People are able to see with your eyes closed?




Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Physics Department of Moscow State University Yuri Pyt'ev in no doubt

On the face — a dense black armband. In the face — the book. A person reads it. Focus? Miracle? Supernatural powers? Theoretically, it is possible neither one

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When shy harmful

The ability to bear and give birth to children requires a clear work the female reproductive system. Equally important features of this system are due to the complexity of its structure and the fineness of the mechanisms of regulation, which are very sensitive to the state of the female body, and external influences.

Because of this, diseases of the female reproductive system are varied and widespread. In the absence of treatment, many of them have serious complications, up to a total loss of reproductive function. To help maintain the health of the woman and the ability to bear children,

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How not to go crazy on Mars


Once people have conquered the moon, has spoken lots of historical phrases, and astronaut Alan Shepard played golf in the moonlight, the next challenge was to mankind Mars. While the space-faring nations are competing for the right to hoist their flag first on the surface of the Red Planet, real people are getting ready for the flight.

What are the stressful situations they face? Or maybe go mad? And whether there will be people in the full sense of the word?


But why do people suddenly need to go to Mars?

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Air pollution reduces the monsoons

Air pollution reduces the monsoons Scientists prove

Scientists argue that the intensity of air pollution may be responsible for reducing the frequency and intensity of monsoon rains. This is especially true for the residents of the southern part of Asia, where the welfare of 1.5 billion people depend on how regular and abundant rainfall brought by the monsoon season, which feed rivers and underground sources and fields of rice.

In this mode the region, a huge number of cars, motorcycles, coal-fired plants, constantly emitting harmful air suspension. These substances accumulate in the atmosphere, and eventually cause a cooling

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The worst enemy of the Antarctic — researchers

The worst enemy of the Antarctic — the researchers are interested in

Antarctica is still the most extensive in the world a place with virtually untouched wilderness. However, the scientists admit that their work has a negative impact on the safety of this unique place. Besides the usual warming and melting ice pose a risk increase in the inflow of tourists, launched in fishing and getting along with expeditions of living organisms from other parts of the world.

Scientific and geological expedition in search of new deposits of minerals, oil and gas also shorten the life of this

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Russian smartphone YotaPhone.

The Russian company Yota Devices, owned Yota Scartel, used the exhibition MWC, again to tell us about your smart phoneYotaPhoneand display it.  The device was introduced in December last year and during CES has attracted considerable attention of foreign media because of its unique features — two 4.3 "screens. On the one hand has an LCD with a resolution of 1280 x 720, but on the other — E Ink (electronic ink) that does not lose contrast in sunlight and requires no energy when there is no update.

Both displays are protected by a durable glass Gorilla

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The full moon does not deprive the mind




When it's full moon, beware: the people will leave the town red, dogs will bite, thieves — stealing and killer — to kill. So? Or is it not? It turns out that contrary to popular belief, the probability of such types of behavior during a full moon

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Media Systems and Ecology

Media Systems and Ecology Facts

The role of the media and other infrastructure associated with them, in the light of environmental issues and promote the protection of the environment is very high. Media resources cover a wide range of issues of ecology as a science as the ways in which people, consumers can make their lives more friendly in terms of the environment.

But, strangely enough, the existence of various media, communications and technology they use, also makes its negative contribution to environmental degradation. They are almost the largest consumers of energy in the world. Only on home

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Ten of the most "unlucky" U.S. States

Ten of the most "unlucky" U.S. States Facts

Natural disasters occur around the world, and to predict the scale is nearly impossible. However, there are places in the world where floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms and other weather surprises occur most often. Compiling a list of such places were taken in the U.S.. In a Top Ten hit "unsafe" states worst affected by the disasters, and who have the highest percentage of material and human losses in the last 10 years.

1.Louisiana Type of disaster (2002-2011): Two tropical storms, 7 hurricanes, and 20 other incidents related to the

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Russian scientists have analgesic from the venom of the spider

Scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. MM Shemyakin Ovchinnikov Institute opened in the venom of the wolf spider substance that serves as a potent analgesic than morphine and is not addictive. Now it takes place pre-clinical trials.

Pain — the main reason why people go to the doctor. This kind of signal: if it hurts, it means that something is wrong and we must take action. But there are pathological persistent pain that signal the most dysfunctional neuronal systems and the transfer of the pain signal. Such, for example, phantom pain — the pain is nothing, but still hurts.

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