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New North in 2050. Global warming will cause great migration of southern peoples

We never dreamed! In 2050, Russia will be called the New North

Weather scientists, our country will prosper thanks to global warming Geographer from the University of California at Los Angeles predicts in his new book, Prosperity New North.When the world's population will grow by 40 percent over the next 40 years, sparsely populated Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and the northern United States will become a significant economic weight and become attractive places for resettlement. This writes Lawrence Smith, in his book "The World in 2050: Four Forces shaping the future of the Northern civilization."Global warming will plunge even though

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Call sign of the parallel worlds

January 24, 2012 14:24

Since conceived science, philosophers, psychologists, environmentalists and representatives of other disciplines to discuss the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

There are different ideas. For example, some people speak of a single mind of the universe, the other — on the minds of not only protein, but also inorganic matter. But the most popular are the subject of other civilizations, aliens and UFOs.

Certainly have seen a flight of "dish" famous English writer Jonathan Swift. He not only described it (of course, with elements of fiction) in his "Gulliver's Travels", calling it a country

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Conspiracy theories and denial of global warming (Huffington Post, USA)

The study, which shows that people who deny climate change are also likely to believe in conspiracy theories, led to new blogs to conspiracy charges.The study, to be published in the next issue of the journal Psychological Science, is based on a survey of more than a thousand blog readers on their views on global warming. The survey showed that people tend to stick to the various conspiracy theories are more likely to reject the scientific consensus on climate change on Earth.Psychologist at the University of Western Australia Stephen Lewandowski (Stephan Lewandowsky) came to this conclusion by analyzing the

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Shooting on the other side of reality

December 16, 2011 19:28

After the photo of the pupil, you can get a picture of the image that a person has just seen

Photo and video tape often imprint that we can not see with the naked eye — a parallel reality. That UFOs and ghosts, and various energy substances. And sometimes, ordinary snapshots inexplicably affect the fate of a man …

Hallucinations on film

As you know, any image that comes into the field of view of man, any time left in the form of prints on the retina. Therefore, to take a pupil can get the

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About anomalous phenomena in space

December 13, 2011 15:44

Collection of anomalies in orbit exceeded two thousand certificates

After successful launches of the first cosmonauts, many began to think that space is not fraught with special surprises, and gradually, step by step, reveal all its secrets. But further, longer flights into the unknown abyss showed stay in weightlessness is fraught with many surprises for scientists and astronauts themselves. And the very first flights were not quite so simple. It became known only recently.

Hallucinations in orbit

In November, the Smolensk Regional Universal Library. Twardowski was expected to meet with the famous pilot, world record holder,

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Fragments of solid waste, washed the tsunami in Japan, reached the U.S.

Individual pieces of solid waste into the water washed away by the tsunami in Japan in March of this year, we came to the Pacific coast of the U.S. state of Washington, according to ITAR-TASS. Black mass the size of a barrel of 208 liters capacity, found two weeks ago in the Bay Nope, shown at a news conference oceanographers Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Jim Ingraham of Seattle.They point to the fact that the fragments drifting debris reached the shores of the United States a year earlier than expected. The reason is that most of the solid waste goes adrift

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From the vicinity of the capital began to fly bee


Photo from:

17.07.11.Podmoskovnye bumblebees fly in all directions. Several hundred hives this spring and summer suddenly emptied.

— Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and other areas adjacent to the capital remain without bees — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" president of the Union of Beekeepers Russia Arnold Butov. — The concept of "honey from the suburbs" may soon go into proshloe.Chto happened to insects?

The main reason, according to beekeepers — mass housing neighborhoods of the capital. Where there were forests and grasslands, now — luxury villa communities.

— Productive flying bee — for her to find nectar and brought to the

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On a visit to the yeti for a modest fee. Continued Part 3

The atomic bomb "failed" in the Dead Lake

Locals call it the path of death, or the path of Genghis Khan. According to old-timers, this trail retreating remnants of the shattered hull of General Vladimir Kappel. It was in January 1920, when about three hundred frostbitten soldiers and officers, without food and ammunition, on the trail of Genghis Khan moved to Lake Baikal. According to local historian Igor SHumakova, typhus, starvation and the bitter cold of dissonant strings pulled one victim after another, is not picking up the fallen and been buried. Their restless soul, according to local

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Winter moth harm vegetables in Ryazan region


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21.07.11. "Help! Help! Harvest of the invasion of caterpillars die "- so shout rudnevtsy already took up shovels to dig ahead of parasites and surviving tubers. — It was not just potatoes and carrots — complains Galina Plechikova, which brought the ravenous creatures Doctors' Rosselhoztsentra. " It confirmed that it — winter moth.

How to deal with it, the editorial staff was asked to speak rayonki A. Mironov, chief agronomist Pronsky rayotdela branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr." — In Pronsk district in areas of the private sector did note a strong first generation of caterpillars harmfulness polyphagous

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Scientists: Asteroid just finished off an already dying out dinosaurs

Who is the best known and disseminated two hypotheses that describe the cause of the extinction of dinosaurs.

One theory blames the disappearance of reptiles in a grand cataclysm that occurred 65 million ago. It could be an asteroid, a giant meteorite, possibly part of a huge comet. In any case, it is about the collision of Earth with a sort of space object. Another hypothesis sees the cause of extinction of dinosaurs in the earth itself, in its geological (volcanic) activity, changing the climate, the configuration of the land, the atmosphere.

Scientists: Asteroid just finished off an already dying out dinosaurs

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