From the vicinity of the capital began to fly bee


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17.07.11.Podmoskovnye bumblebees fly in all directions. Several hundred hives this spring and summer suddenly emptied.

— Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and other areas adjacent to the capital remain without bees — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" president of the Union of Beekeepers Russia Arnold Butov. — The concept of "honey from the suburbs" may soon go into proshloe.Chto happened to insects?

The main reason, according to beekeepers — mass housing neighborhoods of the capital. Where there were forests and grasslands, now — luxury villa communities.

— Productive flying bee — for her to find nectar and brought to the

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Indonesia: For six months, a village flooded by 1.5 meters tidal wave

Due to the fact that the last six months, many rice fields are covered with a water layer thickness of 1.5 m, many residents of Kupang Kidul lose composure. In order to survive, some of them had to go to work as laborers in other villages.

Local residents Tochar recalls: "I do not know when I will again be able to grow rice in the field. 6 months here have nothing grows. Before the flood recedes, and now no. "

The first reports of a flooded village appeared in September 2010, and since then nothing has changed: rice fields

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Stork death in China



13.11.12.Pechalnye news came from China. For many birds migrating from eastern Siberia, not only flight, but life itself ends long before they have time to reach the wintering grounds.

Measures to increase the security, including a ban on hunting licenses, reduced the shooting, but no bird deaths. Poachers have been used for decades quieter, but no less effective methods and, above all, poison baits and spider net. A significant proportion of birds caught in ways that are neohotnichi and rare species.

November 11, 2012 at Beydagang reservoir, located in the province of Tianjin to the south-east

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Global changes that could threaten civilization

How about the fact that in the 2012th from the Earth will be seen two suns? Every day we hear and signs that the planet is changing. Many of these changes occur for the first time in modern history, and seems to point to the need for adaptation of human civilization.


Heat and cold to hit all corners of the Earth; seismic activity reaches a peak, even where there are no active faults, the birds, bees, fish and other animals die for no apparent reason, and now walks a lot of talk about galactic anomalies that began

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Hollow Earth Theory

Our ancestors — either for yourself, or with someone's help — has long built cities underground, says known esoteric writer, co-founder of the esoteric societies Givi Alaznis Pireli.

"It was a strange and unusual city dungeon, — he says. — In the Old Testament, Moses says that once people have built the Tower of Babel, but did no one could find her remains. Why? Because the construction itself could be conducted within the hollow earth, and not on its surface. "In addition, he gives a few indications that the Caucasus can be input into a giant cavity. Moreover there

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Intercity passenger terminated from Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk bus is completely stopped intercity passenger service on Friday evening due to heavy frost, told RIA Novosti the station.

Forecasters have declared a storm warning, because in the period from 12 to 14 December 2012 in the region expected 40 degrees of frost. According to forecasters, on Friday, the temperature can sometimes drop to minus 45 degrees.

According to the agency, on Friday canceled the bus station is part of flights to other cities.

"Flights are carried out only in Kemerovo, Tomsk and Barnaul. For all other destinations flights canceled," — said the source.

According to him, explain to

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Water for life is not needed?

According to astrobiologists, life is only possible on the planet, where, as on Earth, there is water. And is it really? Recently, an international team of researchers has developed a dual scale estimates of the probability of life on celestial bodies. And the presence of liquid water on this scale is not the first place.

Under the new "formula", the probability that the planet is inhabited, is proposed to estimate now on two criteria. This index zemlepodobiya (Earth Similarity Index, or ESI) and index habitable planet (Planetary Habitability Index, or PHI). One of the authors of the

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North «dome» Israel «just in case»?

  It is clear that the IDF has placed missile defense system «Iron Dome» in the north of the country — close to the Syrian border. Deployed two batteries, writes «The Jewish Times»: one near Krayot, another — in the Upper Galilee. With all this press service of the IDF handed that the deployment of missile defense systems — a routine event held in accordance with the long work out a plan. With the «routine» activities disagree «The Jerusalem Post». As the, the newspaper notes, the military took this step because of the escalating conflict in Syria and growing

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Due to the melting of glaciers Petersburg soon go under water


17.05.11.Chetverty International Ecological Congress is not without sensations: the famous ecologist Ernst Ulrich Weizsäcker promised sink Petersburg, Copenhagen and other cities. The scientist drew attention to the problem of melting ice in Greenland. The huge island covered with glaciers slowly melt. Over the last ten years, containing fresh water, thrown into the world's oceans has increased fourfold.

If the Greenland melt continues, the St. Petersburg and other cities located in the coastal zone, waiting for flooding. It will not help and the dam, especially since it has not finished.

To avoid catastrophe, the expert proposes to urgently reduce the

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Pelevin, as a strategic weapon. And SNUFF — a model of the world.

This book was on the decline last year and has become probably the most powerful job guru VP in the last decade. Pelevin — a literary phenomenon that goes far beyond the Russian-speaking world, not only in terms of total circulation (will not be wrong if it is a six-digit number), the diversity of languages and translation kolichstvo naskirdovannyh premiums. Far more important than the relevance of his prose, where, under a thick layer of dry grotesque banging heart of common sense and deep longing for meaning. The emergence of "SNUFF" dispel all fears in crisis, "genre" of this

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