Certified translations

Due to the fact that our homeland has long positioned itself as the government, part of a global system of relations, is increasingly a need to translate various documents from the 1st language other. With all of this do not think that moving the document and approved by a notary, he will have legal force. In order to obtain the translated document, that will meet all legal requirements, the people using the services are not only translators, and notaries.

With all this certified translations in Moscow and the whole territory of Russia can be ordered via the Web. This

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Men in Black-12, or aliens living among us

"Version", 12.08.2002, Moscow, n31, p.30 In the last issue of the newspaper "Version" published an article about the strange anomalous activity on the Moon. Most often, the activity observed in the landing sites of U.S. and Soviet aircraft. The atmosphere of secrecy, information is scarce and patchy, occasionally leaking in the media — all this gives rise to the impression that the report of William Cooper's "Who rules the world? Secret government" that is printed in the newspaper "The development of" more than a decade ago — the only document giving an objective assessment of what is happening.

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Beauty — not just good looks




Now three new studies on human perception of physical beauty showed that the degree of beauty determine not only the external data. It turns out that people have different perceptions of familiar and unfamiliar. In many studies evaluating the human attractiveness, people show a set of photos

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Black marks




Let's first define what we have in mind, speaking of photos captured in a "black mark". This — the dark spots of various configurations, often — a perfect circle, ellipse, diamond, different sizes, with or without aura, without the shadow appearing on the black-and-white photos and color

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UFO picks Crimea

Witnessed an unusual phenomenon became citizens of Yalta and the rest — in the evening flew over the city and a ball of fire sparks scattered over the sea. He moved silently. As always, go the traditional talk of UFOs. However, in the Yalta Department of Astronomy and Geodetic Society denied the rumors. Experts believe that it was an ordinary space "garbage", which is above our heads in excess.

Now, in the space is 7,500 objects, each of their meeting with other celestial bodies, generates thousands and thousands of pieces. It is said that even if the cessation

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In Crimea, experienced heavy rains and hail


13.05.11.Vo afternoon in Simferopol and other Crimean cities today experienced heavy rainfall, large hail fell. Despite the positive temperatures, hail did not melt on the ground for several hours, reports RBC-Ukraine. According to the Center for Hydrometeorology in the Crimea, in the evening, heavy rains are expected in other parts of the peninsula, and therefore in the Crimea declared a storm warning.


Crystal Children




Translation follows, for the original


Warriors of the Heart: The Way of

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Moscow warns

In the Russian Federation there are no other levers of influence on the U.S., not counting reminders own military power Someone surely deems ordinary coincidence. But when these coincidences are so dramatically in sight, then consider their common language is not rotated. U.S. President Barack Obama calls on Congress to grant him the right to bypass the UN Security Council decision to strike targets Syrian regime for the introduction of chemical weapons against its own population. Russian President Vladimir Putin at this time giving an interview to Channel One and agency Associated Press, which states that our motherland can agree

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Powerful flood swallows cities in Chile

Raging in southern Chile powerful floods. Livni has already led to an increase in river: a few hours water overflowed and flooded the city.

As reported podrobnosti.ua, there are first victims who lost their homes.

In southern Chile, complications with other traffic, and in many places it is absent. The country does not operate schools and other public institutions.

China has developed a system for monitoring the Earth's crust

In March 2012, China had completed a system of monitoring the movement of the earth's crust, which aims — to predict earthquakes.

Based on the satellite navigation system is a network of 260 permanent and 2,000 temporary observation stations, including data processing equipment. According to China's earthquake administration, to other purposes for which the monitoring system also provides weather prediction and research.

Experts involved in the project, the consensus is that the results concerning the sources of geoscience, comprehensive, accurate and diverse, and the data will be publicly available to other countries. Work on the project began in December

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