REAL THREAT cyberwar

  Times in its own editorial reports that cyberwar is a true war.   When it comes to conflict, in which an instrument is computer code, many incorrectly believe that the consequences can only be basic. In fact, the newspaper said, an attack using computers can be more brutal and bloody than assault.   That’s why hackers attack on the newspaper New York Times, almost certainly the perfect agents of the Chinese government, should trouble the entire world society.   The attack on the newspaper began after the New York Times published an article in which impressively demonstrated that Chinese

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5 possible reasons why the aliens are not in contact with us


Man since ancient times excites the idea of the opportunity to meet with representatives of other civilizations. There is an entire subculture of being concerned in search of evidence that aliens have visited our planet.

However, the representatives of this subculture, and people who simply like the idea of the existence of aliens, have to think of the obvious question — if the aliens really are regularly visited by our planet, why so far we have not managed to talk to them?

Answers to this question asked a few. The five most popular and reasonable

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Russian and Korean specialists have created a new highly sensitive metal detector.


At the entrance to the mass actions today do not pass the metal detector. For the sake of their own protection to have to get used to this procedure, though, as shown by the test, and the newest models allow the error to 0.2%. In other words, when passing two thousand people may well bring as firearms or knives. [

To exclude this possibility, the specialists of the Moscow Research Institute of computer systems to them. MAKartsev and Korean firms Solar Electronic Technology created a mobile metal detector with special software. He does not

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The best way to dispose of medicines

The best way to dispose of drugs Scientists prove

What to do with drugs and cosmetics, the expiration date of which has already expired? After all, every year in the U.S. remain unclaimed amounts of these products worth up to $ 200 million. There are many ways of processing unusable pharmaceutical drugs. Some of them contribute to the penetration of a variety of chemically active substances in surface water and groundwater, which is dangerous for both man and the environment.

A new study from the University of Michigan, confirms that the most beneficial and harmless

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Scientists have uncovered the secret of the other world


Sensational revelations physicist Vladimir Efremov, miraculously returned from the dead

Leading designer of OKB "Impulse" Vladimir Yefremov died suddenly. Went to cough down on the sofa and died. Relatives did not at first understand what happened terrible.

Thought rested. Natalie first came out of his stupor. Touched his brother's shoulder

— Volodya, what's wrong?

Efremov helplessly fell on its side. Natalia tried to find a pulse. Heart stopped beating! She began to do CPR, but his brother was not breathing.

Natalia, a doctor herself, she knew that the chances of escaping are reduced by the minute. Tried to "make"

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In the Altai village Victory continue to kill livestock. Video


4.12.12.Kak BelTA SKY24 member of the initiative group Tatyana Lindt still cattle given food only once a day. This changed only in that the dead animals were taken out of the barnyard.

"Feeding the cattle are still empty. The poor animals eat only once a day and then, if the "lucky." Water either. Many already want to go to the prosecutor. We talked about how to sell livestock, but has been included in the bank bail. Came two buyers, one immediately refused, the other is not known. Collective farmers for 6 months are not paid. Want to find

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The death of shrimp in Vietnam


27.11.12.Gibel shrimp in ponds marked area of 79 hectares in the provinces of juice Trang, Ca Mau, Tra Vinh, Kien Giang and Bac Lieu (Bac Lieu).

Shrimp ponds in the area about 30 thousand hectares died of acute necrosis of the liver and pancreas, in other bodies of water — from other diseases and contaminated water. There is a check for the presence of water, pesticide residues, in particular, the most toxic to shrimp cypermethrin and deltamethrin, and illegally used by farmers banned substances when growing aquatic organisms. Rosselkhoznadzor is monitoring the situation.

Mystery of the wheat fields …




"Science and Religion", 22.10.2003, Moscow, nn10-11

Author: Vitaly Shelepov, Ph.D., Colonel

_ * This phenomenon can justifiably be called one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. * _

Mysterious circles in the grain fields … First of them talked about a quarter of a century

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UFOs have contact?




"Kaliningrad's true," 14.11.2003, Kaliningrad, n228, p.17

_ * The name of Alexander Kuzovkina well known in the art: associate F. Yu Siegel — one of the pioneers of Russian ufology, the author of numerous publications about unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately, Alexander Sergeyevich no longer with us, and

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Kaput Internet, comrades!


In January this year, was signed into law on copyrights ASTA. Across Europe are protests, but it is not who cares. Briefly about the main point: 1 — for downloading a song or movie in the country signed the agreement can face fines or imprisonment Türmen for up to 5 years. 2 — on the border will inspect all devices (CellPhones, mp3 players, laptops) for not licensed content. Will find at least one song that would be fine.

I hope that Russia would not sign the document.

Related news for December: December 3 was published the final version of

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