaii to say he had scored tickets for the First Annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo, we immediately took him up on his offer to shoot the show for us. Armed with lights and cameras, Brusso set his sights on the action at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu last summer.

This was not Brusso’s first Hawaiian assignment for S&I, and having experienced his signature style of capturing tattoos on camera, we knew we would get coverage of this happening that no other magazine

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An Event Photographers Workaround

I have always enjoyed photographing events. Recently though, I have been forced to cover certain functions where the movement of photographers is restricted. Due to this, I am forced to shoot along with other photographers from the same enclosure. How do I avoid my pictures from looking the same?

If you are restricted to the same vantage point, getting innovative with angles can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible. Use focal length wisely… most event photographers stick to the tried and tested tight frames. Get a safe shot, but then experiment with a wide photo that includes

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5 amazing facts about… TITAN

Humans could float in its sky

Titan’s thick atmosphere, low gravity

(less than our Moon) and reasonable surface pressure (1.45 times that of

Earth’s) mean that, by flapping a pair of wings strapped to your arms, you could fly in its skies with no more effort than walking.

We’ve landed on it, and we might again

The Saturn-orbiting spacecraft Cassini carried with it the Huygens probe, which landed on Titan (our only landing in the outer Solar System) on

14 January 2005. There are proposals being discussed for another landing, this time possibly using a boat.

It’s bigger than Mercury

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Why so rapidly grow food prices?

Tsigankov: "The Ministry of Agriculture has sent a proposal to increment prices for milk to all relevant ministries and agencies. Course, bureaucrats realized that another method the problem of the supply of milk in the auction can not be solved. How do you think the highest management agree more with such a proposal, and can rise as milk and dairy products? " Zaleski: "There are two nuances. 1st — this ratio is global, and our Russian milk prices. Belarus has always been pretty well behind in this regard. Because the conditions are under which profitably sell milk to the place

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Night Siege. October 11

Blogger freedommm society made a proposal: "There are many in the community conscious and close to our all-powerful (Milinkevich Ivashkevicha etc.) .. I remember at one point yelled Milinkevich that the Internet community should not chat on forums, and out into the streets and fight. So here I think that many want to ask them a couple of direct and provocative questions. There is an opportunity to ask those same questions for our opposition nemaderavanyya favorite so to speak, live and get their public response? Ask them to make LJ and join the group minsk_by ".In the comments aquamber shares

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