Another World

In one of the states in the U.S. back in 1947 there was a strange accident, alleged flying saucer crashed in this provincial town Rosuel. Eyewitnesses events began to argue that it was a UFO, because the remains of the ship was noticed strange characters. There is speculation that it was the aliens brought us writing.

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According to one hypothesis, when the aliens genetically

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Swine plague ravaging the region


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19.07.11.Povodom for writing this article was the recent developments related to the incredible speed of spread of African swine fever in the Rostov region.

Only in the last two weeks have been reported regional Rosselkhoznadzor four pockets of infection

Overall, in the Don region, there are already 37 cases of outbreaks of ASF and 10 infected objects, three of which are associated with diseases of wild boars. Attack visited 14 administrative districts.

According to the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, regional treasury had to pay about fifty million rubles to farmers affected by the ASF virus,

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Amazing facts that will make you smile


If you do not wake up in a better mood and a bad day, smile and everything is possible acquire a different meaning. Here are some amazing facts about the person, life and death, animals and the countries that can make you happy and a little happier.

Interesting facts about the man

1. If you simulate laughter long enough, you start laughing for real.

2. The chances that it is you are born, are 1 in 40 million.

3. We are all made of

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Another voice of reason




Cosmonaut Sergei Krichevsky opens sensational secret missions

Nowadays, many humans recognize the existence of a Creator or Supreme Intelligence, and hence the existence of the universe he created intelligent beings, who are called aliens. Being reasonable, in the course of evolution, they had to find a way

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The two aircraft collided in the air over Alaska


31.07.11.V crash, a plane crashed, the other was able to make it to the airport. At least two people were killed.

Two small aircraft could not miss each other in the air space above the city Trepper Creek in Alaska.

One plane crashed immediately after the collision and crashed. The crew of another ship, seriously, despite the injury, managed to fly to the nearest airport in Anchorage.

At the moment, the exact number of people on board the crashed plane is not known. Special Aviation Commission is investigating the causes of the accident.

Ekaterina Sidorova

Source: Life News Online

The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman


The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman Photo:

11.07.11.Proshedshaya Friday remembered the people of Central Russia, including the Tula region unrestrained revelry natural disaster.

On this tragic day, along with torrential rains and thunderstorms hit the ground stages of lightning. Unfortunately, there were no casualties.

The first victim of the weather in the capital was 28-year-old visitor from Moldova. Lightning struck in his district Novospassky bridge near Paveletsky station. Apparently, the young man was born in the "shirt" — he escaped with severe burns, but survived. But the loving couple from St. Petersburg catastrophe, leaves

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Trilobites are extinct because they were eaten




American, French and Chinese researchers say they found evidence of one of the theories of the death of trilobites: apparently, these marine arthropods simply ate other ancient creatures.

In the course of studying fossils, perhaps 510 million years ago, belonging essentially Fuxianhuia, the researchers found in

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Tremors in the Astrakhan region continues


3.05.12.Razlichnye natural disasters on our planet every year take away hundreds of thousands of lives, but is it a natural disaster, but not by human carelessness and mistakes.

Most recently, I touched on the subject of that in Astrakhan frequent tremors. And where in our Caspian lowlands such displays of seismic activity? Yesterday, the repeated shocks. In all, I counted seven of their pieces at intervals less than a minute and the duration of 0.5-1 sec. Earthquake? No, that interval and the number of them simply can not be in nature. Especially in our area. Echoes of the earthquake

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Extraterrestrials: who are we looking for?




It is unlikely similarity of people and pilots flying saucers

Natalia Leskov

Scientists and science fiction writers warn that a meeting of different civilizations can bring unpleasant surprises, but the desire for contact is much stronger than the fear of frustration. Our nearest neighbor in the solar

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Preparations Deta-prof and Breeze-mite — a high degree of protection from ticks in complete safety for human


Ltd. "Spetsbioservis" and LLC "Tyumen aerosols" was brought to the practical application of the results of studies by Soviet scientists, whose effectiveness has been proven in the past century. In May 2006, LLC "Spetsbioservis" conducted state registration of products under the brand names "Deta-prof" (with a 30-percentage of the active ingredient and other tick repellent mosquitoes) and "Breeze-mite" (acaricidal repellent that kills ticks when they contact with treated clothing).

According to the press service of the Company "Tyumen aerosols", has now developed a vaccine only on the most deadly disease, which are the carriers of

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